Republic of Skuliya

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Federal Republic of Skuliya
Skuliyaflag.pngCoat of arms of Skuliya.png

Карта Скулии.png
Capital cityNieharelaje
Official language(s)Russian, belarusian
GovernmentPresidential republic
- PresidentAlexander Kuzmin (Acting)
- Prime ministerIvan Ivanov
LegislatureNational Assembly
Established9 February 2015
CurrencySkulian Adler

Official website

Skuliya (Belarusian: Скулія) officially the Federal Republic of Skuliya (Belarusian: Федэратыўная Рэспубліка Скулія), is a self-proclaimed sovereign state or micronation, located in Eastern Europe established on 9 February 2015. It is a presidential republic, where the head of state is currently Evgeniy Kitikov. It is the successor state to the Skulovtsev Kingdom, after there was a political crisis and the so-called White Revolution.


Early history

History by sources whine begins in 2011, according to some sources in 2003. When in 2003 on the territory of the small square formed neideesposobnoe State of IQ citizens, prefix "IQ" is preserved in the name of the State until 2011. The first ruler Cheeks said Valery Struzhko who is the director of the territory. Struzhko rules from the beginning of the base of the cheekbones until 2015, when he was deposed Kitik Eugene, who founded the dynasty Kitikovyh and became king. Kitik was king Skulovtsev six months while the state has not occurred "White Revolution", according Kitik defected to the rebels to save themselves for power. To date Kitik Eugene - the first president of the cheekbones.

2016-2017 Political Crisis

Kingdom of Skulia (2016-2018)

People's Republic (2018-2020)

Federal Republic (since 2020)


President - Evgeniy Kitikov
Vice President - Vacancy
The Prime Minister - Nikita Burenin
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Justice - Denis Kukunin
Minister of Armed Forces - Nikita Burenin
Minister of Internal Affairs - Anatoly Staszewski
Minister of Sport - Olga Baran

Political parties

Currently, in the Republic of Skuliya it is registered and operates seven political parties: Conservative Party of Evgeniy Kitikov - Evgeniy Kitikov
National Fascist Party of Skuliya - Simon Schneider
The Communist Party of Skuliya - Fedor Belanovsky
Skuliyan monarchist party - leader: Denis Kukunin
The Democratic Party of cheekbones - Oleg Kim

State symbols

According to the constitution of the state symbols are:
Flag of Republic Skuliya It represents the panel of gold, red and blue colors.

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Skuliya represents the image of the State flag and the coat of arms of Duchy of Lithuania and the Belarusian part of the Russian Empire.
National Anthem of Skuliya music written by Mikhail Glinka, words written by Evgeniy Kitikov

Oficial anthem
Glory, glory to the homeland Skuliya!
Through the years you've been and thunderstorms
And the sun is shining upon you
And your fate is light !
Above the old city Mix-Fit,
Winds banner with the double-headed eagle,
And heard the sacred words:
Skuliya , glory - my Motherland!