Organization of Independent States

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Organization of Independent States
Formation8 December 2013
TypeIntermicronational organization
ChairmanAndrey Shuruptsev
Deputy ChairmanNone
WebsiteNew, old

Organization of Independent States (Russian: Организация независимых государств, ОНГ ONG) is an organization for Russian micronations, located in Saint Petersburg.


This organization was set up in December 2013, by president of Barkalia Pavel Goryachkin. Two countries, Barkalia and New Union became a stonghold of these organization. Also, ONG set up a very interesting project- commission, which aim was to find another Russian micronations. There were 17 members in June, but leaders of ONG started revalidation and deleted 8 micronations for low activity.


Name Flag Languages Date accepted
Barkalian People's Jamahiriya Russian, Barkalian 8 December 2013
Cornburgian republic Russian, Cornburgian 18 May 2014
Republic of Eslanda Russian, English 17 October 2014
Republlic of Velansia Russian, Ukrainian, Velansian 16 March 2016