Free Jewish Immigrant Republic of Lipelistan

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The Free Jewish Immigrant Republic of Lipelistan
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You only live once so start work for your country
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Capital cityKramiel
Official language(s)Hebrew, Russian, English
Short nameLipelistan
GovernmentDemocracy - Police state
- Ba'alAdmiral Lipelis
Established20th of September, 2016
Area claimedKarmiel city and her area and Shezor town
Population42,523 (as of 2017)

Government website

Lipelistan is a micronation situated in Israel; Karmiel City, Kobi forest, and Beta hill, Karmiel area and Shezor town. Its official founding and declaration of independence was on 20th September, 2016.

The government in Lipelistan is a liberal-democratic police state, the current president is Shaked Kasper Lipelis, he called himself Ba'al.

Lipelistan has one border; with israel.


There are 53,121 people within Lipelistan (as of 2016).


These are the various origins of the people of Lipelistan:

  • 35% USSR
  • 11% Western Europian
  • 13% Moroccan
  • 12% Yemeni
  • 7% Iraqi
  • 7% Ukrainian
  • 7% Polish
  • 5% Ethiopian


These are the various religions of the people of Lipelistan:

  • 77% Jewish
  • 10% Christian
  • 13% Atheist


The people of Lipelistan speak 2 main languages, with 91% able to speak Hebrew, and 70% able to speak Russian. Only 52% are able to speak English.


In Lipelistan 10 Counties.


1- Area of Natural and tracks.

2- Old city.

3- Industrial Zone.

4- Consolidated with District 3 but is considered to be separated from it because the factories are in a private area and public area.

5- A small Jewish town, was reunited with Lipelistan in 2016.

6- The northern part of the country, built on hills.

7- The center of the country, which are also City Hall, Parliament House and the President's residence.

8- The new region and the most developed.

9- The western part of the country, built on hills.

10- The richest area in the city, the people who live there are mostly wealthy or upper class, it also live in the Bedouin communities.

Political targets

1. Respact and bring human and animal rights.

2. Make Lipelistan better, stronger and richer.

3. To gain recognition by other countries.

4. Serve as a nation where achieving things with hard work and bo no corruption.

5. Make trades with other nation.


Elections are triggered once every three years, and take place in a democratic manner between various parties. At the end of election day, the candidate who receives the largest number of votes wins, and becomes President. then The President-Elect will be able to choose 14 (out of 17) members of Parliament to serve Ministers. The candidate who comes second place in the election becomes Vice President, and elects the three additional members of parliament (who serve as Ministers too).

The cause of independence/History

Lipelistan was established in March 2015 but gained independence and initial construction in September 2016. After Karmiel founded in 1951, the State of Israel accepted Jewish emigrants from the Soviet Union, North Africa, and Yemen. Over the years, Israel has neglected these migrants (who have become ordinary citizens) in a deteriorating situation of exploitation, among various other events. Due to this, Lipelistan established an independent political entity with the intention of caring for the needs of these Jewish migrants and as human beings in general, while preserving the unity, peace, and equality for all races and sexes of humans.

Foreign relations

The free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan recognizes the existence of the 193 UN member states+ Kosovo,Hong Kong ,Palestine, Taiwan, Tibet, Kurdistan, Abkhazia and the Somaliland.

Lipelistan officaly (sign tearty) recognized by :

(*Automatic recognition of the accession of the two countries IUOM*)

The treaty who sign between Surland and Lipelistan in 28.11.16 .

Lipelistan not officaly ( didn't sign tearty) recognized by :

Political parties

Within Lipelistan , there is only three patries;

The Police Liberal Party

party leader : Shaked Kasper Lipelis

leader vice: Shay Levy (also Minister of justice)

PARTY.png 4804632.png

World view:

To break away from Israel and opened a state with financial institutions, its own military and political, making Lipelistan completely fledged independent state.

the Social Democratic Party

party leader : Alina Simkin (also the Minister of education and culture)

leader vice: Nave Mushon (also Minister of tourism / parliament speaker)

SODO PARTY.png New flg.png

World view:

Given independence to Lipelistan but maintain cooperation with Israel regarding state management, power control in Lipelistan will hand power Lipelistanian government but Israel and Palestine will be able to intervene if necessary.

Pro Lipelistanian Party

party leader : Guy Kieser (also The Minister of defense and police)

leader vice: Nizan Cohen (also Minister of internal affairs)

PL PARTY.jpg Arabopisitflag.png

World view:

Granting control in Lipelistan to Israel and Palestine cause economic and military union but retain the formal sovereignty.


The anthem of Lipelistan was wrriten on 15.9.16 by Shaked Kasper Lipelis

Music : Medieval Music - 'Hardcore' Party Mix (00:22 – 01:01)

Easy future with hard work

Ho, Lipelistan

it great green land my love,

we work, we sing, we lives are

life tougher, my love.

