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Anacratic Republic of Padrhom
République Anacratique du Padrhom fr
Coat of arms
Motto: Cur non hic, plus quam huc ? (Latin)
Anthem: Si la bala me da
CapitalNone. Government in Exile
GovernmentDirect Participatory Parliamentary Republic without President
• General Person In Charge
Michel Vichat (2011-2016; 2016-2021; 2021-...)
• First Secretary of Parliament
Jérôme Sarrès (2011-2016) - Loïc Jophen (2016-2019) - Jérôme Sarrès (2019-2021; 2021-...)
Establishment10 Décembre 2011
• (as of 2022 census) census
CurrencyCacahuète et Koco (100 cacahuètes)
Time zone(UTC+1)
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and MicroFrancophonie

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom (French:République Anacratique du Padrhom) is a micronation founded on December 10, 2011.

After too many speeches from some ministers of the French government of the time, and from the president himself, the feeling of being no more in the country of Human Rights has grown. The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is a concretisation of this mind exile.


Padrhom is a french acronym: PAys des DRoits de l'HOMme (Country of the Human Rights)


The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom has for goals the promotion of the Human Rights and Protection of the Environment. The Republic of Padrhom has, all along with its history, wanted to escape to the corruption of power.

Padrhom was founded on December 10, 2011. This is considering the founding date because it's the first day a letter with a padrhomian stamp (french stamp overloaded) has travelled through the French Post. It was the first act of existence.

Flag of the Ist Republic

* 10/12/2011 - 04/10/2015: Ist Republic.

The Constitution proclaims the First Republic of Padrhom as Democracy. Citizens elect their parliamentarians who appoint a General Person in Charge responsible for constituting the government.

* 05/10/2015 - ...: IInd Republic.

A new constitution is adopted in which any reference to the word "power" is abolished.: The Second Republic of Padrhom is an Anacraty. All the citizens are parliamentarians and they design a General Person in Charge responsible for constituting the government. A new flag is adopted.

Government and politics

National governance

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is a parliamentary republic, not recognizing the status of President of the Republic. Its legal representative is the General Person in Charge, appointed by the Parliament.

All the padrhomian citizens are member of the Parliament. Parliament debates are conducted by the First Secretary of Parliament

The General Person in Charge shall appoint the Persons in Charge of the 11 Bureaus. The Government thus constituted has in charge the application of laws passed by Parliament and the management tasks of each Bureau. The 11 bureaus are:

  • Bureau of Cultural Affairs.
  • Bureau of Economic Afffairs.
  • Bureau of Environmental and Agricultural Affairs.
  • Bureau of International Affairs: it is automatically directed by the General Person In Charge.
  • Bureau of Judicial Affairs.
  • Bureau of National Defence Affairs.
  • Bureau of Postal and Philatelic Affairs.
  • Bureau of Power Ressources Affairs.
  • Bureau of Scholastic Affairs.
  • Bureau of Scientific Affairs.
  • Bureau of Social Affairs.
  • Bureau of Sporting Affairs.

Political life

Logo of the P.P.P.

At the present time, there is only one political party in the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom, the P.P.P. (Parti Progressiste Padrhomien/Progressive Padrhomian Party), but more are expected.

Parliamentary vote to designate the next government

Date Results Government
October, 2016
Results of the 2016 vote (from which the next government is appointed)
December, 2021
Results of the 2021 vote (from which the next government is appointed)

Foreign relations

International policy

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom has a policy of unilateral recognition for countries.

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom recognizes the existence of the 193 UN member states+ Kosovo, Palestine, Taiwan, Tibet and the Vatican. The cases of Cabinda, Casamance, Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Kurdistan, New Caledonia, Ogoniland, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Somaliland and West Papua are currently under review: it depends on the use by the independentists of a peaceful way to gain the independence.

Special recognition:

  • The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom recognizes the existence of the Romani Nation.
  • The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom recognizes the Lakota Nation and the Republic of Lakotah.
  • The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom recognizes the Rojava, the Syrian Kurdistan.
  • The Anacratic Reublic of Padrhom recognizes the Sami Nation.

In the concert of micronation, the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom recognizes unilaterally (but will be happy with proposition of reciprocity) the following ones: Principality of Arkel, Empire of Atlantium, Empire of Austenasia, Kingdom of Calsahara, Union of Draegan Republics, United Gerenian Republic, Crown Dependency of Forvik, Empire of Gordjan, Kingdom of Hay-on-Wye , Community of Landashir, Principality of Lichtenberg, Republic of Molossia , Sovereign Barony of Nonsuch, Grand Duchy of the North Antarctic Peninsular Islands, Commonwealth of Northern Australia, Tsardom of Orly, Republic of Pannonia, Republic of Saugeais, Principality of Sealand, Principality of Seborga, Democratic Environmental Society of Senya, Sovereign Military Roman Hadrian Order, Native American Tribal Republic of Timucua, Kingdom of Überstadt, Norse Kingdom of Vestrland, Kingdom of Vikesland, Principality of Walkoria, Kingdom of Wyvern.

