Duchy of Arroios

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Duchy of Arroios, officially The Duchy of Arroios-Alameda, is an unitary absolute elective monarchy micronation and is located in Europe, more precisly in West Iberian Peninsula. Its capital city, São Jorge is located in Alameda, situated on the centre of Lisbon city.

The official languages of Arroios are Portuguese and Japanese. The Duchy practices a law of secularity but there's cult of personality towards the vtuber Shiranui Flare. The national animal is the cat, because the Duchy D. Madoka loves cats.

Arroios also has oversea territories, this include the Berlengas, the Tejo Province and the Bugio Province.


Arroios-Alameda has this name because of where it's located, the parish of Arroios and the Alameda


Hiatus of D.Madoka / D.Dinis

After the disbandment of the Community of Mewniuvia on the 25th December 2018, D. Madoka had a ~2 years hiatus on micronacionalism, a small journey on self discovery. During this period, that D.Madoka calls the "Period of No Ruler" the areas that are now the Duchy returned to the Portuguese Republic.

The Creation of the Duchy

D.Madoka found micronacionalism again on the end of September 2020, deciding to do a more serious micronation project, Madoka saw the lack of tourists attraction on their area and decided to do a micronation in order to boost the tourism around there. The Duchy was created at 10h00 (GMT time) on the 1st October 2020, and the official facebook page at 19h00 (GMT Time).

Government and politics

The Duchy is an absolute monarchy with a quirk. The people elect the Duchy. The Duchy creates a Legisglature of ministers to discuss the statues of the micronation. The Duchy has the power to: create and abolish the legisglature, veto the laws and create laws, rewrite the punishments from previous Duchies. has the principal element of the nation diplomacy, where by internet presence, the Duchy tries to make relations with other micronations.

Foreign Relations & Diplomacy

The Duchy recognizes all macrostates except the following ones:

  •  Belarus - The Duchy doesn't recognizes the results of presidential elections in Belarus, supporting the opposition and the protestors.
  •  PRC - According to the 2nd Official statement of the Duchy, Arroios recognizes that the true owner of Mainland China is Taiwan. All of this because of how the PRC citizens acted towards two Hololive members, one of the pillars of th Duchy's culture.
  •  Venezuela - The Duchy doesn't recognizes Nicolás Maduro as the president of Venezuela.

Culture & Holidays


The Duchy has a big love for the arts, specially musical and arquitecture. Always tries to showcase possible tourists spots of the micronation.


Check Tourism in the Duchy of Arroios for more information. The Duchy has several touristic spots, including the Alameda.

Cult of VTubers

A weird costume of the nation, the duchy praises and has a small cult of personality on the vtubers from Hololive, mainly Shiranui Flare.


Month Day Holiday Portuguese name Description
March 8 Women's Day Dia da Mulher International Women's Day
April 21 Flare's Day Dia da Flare Celebration of Shiranui Flare's Birthday
May 1 Worker's Day Dia do Trabalhador International Worker's Day
August 21 Duchie's Birthday Aniversário dx Duquis Celebration of the Duchy's Birthday
October 1 Secession Day Dia da Secessão Celebration of the Independence of the Duchy
October 1 Overseas' Day Dia do Ultramar Celebration of the creation of the overseas provinces
December 2 Hololive Day Dia do Hololive Celebration of the creation of Hololive Productions.
Duchy of Arroios-Alameda
Ducado de Arroios-Alameda (pt)
アロオス/アラメダ公国 (jp)

October 2020 - Present

Provisional Flag

Coat of Arms

Nobre e Leal, Arroios
Noble and Loyal, Arroios (English)

Venham mais cinco

Terrestrial Arroiense territories

Capital citySão Jorge
Largest citySão Jorge
Official language(s)Portuguese
English (diplomatic situations)
ReligionSecular state (although dominant religion is Atheism)

GovernmentAbsolute elective monarchy
- Duchy D. Madoka

LegislatureDuchy Provisional Legislature

- Foundation of Arroios1385
- Secession1 October 2020
Area Claimed~4.95 km²
(including Overseas Territories)
Population2 (2020)
CurrencyEuro (€) (EUR)
Time zoneGMT (UTC+0)
SummerBST (UTC+1)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
National AnimalCat
Cult PersonalityShiranui Flare
National Food
Canned Tuna
National SportE-Sports
Social MediaFacebook