COVID-19 pandemic in the micronational community

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COVID-19 pandemic in the micronational community
DiseaseCoronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Virus strainSevere acute respiratory syndrome
coronavirus 2
LocationWorldwide (List of macronational locations)
First case10 March 2020
OriginWuhan, Hubei, China
Confirmed cases114

The 2019–22 coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).[1] The outbreak was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, and was recognised as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on 11 March 2020.[2] As of 28 November 2021, more than 261 million cases and 5.19 million deaths had been confirmed, making the pandemic one of the deadliest in history.[3][4]

This article documents the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the micronational community. The first case of coronavirus in a micronation was confirmed in the Principality of Montescano (now Empire of Pavlov) on 10 March 2020.

Pandemic by country

Territory Cases Deaths Recoveries Sources
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Cycoldia 22 5 17 [5][6]
Free Socialist State of Paloma Paloma 17 1 16 [7]
 Principality of Caudonia 11 0 9
Bartonia 11 0 11 [8]
Pavlov 9 1 8 [9]
 Belcity 8 0 7 [10]
 Suverska 7 0 6 [11]
Adammia Adammia 7 0 7 [12] [13]
Occitania 4 1 3 [14][15]
 New Virginia 4 0 2
 Roselia 4 0 4
Sirocco 3 0 3 [16]
 Wegmat 3 0 3
Misberia 3 0 0
Vilthia 2 0 2 [17]
Lostisland 2 0 2 [18][19][20]
Lundenwic 2 0 2 [21]
Duchy of Arroios 2 0 2
 Austenasia 2 0 1 [22]
 Federation of Conewiwa and New Hanchih 2 0 1
 Georgienstine 2 0 0
 Kingdom of Lytera 1 0 1
Karnia-Ruthenia 1 0 0 [23]
 New Rizalia 1 0 0
Benjastan 1 0 0
Corea 1 0 0

Savakop Socialist Peoples Republic

The first case was recorded in Nabreska which soon was made an easy recovery and then later another case had occurred it was believed to be covid mixed with other illnesses but the citizen died. After months in July 2021 in the province of Rowa 4 people got ill including the president. Fortunately they managed to make a quick recovery. With flu around the corner heavy regulations are been held and debated in parliament Furkan Altay is confident that the pandemic will fully end within Savakop Socialist People's Republic territories by March 2022.


The first case was confirmed in Pavlov (then Montescano) on 10 March 2020. The case was confirmed in the county of Ladoha, surrounded by Beverwijck, Netherlands. The pandemic has affected an estimated 10 percent of the then Montescanesque populace. On 12 March 2 more cases are suspected in Ladoha, resulting in 75% of Ladoha being affected. On 16 March one more case was confirmed in Ladoha, resulting in 100% of Ladoha being affected. On 23 March all remaining cases in Ladoha were declared recovered. On 1 April two more cases were confirmed, this time from Beloozero. On 2 April one of them was admitted to the hospital. On 6 April another case in Beloozero was confirmed and being rushed to the hospital with a high fever. On 9 April the first Montescanin subject died of viral pneumonia. On 12 April the last suspected case of Beloozero was confirmed for COVID-19 based on testing for antibodies. On 21 April the remaining 2 cases were declared COVID-19 free by local Ukrainian authorities. On 1 November 2020 an undisclosed high-ranking Pavlovian was tested positive for COVID-19 after 3 PCR tests confirmed the infection.


The first case was confirmed in an Occitanian national from Three Flowers, temporary resident in Barcelona.[24]

On April 2, the Ministry of Solidarities announced that there are three cases in the Union, all from Three Flowers and one death among relatives of this community. 14 individual quarantines have also decreed (11 in Three Flowers, 2 in Babougrad and 1 in Tartuga).[25]

On April 30, there is no more cases in Occitania, while the final assessment of this first infectious wave was 4 cases (three national citizens and one Spanish national), 3 cured and 1 death, all in Catalonia.[26] Then the Operation Golden Way was launched to ensure the importation of sanitary equipment from Asia and to carry out health checks including disinfection and medical surveillance.[27]


On 17 March 2020 Christina I caught COVID-19 during a trip to Denver while helping an elderly family member, following her return to Houston the family member had died and had been found to have died of complications due to COVID-19. Following this Her Imperial Majesty and family members recently in contact with her were quarantined in the Capitol building, with Grandeur Print reporting that one person was suspected to have COVID-19 (Christina I). Later Her Imperial Majesty was confirmed to have had COVID-19 along with her mother and step father. On 25 March 2021 the Ministry of Health of Cycoldia released a survey concerning the spread of COVID-19 in Cycoldia, showing estimates a confirmed amount of over 20 former cases and 5 deaths due to COVID-19 from Cycoldian citizens and their families.


On 25 March, the Press Office of the Central Protectorate of the Decracy of Vilthia confirmed the first positive case within the members of the micronation.
On 30 March, the Civil Defence released a bulletin announcing a second positive case and a total of 7 people in preventive quarantine. All these people were taken in charge by the Italian National Health Service.
Both the positive cases are not in serious condition and are in home isolation.
Since April 21, both the positive cases in Vilthia recovered and there are no more people on preventive quarantine.


On 30 March, the Administrator of Bismarck announced Caudonia's only suspected case. On 27 April, CBC News announced Caudonia's first confirmed case, a Caudonian citizen living in France. On 2 May, the Administrator of Bismarck announced the Caudonia's second confirmed case, which was also Caudonia's only hospitalisation. On 5 July, the Prince announced Caudonia's third confirmed case. On 19 October, the Prince announced that there were three suspected cases of COVID-19 in the county of Ozarkia. These cases were confirmed to be negative within a few days. On 23 November, the Prince announced that the Administrator of Bismarck had contracted COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases to five.


