COVID-19 pandemic in Adammia

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COVID-19 pandemic in Adammia
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
LocationEmpire of Adammia
First caseMaternia, Greater Tytannia
Arrival date2 February 2021
Confirmed cases3

A state of emergency was declared in the Empire of Adammia on 15 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The first Adammic citizens were vaccinated against the virus on 8 January 2021, making Adammia one of the only countries in the world to begin receiving vaccinations before any cases were reported. However, Adammia's initial case was reported shortly afterwards on 2 February 2021. At present, there have been three confirmed cases, and the vast majority of adult citizens have received at least one dose of a vaccine from macronational distributors. The state of emergency was officially ended on 31 July 2021.




  • Wednesday 19th - On the Emperor's 22nd birthday, coronavirus cases begin to spike in Europe and the Middle East. Lord Sam Maude is the first to raise the alarm in Adammic social circles, several days later.
  • Thursday 27th - Adammic Investment Ltd. liquidates all of its remaining assets, selling various individual stock holdings. The firm takes up a 100% cash position until early April.


  • Sunday 1st - The Cabinet Office issues its first official advice to citizens, noting that cases of COVID-19 has been confirmed in West Yorkshire and Ille-et-Vilaine, threatening North Adammia and Xanada. It advises citizens to use hand sanitiser and to avoid travelling to heavily affected areas. On the same day, the total number of UK cases grows from 23 to 35. The public health advisory is published on, a rarity for current events in Adammia, which are usually reported first in the Adammic Express.
  • Thursday 5th - After a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in Birmingham, the Cabinet Office extends its official advice to South Adammia. At this point, all of provincial Adammia is subject to Cabinet Office warnings, and Llanadda becomes the only Adammic subdivision not subject to the official advice.
  • Wednesday 11th - After a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in Cardiff, government advice is extended to Llanadda. At this point, all of Adammia is subject to Cabinet Office warnings. Emperor Adam I first alerts Emperor Mother Jayne that he may need assistance moving out of his residence in Varwall, noting that the University of Birmingham is likely to close within the next week or two. The Liberal Democrats Spring Conference, which many Adammic and Nollandish citizens were due to attend in York, is cancelled by the party's Federal Board.
  • Friday 13th - The 66th Insomnia Gaming Festival, also due to be attended by many Adammic citizens, is cancelled. Citizens in both North and South Adammia begin to report empty shelves in nearby macronational supermarkets due to panic buying. This is the last day on which members of the Cabinet of Adammia meet in person before the lockdown, with Lady Peace spending some time with the Emperor, as well as Sir James Cox and Sir Patrick Gilbert, at the Bristol Pear.
  • Sunday 15th - Emperor Adam I, with the agreement of Prime Minister Lord Charles Michael, declares a nationwide state of emergency, the first ever in Adammic history. By this point, COVID-19 had infected over a thousand people in the UK, with multiple confirmed cases in the districts surrounding both North and South Adammia. Citizens are advised to follow the advice of the UK government, and to prepare to self-isolate if necessary. With Adammic Online Television out of service due to it being banned by YouTube for unknown reasons since the previous summer, AB Animation Ltd. is commandeered by the state to broadcast an emergency broadcast in the style of an EAS message. Provincial and colonial local councils are ordered to report any coronavirus cases to the Imperial Government, and it is announced that the Ruling Council will meet online during the crisis, breaking almost seven years of tradition. The Foundation Day guest list is reduced to only members of the House of Hall.
  • Monday 16th - Emperor Adam I first suggests an evacuation from Varwall by Emperor Father Kevin. The Emperor Father suggests a journey within the fortnight.
  • Tuesday 17th - Lady Hermione Peace, Deputy Prime Minister of Adammia, is evacuated by her parents from her residence in Dank-upon-Bourn to her permanent residence in Merton, London.
  • Wednesday 18th - Panicked by the looming threat of a UK-wide lockdown, the Emperor requests an immediate evacuation from Varwall by Emperor Mother Jayne and Sir Paul McKenna. The Emperor Mother suggests that such an action would be better done by the Emperor Father.
  • Thursday 19th - Emperor Father Kevin agrees to evacuate the Emperor within the next few days.
  • Saturday 21st - The Emperor, along with all of the assets of His Majesty's Imperial Treasury and many other state assets, are evacuated from Varwall by the Emperor Father to County Maternia, the Emperor Mother's residence, where the Emperor occupies a spare room. Varwall becomes completely abandoned by Adammic citizens, but it would not be formally dissolved until September.
  • Sunday 22nd - The Emperor, with the agreement of Cabinet Office Director of Events Emperor Mother Jayne, cancels the 2020 Foundation Day celebrations, primarily in the interest of protecting the health of Sir Reginald Hall.
  • Monday 23rd - The United Kingdom enters nationwide lockdown, separating all Adammic provinces from each other. The Adammic Imperial Government updates its official advice in accordance with this, urging citizens not to cross the border between Adammia and the UK / France unless absolutely necessary. The border between the UK and the territories of Ashoria, the Jagstonian Plains and Sandal Castle are completely closed.


  • Monday 13th - Adammia marks Foundation Day with a pre-recorded speech from the Emperor in County Maternia. The Ruling Council meets online for the first time.




  • Tuesday 2nd - The first positive COVID-19 case is confirmed in Maternia. At this time, at least six citizens have received their first dose of the vaccine, including the citizen who has tested positive.