Mutual recognition

A treaty of mutual recognition is signed or on the way to be signed with (chronological order):

Mutual recognition without treaty exists with:

National Symbols

Name Image Signification
First flag Background, blue and red, takes the flag of the French Republic, the absence of the white (representing the monarchy) representing the disappearance of the idea of the providential man. The circle with the 3 rays star is a tribute to the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War except for that red (communist) has been replaced by black (anarchist). The 3 colours, red-yellow-green, are a tribute to Africa, mother of Humankind.
Second flag Background, blue and red, takes the flag of the French Republic, the absence of the white (representing the monarchy) representing the disappearance of the idea of the providential man. The green circle is for the Earth and the 3 rays star is a tribute to the International Brigades.
Coat of arms The coat of arms associates part of the flag and the republican motto. The green background is a tribute to Nature.
Motto "Cur non hic, plus quam huc ?" This moto is a question about Human Rights. Considering that, today, these rights are bullied, we want here as everywhere !
Anthem "Si la bala me da" It's a song from the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.
National Animal Hirundo rustica: The swallow has been designated as National Animal because she heralds Spring and thus better days. She's considered as a symbol of hope.
National Plant Quercus robur: the oak is the symbol of Justice, Strength and Righteousness.
National Flower Papaver rhoeas: the coquelicot (poppy) is the symbol of the blood of those who have been sacrificed.
National insect Osmia cornuta: the European orchard bee is the symbol of independence and link to nature.



The official language in the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is French, due to its cultural ties with the French State.


The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is a secular nation. All the religions, provided they comply with the Human's Rights, are allowed in the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom.

They can be represented in the T.O.U.R. (Tour Oeucuménique Universelle de Réconciliation - Universal Ecumenical Tower of Reconciliation), a project of edifice when the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom will find a land.


All the arts are enjoyed, but three are particularly loved by Padrhomians: Comics, African Arts and Philately. For them, three museums are in project:

  • MicroMuseum of Comics.
  • MicroMuseum of African Arts
  • MicroMuseum of Micronationalist Philately. This museum is named "MicroMuseum Donald Evans", in memory of this genius creator of stamps.

Rest Days

Eleven days have been assigned by the Parliament of the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom to be Rest Days. 8 of them are civil days and correspond to the Culture and the Spirit of the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom. The 3 others correspond to the 3 biggest monotheistic religions represented in the Macronation receiving the Anacratic Republic of Padrhomm (even if the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is secular, it was difficult to not celebrate Christmas and by a fairness measure, it has been important to celebrate the 2 others). The Rest Days for the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom are:

  • 01/01 New Year's Day
  • Last friday/01 Comic's Day
  • 20/03 Spring Equinox = Revival's Day
  • 01/05 International Workers' Day
  • 28/05 Revolution's Day (commemoration of "la Commune de Paris")
  • 21/06 Summer Solstice = Sun's Day
  • ../.. Aïd Al Fitr
  • 01/08 Water's Day
  • ../09-10 Yom Kippur
  • 10/12 Independence Day
  • 25/12 Christmas.


National Sports

National Sports

There are two national sports in the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom:

  • Curling for the Winter Sport.
  • Mökkly is known as Swedish skittles for the Summer Sport.

Anacratic Republic of Padrhom Sports Association

The participation of the Republic in the first Virtual Football World Cup 2016 has been an opportunity to organize the padrhomien sport with the creation of the A.R.P.S.A. and its different sections: one for each national sport and one for football. This was the opportunity to present the different jerseys of national teams and the different shields of the different sections.


Badge of the Civil Brigades

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is a pacifist micronation.

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom has a policy of non-aggression towards other micronations. It has, therefore, joined the Union Against Micronational War. The war outside the national territory has been declared unconstitutional.

The Anacratic Republic of Padrhom has no army. National Defence is provided by each citizen who can incorporate, in case of aggression, the Civil Brigades.


La Lande Island (Garonne)

At the present time, the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom has no territory and still claim none. All the lands where padrhomians are living are considered as under the protection of the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom.

Government is in exile and living in France.

One of our goals is to buy a little island, La Lande Island, in the Garonne, a french river.