In March 2020, Suverska implementing a two-week national lockdown (which continue to be renewed throughout the spring, finally ending in June 2020). During this initial wave of cases, the government urged its citizens to stay home unless essential, among other restrictions. A second and third wave of cases swept through Canada in the final months of 2020 and in Spring 2021, respectively, with the third wave consisting of the Delta variant. On 14 November 2020, Suverska reported its first and only case of COVID-19 to date. In March 2021, Suverska implemented a national partial-lockdown which lasted until May 2021. By May 2021, a majority of Suverians had received their first dose of a vaccine, and two months later, many were fully vaccinated. The nation eased its public health measures the most it has so far in July 2021. In August 2021, Suverska reimplemented past precautions amidst a fourth wave of new cases in Canada, furthering these restrictions at the beginning of December 2021 with the spread of the Omicron variant.[28] Four cases were reported in December 2021. Two cases have been reported so far in January 2022.


On April 21 a statement on the Facebook page of Lostisland confirmed that a Lostislandic citizen in New York has had COVID-19 and recovered from the infection. On April 23 a Lostislandic citizen in Belarus tested positive for the virus but was reported to be "in good condition".[29] On May 20 a COVID-19 Situational Report of the Federal Republic of Lostisland announced the recovery of Lostisland's second case.[30]


In 2020, on April 25 Belcity has confirmed the first suspected case, confirmed on May 25. She is a Belcityan citizen. On December 14 Belcity confirmed the second case, a man who lives in Regione di Giusycity and there days later a third case, again in Regione di Giusycity, was confirmed. On December 26 the third case was recovered. Then, after more than a year without cases, on 18 January 2022 a fourth case was confirmed in Regione di Belcity, followed by a fifth, in the same region, on 24 January 2022 and by a sixth and seventh on 26 January 2022. The fifth case recovered on 2 February 2022, while the sixth and the seventh recovered two days later. The fourth case instead recovered on 8 February 2022. After months with zero COVID-19 cases in the Micronation, on 28 November 2022 a new case, the eighth got confirmed, the first in Regione di Vampiroland.

Republic of Maluhia

On 12 July, five citizens tested positive for the Delta strain of COVID-19 in Sydney, Australia. The micronation underwent mandatory lockdown, and aforementioned citizens were quarantined.


On 16 July there was an outbreak in the city of Xavier where 3 people tested positive for COVID-19 however quickly recovered. The source was from a visitor traveling from New York. All cases made a fast recovery. In February teachers and the elderly began to get vaccinated by healthcare in Chicago.


On 21 March 2020, Etukan's High Council declared the outbreak of COVID-19 in New South Wales a "Nation Wide Health and Safety Emergency", calling for the use of hand sanitiser and social distancing and cancelling the mayoral elections of St. Leonard's. On the 31st, the government stated that there were at least 24 confirmed cases within Etukan's borders, but that no citizens were yet to have contracted the disease. Later in the year in October, the High Council established a COVID-19 Response Committee that would independently manage public health restrictions.

On 3 July 2021, in the opening stages of the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in New South Wales, the Emperor of Etukan began giving daily updates to the public on case numbers and exposure sites. These updates were taken over by Tyler Misciagna, the Minister for Health, shortly after his appointment to the position by the newly elected State Chancellor Patrick Biltoft. On the 4th of July it was announced in the daily updates that a confirmed case had visited a service station in Athol province. Throughout the next two months confirmed cases would also visit a bakery in the province of Patriam and a restaurant in the province of Balmoral.[31] Etukan's government has supported the lockdown imposed by the New South Wales government by advising it's citizens against leaving their Local Government Area within Australia or within 5 kilometers of their homes, and against leaving their homes in general for several days when confirmed cases were found to have entered the country. So far, no citizens of Etukan have been infected with COVID-19.

Arstotzkan Union

The Arstotzkan Union was protected from COVID-19 from 2020 to 2021, however it did suffer through two lockdowns. On February 24, 2022, the nation had its first case. Since then the nation has had 8 cases with the First President testing positive for COVID-19 on March 23, 2022. All cases in the Arstotzkan Union have recovered and it is believed the first wave is over, however the Arstotzkan Disease and Infection Direction Administration (the organization tasked with the Arstotzkan Federal Government's response to COVID-19) has since stated that there more be more waves to come, especially with the Omicron Variant.

EXE/SDA California Republic

On May 18 of 2022 we confirm the first 2 cases of COVID-19 and we have confirmed we will lockdown when we reach 500 confirmed cases. we have also doing a 1-week lockdown December 1st 2022 due to the winter outbreak our cdc projects that we will reach 2000 confirmed cases by February of 2023

Timeline of first confirmed case by country

First cases by country
Date Country
10 March 2020  Montescano
14 March 2020  Popular Union of Occitania
17 March 2020[32]  Grand Republic of Cycoldia
25 March 2020  Decracy of Vilthia
30 March 2020  Principality of Caudonia
4 May 2020  Paloma
25 May 2020  Belcity
16 July 2020  Wegmat
14 August 2020 Kingdom of Corea
6 October 2020  Vishwamitra
14 November 2020  Suverska
23 December 2020  Karnia-Ruthenia
27 December 2020[22]  Empire of Austenasia
29 December 2020[21]  Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic
10 January 2021  New Virginia
25 January 2021 Duchy of Arroios
2 February 2021[12]  Empire of Adammia
25 July 2021 Republic of Bartonia
24 February 2022 Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union
18 May 2022 EXE/SDA California Republic
8 August 2022 Sirocco

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