Grand Duchy of Aeman

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Grand Duchy of Aeman
Flag of Grand Duchy of Aeman
Coat of arms of Grand Duchy of Aeman
Coat of arms
Motto: Под покровительством Аллаха, под предводительством Князя
Official languagesRussian, English
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Grand Dachu
Damir I

The Grand Duchy of Aeman (Russian: Великое Княжество Айман) is a project to revive the Turkic and Muslim traditions. However, this does not prevent the other local religions (also paganism) to participate in the life of the state, and to occupy any positions. The form of government is absolute monarchy. The second but much less important organ of governance is the Sofa Principality of Ayman. Once a month a gathering is held, this time it will be on November 29. In the state there is nobility, however, all citizens are equal, nobility gives only some privileges. So is there and the currency is the Dinar , she, along with the economy in the development process. We are not separatists, and other terrorist organizations.