To promote its existence and its goals, the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom issues stamps in relation with Padrhom, Human Rights or Nature.

As the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is not recognised by the UPU (Universal Postal Union), our stamps have NO POSTAGE LEGAL VALUE and therefore must be ALWAYS accompanied by stamps issued by the country of origin of the letter

Padrhomian Philatelic Program Stamps Description
1st program


1st Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Overprinted french stamps
  • Chico Mendes
  • Hypathie (Leap Day stamp 2012)
  • Rachel Corrie
  • Series of common value with permanent validity
  • Daniel Evans
  • Rio+20
  • Summer Olympic Games
  • Tribute to all the athletes
  • Anna Politovskaïa
  • Ken Saro-Wiwa
  • World Toilet Day 2012.
2nd program


2nd Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (overprinted padrhomian stamps)
  • Joe Strummer
  • Franz (Comics Books Day 2013)
  • Gary Gigax
  • Dulcie September
  • Saamiya Yusuf Omar
  • Pierre Desproges
  • Book Day 2013
  • Noxolo Nogwaza
  • Liquidators
  • Jean Yanne
  • Léo Ferré
  • JRR Tolkien
  • Jacques Brel
  • Albert Camus
  • World Toilet Day 2013
  • Freddie Mercury
3rd program


3rd Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (Right to liberty)
  • Anastasia Babourova & Stanislav Marketov
  • Jean-Michel Charlier (Comics Books Day 2014)
  • Alain Bashung
  • Ilaria Alpi & Miran Hrovatin
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Rwanda (Red Colibris Stamp 2014)
  • Book Day 2014
  • Europa 2014 (National musical instruments)
  • Jacques Ellul
  • Tian'anmen square
  • Boris Vian
  • Nestor Makhno
  • Jean Jaurès
  • Munir Saïd Thalib
  • World Toilet Day 2014
  • Nelson Mandela
4th program


4th Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (Right to keep one's culture)
  • Overprinted french stamp
  • Karen Bach
  • "Je suis Charlie" (Comics Books Day 2015)
  • "Support for comic book authors" (Comics Books Day 2015)
  • Europa 2015 (Old toys)
  • Corporals of Souain
  • Joséphine Baker
  • Iqbal Masih
  • Book Day 2015
  • Silas Stillman Soule
  • Armenia (Red Colibris stamp 2015)
  • Julio Romero de Torres
  • Biodiversity Day 2015 (Rafflesia arnoldii - Euspinolia militaris - Hemicentetes semispinosus - Mitsukurina owstoni)
  • Floribert Chebeya Bahizire
  • Judge François Renaud
  • Jean Zay
  • Edmond Albius
  • Don Quichotte
  • Adoption of the new Constitution (overprinted padrhomian stamp)
  • Edith Cavell
  • Yitzhak Rabin
  • World Toilet Day 2015
  • René Barjavel
5th program


5th philatelic program.
  • Human Rights Day (Right to keep one's culture)
  • Dian Fossey
  • Sawtche
  • Mohamed Bouazizi
  • Louise Michel
  • Patrice Lumumba
  • Roba (Comics Books Day 2016)
  • Franck Herbert
  • Cassandre (Leap Day stamp 2016)
  • Eurpa 2016 (Think green)
  • Juliano Mer-Khamis
  • Shoah (Red Colibris stamp 2016)
  • Book Day 2016
  • Bobby Sands
  • Biodiversity Day 2016 (Aiphanes martinazia et Craseonycteris thonglongyai)
  • Coluche
  • Postal and philatelic agreements between the Principality of Hélianthis and the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom (joint issue)
  • 1st Micronational World Cup
  • Peter Norman
  • Muhammad Anouar el-Sadate
  • Georges Brassens
  • World Toilet Day 2016
  • Siniša Glavašević
  • Free Razan Zaitouneh
6th program


6th Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (Right to liberty)
  • Leopold Sedar Senghor
  • Jean-Marie Pelt
  • Gisela Mota Ocampo
  • René Gosciny (Comics Books Day 2017)
  • Garbage men
  • Howard Phillips Lovecrat
  • Isaac Asimov
  • Book Day 2017
  • Darfour (Red Colibris stamp 2017)
  • Europa 2017 (Castles)
  • Biodiversity Day 2017 (Corvus cora - Annona squamosa - Ravanella madagascariensis)
  • José Pellicer Gandia
  • Oliver Law
  • Patrick Dewaere
  • Najil al-Ali
  • Stephen Bunta Biko
  • "The Prisoner"
  • Thomas Sankara
  • World Toilet Day 2017
  • Chico Mendes (Postal stationary for the 5th anniversary of independance)
7th program


