Grand Duchy of Aeman

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Grand Duchy of Aeman
Великое Ханство Айманское
Flag of Grand Duchy of Aeman
Coat of arms of Grand Duchy of Aeman
Coat of arms
Motto: Под покровительством Аллаха, под предводительством Князя
Official languagesRussian, English
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Grand Duke
Damir I
• Tsardom of Roomburg
1 May 2015
• Grand Duchy
13 August 2015
• Disestablished
May 2022

The Grand Duchy of Aeman (Russian: Великое Княжество Айман) was a micronation aimed to revive the Turkic and Muslim traditions. The form of government is absolute monarchy. The second but much less important organ of governance after the Monarch (Grand Duke, later restyled Khan) was the Divan of Ayman, holding its meetings monthly. Before its dissolution Aeman was a member state of the Organization of Independent States, the oldest Russian-speaking intermicronational organization.