Let’s build a house,

let’s build a farm today,

on my great green land, my love.

We love Lipelistan forever,

strong and peaceful,

we are Lipelistan in are heart. (X2)

we are Lipelistan! (X2)

To hear: [1]


The conctitotion was written by Shaked Kasper Lipelis and sign in 18.10.16.

download: [2]


get Citizenship

According to the Constitution of the free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan , the citizenship is granted to:

1. A men/women who jewish and live in Israel/Palestine and want to live in Lipelistan;

2. A men/women who jewish and dont live in Israel/Palestine want to live in Lipelistan;

3. A men/women who is zionist and pay 11k^ (79.2 USD$)

lose Citizenship

1. A men/women who use drugs (By rules of the cons).

2. A men/women who committed criminal offense.

3. A men/women who dont have a job for 7 months in a row.

4. A men/women who want to cancel his citizenship and paid for Lipelistan 11 USD($).


The Currency of The free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan is Ka'en.

Ka'en marked: K^

1 Ka'en = 18 Israeli Shekel

1 Ka'en = 7.2 USD ($)

1 Ka'en = 6 Euro

Value Top side of the bill back side of the bill
25 KAEN25TOP.jpg KAEN25BACK.jpg
55 KAEN55TOP.jpg KAEN55BACK.jpg
80 KAEL80TOP.jpg KAEL80BACK.jpg
110 100KAENTOP.jpg 100KAEBACK.jpg

the currency made & sign by Elhai Meuda ; Minister of finance


Only citiziens of Lipelistan can get a Passport.

The isue cost for passport is 10 USD/1.3 Kaen.

Passport Design




Pass inside not finnished.png PASSCONT.png


Recognizing treaty with: Kingdom of the Holy Cross


Recognizing treaty with: Anaccratic Republic of Padrhom

14408367 1455920884424381 212209984 o.jpg

Recognizing treaty with:United empire of resistance, hidden ocean village and mimiland

14607983 222105311536994 556795262 n.jpg

Recognizing treaty with: Holy Imperial Kingdom of Vennmont


Recognizing treaty with: Tower City State

Download: [3]

Peace and Recognizing treaty with: Principality Asianation

Download: [4]

Peace and Recognizing treaty with: Kingdom Adrina

14885820 134206643719417 1824664262 n.jpeg

Peace and Recognizing treaty with:Republic of Saint-Castin

Download: [5]

Recognizing treaty with: Polish Republic of Freeland

Download: [6]


Lipelistan have very small army , less than 100 soldiers.

Lipelistan dont use her army for attacking , but self defense only!

ranks: Ranking.png

(The Minister of defense and police - Guy Kaizer)

International Groups

The free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan joined the Organization of the United Micronations in 7 October 2016

14642387 223840621363463 1528712892771863473 n.jpg

From the 11/11/16 Shaked Kasper Lipelis, the admiral-president of Lipelisran, beacome the world council chairmen of the IUOM.


The national sport is football.

Lipelistan have a national soccer team with her supervisor Football Association, whose representatives were appointed by Parliament.

Lipelistan Join the FIFM in the 4/10/16.

National Kits

Kit Type
GOALKEEPER.png goalkeeper

Chairman : Elad Turgeman (also minister of sports)

Vice Chairman : Nizan Cohen (also Minister of internal affairs)

Lipelistanian Superleague

Lipelistan have a little soccer league with 10 teams.

in the leagues 36 games (18 home games and 18 away games.).

the league based on pes 17 (ps4).

Team name Emblem Location Championships
Eastham United FCEU.png east Rabin neighborhood 2
Makosh United FCMU.png Makosh neighborhood 0
Gilda Futa FCGF.png Beit HaKerem neighborhood 2
Powerhood United FCPWU.png Westest and Southest neighborhoods 1
Royal Boys FCRB.png Main and city hall's neighborhood 0
Sparta Hillhem FCSH.png Ram hill neighborhood 0
Vixo Alibion FCVA.png old city neighborhood 0
Westland Academy FCWA.png west Rabin neighborhood 0
Ajax Shezor FCAS.png Shezor town 0
Inernational Ofek FCio.png old city 1

National Symbols

Title Image Name
National Plant -גאמל-אוקטובר-2012-צילום-עוז-ברזני-e1434368655352.jpg Olive tree
National Animal Page image!1958.jpg Rock hyrax
national dish 20081010-falafel-wars.jpg Falafel
national Drink Orange juice.jpg Orange juice
national cigarette Syrianhookahs.jpg Syrian Hookahs

Rest Days

Five days have been assigned by the Parliament of the The free Jewish immigrant republic of Lipelistan to be Rest Days:

 01/01 New Year's Day
 01/05 International Workers' Day
 13/8  Left handad people day
 19/9 Independence Day
 11/10 Yom Kipour

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