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ONG is an organization for Russian micronations, located in Saint Petersburg.


This organization was set up in December,2013, by president of Barkalia- Pavel Goryachkin. These two countries- Barkalia and New Union became a stonghold of these organization. Also, ONG set up a very interesting project- commission, whic aim is to find Russian micronations. There were seventeen members in June, but leaders of ONG started revalidation and deleted eight micronations for low activity. Freblick became the tenth member of ONG in June,26.

International representation

There are two official languages in ONG- Russian and Esperanto. However, countries of ONG aren't famous in west countries, like England or USA. Only two of them (Freblick and New Union) have got pages on microwiki. Also, Freblick is able to represent Vilnaland interests on international arena