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Community of Mewniuvia

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The Community of Mewniuvia

O Dom de Governar Vem do Subconsciente (The Gift of Governing Comes From the Subconscious)
Blood Moon Waltz
Map 45.png Lisbon, Portugal
Capital city Mewniland
Largest city Mewniland
Official language(s) Portuguese, English
Official religion(s) Catholic
Short name Mewniuvia
Demonym Mewniuvian
Government Direct Democracy Constitucional Monarchy
- Royal Governador D.Dinis Butterfly I
Established 2017
Area claimed 12,0 ha
Population 5 (as of 5th August 2018 VF)
Currency Euro
Time zone GMT
National sport Soccer / Badminton
National animal Cat

The Community of Mewniuvia is a constitutional direct democracy communitary monarchical micronation founded on 4 November 2017. On 19 November 2017, Mewniuvia joined with the Kingdom of Yadra to form the Commonwealth of Yadra, but due to innactivity, and few representation on the Commonwealth's elements, on 5 March 2018, Mewniuvia lefts the union, officially.


In Mewniuvia, Mewni represents the embraced valours of the fictional nation that it's mentioned on History.


Mewniuvia was planned by D.Dinis Butterfly I at 27 October 2017, it was supposed to be a micronation that cultivated and embraced the valours of the Mewni, a fictional nation of Star vs The Forces of Evil TV Show. But D.Dinis changed his mind and it changed the purpose of the micronation to be a fully independent nation from Portugal. Mewniuvia was found on the 4th November 2017, with D.Dinis proclaiming and claming to be the dictator of his apartament in Penha de França. 4 days later, D.Dinis decided to turn the governament to a Constitutional Monarchy, he declares the king of the Community and created a parliment. On 19 November 2017, The Community of Mewniuvia and the Kingdom of Yadra joined together to form The Commonwealth of Yadra, but on 5 March 2018, Mewniuvia illegally leaves the Commonwealth, but the King says that it's the official date. On 5 December 2018, major changes happened and the King announces that the parties are abolished and a direct democracy regime is put on practice. Due to the abscence of communications from the nation, the micronation entered on a hiatus between 15 June - 1 December 2018, and probably a new period of serious hiatus may happen.

The Mewniland Treaty

On 9 June 2018, D. Dinis I signed the treaty that created the 3 districs that form the Community. Merging the district The Pine with Mewniland with an ambitious expansion project of district. On the 10th June 2018, the 2nd district, Malletovinia is created and on 11 June 2018 Moleutiva, the 3rd district was created. The treaty also says that new districts can be added or districts can be removed without the parliment intervention. The Mewniland Treaty is cancelled on 16 December 2018

Government and politics

Mewniuvia is a Constitutional Monarchy , were the Monarch D.Dinis Butterfly I is the major judge, but only is requisited on really important cases that can damn the nation. In the parlimentar / legislation question, the major legisglature are the citzens, where they vote and discuss the laws suggested by the King. After the referendums are made, the King check the results, and proceeds to add or not the new law. D.Dinis is also the principal element of the nation diplomacy, where by internet presence, he tries to make relations with other micronations.

Law and order

As previous said, D.Dinis Butterfly I is a judge only in cases that may end the nation life. Because mostly of the cases are handled by the citzens. The Death Penalty is banned from the country as well Prison For Life. There's no police force created yet, the citzens have the right to police themselfves.


There's no militar force yet, the citzens have also the right to protect the nation and defend the parliment and D.Dinis I ideals.


Mewniuvia situates on a high point of the Lisbon city, without any geographic accident.


Mewniland is on a Mediterrean Climate zone, where the summers are very hot. This situation of hottnes is on a worrying fast and acelarating crescent mode.

Climate data for Mewniland
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 24.1
Average high °C (°F) 14.8
Average low °C (°F) 8.3
Record low °C (°F) −1.0
[citation needed]

Foreign relations

Check Foreign Relations of Mewniuvia for more information.

Until now, Mewniuvia hasn't developed alliances with other micronations, but the governament of Mewniuvia recognizes 10 micronations.

States that are Recognized by Mewniland

Mewniland recongnizes all UN states and it's observers (Palestine and Vatican City), but also recongnizes the following macronations:

Mewni also recognizes the following micronations:

Administrative Regions

Mewniuvia was divided between 3 districs, Mewniland, Malletovinia and Moleutiva until 16 December 2018.

Name Flag Capital Area Perimeter Population Anthem Information
Mewniland Mewniland.png Mewniland 12,0 ha 1,43 Km 5 citzens Accelerated World Capital of the Nation
Malletovinia Malletovinia.png Malletovinia 11,2 ha 1,59 Km 0 citzens Parade Biggest district of the Nation
Moleutiva Moleutiva.png Moleutiva 10,7 ha 1,32 Km 0 citzens Beware of Guys Who Use Umbrellas on a Sunny Day Newest district of the Nation


Mewniland is the capital district and the most populated region of Mewniuvia, it has 1 citzen (all the citzens from Mewniuvia). It has 10,4 hectares of area and it's where the King lives. After the disbanning of The Mewniland Treaty, this district is the only district that exists and covers an area of 12,0 hectares with a perimeter of 1,43 km.


Malletovinia was the largest district of Mewniuvia with 11,2 hectares of area and 1,59 km of perimeter. Nowdays it has 0 citzens and covers the High School were the King studied.


Moleutiva was the third district, 1 Km away from Mewniland, it covers a soccer field, the preparatory school were the King studied. It has 0 citzens.


The official art of Mewniuvia is Music. Dinis love to explore experimental music and makes his own concerts at the capital, Mewniland. Mewniland's culture is very influenced by the portuguese culture.


Official Art is Music, a citzen that produces music or plays an instrumental is really well welcomed by the King and recives a Cultural Medal. The Cinema and Theatre are also well protected by the King.


The Community of Mewniuvia has a great devotion for the anime community, including the King himself, his favorite animes are: Steins;Gate, Higurashi and Madoka Magica.


Mewninuvia's official dish is Tuna with pasta and mayonnese. Often, the Mewniuvian Cuisine is inspired by the Iberian Cuisine.

Mewniuvian Folkcore

Normally are inspired by the adventures descrived on the TV Show Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, there's a lot of folkcore storytelling during the Mewni's Day.


  • 1 January - New Year's Eve
  • 6 January - Dia de Reis
  • 18 January - Mewni's Day
  • 8 March - Women's Day
  • 21 August - Celebration of Birthday of the King D.Dinis Butterfly I
  • 22 September - Fall Day
  • 31 October - Halloween
  • 4 November - Independence Day
  • 21 December - Pine Day
  • 25 December - Christmas

There's also the following Mobile Days:

  • Carnival (February - March)
  • Easter (March - April)