7th Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (political rights)
  • Marcos Veron
  • Pateh Sabally
  • Hergé (Comics Books Day 2018)
  • Louis de Funès
  • Ahmed Rajid Haider
  • Stéphane Hessel
  • Sabino Romero Izarra
  • Iraqi Kurdistan (Red Colibris stamp 2018)
  • Aimé Césaire
  • Book Day 2018
  • Dominique Caroline Hass
  • Kurdisk journalists (Soran Mama Hama, Sardasht Osman & Kawa Garmyani)
  • Izrael Chaim Wilner aka Arié
  • Europa 2018 (Bridges)
  • Admira Ismic & Bosko Bric (2 stamps for the lovers of Sarajevo)
  • Biodiversity Day 2018 (Hippomane mancinella - Markia Hystrix)
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Summit of MicroFrancophony (joint issue)
  • White Rose (Willi Graf, Kurt Huber, Christoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell, Hans Scholl et Sophie Scholl)
  • World Toilet Day 2018
  • Miner
8th program


8th Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (right to equality)
  • Norbert Zongo
  • Chico Mendes (stamp and souvenir sheet)
  • Molly Craig
  • Fishermen
  • Greg (Comics Book Day 2019)
  • Boubacar Joseph Ndiaye
  • Manouchian group (23 resistant fighters dead for France and Freedom)
  • Katia Bengana
  • Mediterranean crossing (Red Colibris stamp 2019)
  • Book Day 2019
  • Europa 2019 (National Birds)
  • Biodiversity Day 2019 (Galemys pyrenaicus - Habenaria radiata)
  • Mbaye Diagne
  • Salwa Bughaighis
  • Natalia Estemirova
  • World suicide prevention day 2019
  • Rémi Fraisse
  • World Toilet Day 2019
9th program


9th Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Rights Day (political rights)
  • Shaimaa al-Sabbagh
  • Geerts (Comics Book Day 2020)
  • Charles Darwin
  • Henri Salmide
  • Lilith (Leap Day stamp 2020)
  • Frazetta
  • Biodiversity Day 2020 (Trychechus senegalensis - Ranunculus sardous)
  • Abdulkadir Yahya Ali
  • Shira Banki
  • Kursk submarine crew
  • World Toilet Day 2020
  • John Trudell
10th program


10th Padrhomian philatelic program
  • Human Right Day (children's rights)
  • Tabary (Comics Book Day 2021)
  • Giulio Regeni
  • Berta Cáceres
  • Mohammad Bashir al-Aani
  • Kronstadt sailors
  • Book Day 2021
  • Europa 2021 (National wildlife species threatened with extinction)
  • Biodiversity Day 2021 (Misopates orontium - Inia geoffrensis)
  • 150 years of the Commune of Paris
  • Mouhcine Fikri
  • Victorine Brocher
  • World Toilet Day 2021
11th program


Stamps of the 11the philatelic program of the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom
  • Human Right Day (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women)
  • New series of current values (permanent validity)
  • Kanno Sugako
  • Plessix (Comics Book Day 2022)
  • Myriam Monsonego
  • Book Day 2022
  • Europa 2022 (Myths and Legends)
  • Biodiversity Day 2022 (Thylacinus cynocephalus - Fargesia nitida)
  • Blaye 2022, Summit of the OMF
  • Gauri Lankesh
  • Daphne Caruana Galizia
  • World Toilet Day 2022
  • Qatar 2022 (Football World Cup)
12th program


12th philatelic program of the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom
  • Human Right Day (Slavery and Tribute to Iranian women)
  • Kurdish martyrs (Rojbin Sakine Leyla )
  • Ribera (Comics Book Day 2023)
  • Barin Kobane
  • Jan Kuciak
  • Albert Sabin (discoverer of the oral polio vaccine)
  • Marielle Franco
  • Anna Campbell/Hêlîn Qereçox
  • Book Day 2023
  • Maria Blondeau
  • Europa 2023 (Peace, greatest human value)
  • Biodiversity Day 2023 (Bison bison - Papaver rhoeas)
  • Tahar Djaout
  • Noe Ito
  • Semira Adamu
  • World Toilet Day 2023
  • Morris centenary
  • Jakelin Caal


Padrhomian Banknotes

The currency of the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom is the Cacahuètes and its hundredfold, the Koco.

This currency is pegged to the Franc CFA.

They have been created, in the beginning, only to give a face value to the padrhomian stamps.

Until the constitutional reform of October 2015, the Anacratic Republic of Padrhom did not emit currency.

The first banknotes were edited in October 2015.

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