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Republic of Kamenrus
Respubliko de Kamenruso (Esperanto)
Motto: «Unity, Justice, Freedom!»
«Unueco, Justeco, Libereco!» (Esperanto)
«Единство, Справедливось, Свобода!» (Russian)
Anthem: Anthem of Kamenrus
Location of Kamenrus central headquarters (green) and Conditionally safe zones (The territory of Kamenrus is not) (light green)
Location of Kamenrus central headquarters (green) and Conditionally safe zones
(The territory of Kamenrus is not) (light green)
Largest cityChekhovsk, Pavlopetrovsk, Koshkinsk, Argos, Krasnomorsk
Official languagesEsperanto; Russian
Other languagesUkrainian; Starokamchutian; Karfantinan; Japanese
Secular state
GovernmentPeople's Republic
• Leader, Supreme Ideologist
Alexander Euclid
LegislatureSupreme Council of the Republic of Kamenrus

 • 2002 year — Ayleid kingdom
 • 2007 year — Detoks state
 • 2013 year — First Republic
• Total
000,202 km2 (78 sq mi)
CurrencyKamenrussian argent, ₳g — (AGK)
Time zoneUTC+2 (in summer), UTC+3 (in winter)
GUM 3-letter codeKMR

Kamenrus (Esperanto: Kamenrus; Russian: Каменру́сь), official name - Republic of Kamenrus (Esperanto: Respubliko de Kamenrus; Russian: Респу́блика Каменру́сь) is the successor state of the Ayleid and Detoks state entities. The goal and starting point is to build paths to a brighter future by building on the past outcomes of both the Detoka experience in public education and in states.

The modern Kamenrussian Republic was proclaimed on January 10, 2021. The capital of the state is Chekhovsk, which is the largest city in the country. The official language is Esperanto. Most of the believers profess Orthodoxy and Protestantism. Argent is the official currency of Kamenrusi, equal to 100 pengyo, in circulation since July 3, 2019. According to the constitution, Kamenrus is a secular, international state and a people's republic.

The leader of the country and the Supreme Ideologist concurrently is Alexander Euclid, the creator of the modern concept of Kamenrus states and Kamenrus philosophy.


The word Kamenrus comes from two words Stone (Russian: Камень) and Rus. Since Rus' is a state that has united a large number of peoples, regardless of their ethnic origin. And the Stone is a symbol of perseverance and the naturalness of the generations of the Detoksian states.

In Latin, regardless of the language, the name of the state is written «Kamenrus»; in Ukrainian, the name is written in transliteration «Kaмєнрусь».


In the real world, there are three Kamenrussky headquarters (Chekhovsky, Vidnevsky and Krasnomorsky), which are located on the territory of the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine, their total area is 20.2 ares or 0.00202 square kilometers. Conditionally safe zones operate around the headquarters. On which the creation of other independent microstates is allowed, however, microstates that want to expand their territory and influence by creating their puppet states and regimes in conditionally safe zones do not have the right to claim it.

Until 2021, there were also dotted unsafe zones on the Kamenrus zoning maps, which bordered on neutral lands for micronations.

The microstates closest to the Dnepropetrovsk headquarters are Witoldia and Polesland. The closest microstates to the Krasnomorsk headquarters (the only one in the Donetsk region) are the Republic of Retrograd to the north and the PSR Bravia to the southeast.


General position before the Microworld

Kamenrus is the heir and legal successor of the Ayleid kingdom, created in 2002 by the elder sister of the current Kamenrus leader Alexander Euclid. In 2012, she transferred the powers of the creator, guardian and supreme leader of the Dragmaice universe to Alexander Euclid. The Kamenrus universe (aka Dragmaice) is an integral part and place of action and the main location of not only Kamenrus history, but also the state itself as a whole. The action of ancient history takes place in the era of the magical old era.

The emergence of a new era is largely due to the destruction of the old magical foundations that were developed and practiced by the peoples of l-ll millennia BC, but they all died out for various reasons and almost did not have time to pass on their deeds to their descendants, however, some races created by magical laws of intellect , which was on a par with the human continue to live in the new era, although their numbers are gradually declining. An example is the feline and owl races, whose representatives in Kamenrus history are the dynasty of Detoks and Koshkins. The old era ended when Agnen Detoks, who was the direct heir of the family that emerged from the surviving Ayledians, abdicated the royal throne in 2013 according to the Christian calendar, that is, 1400 years after the first mention of the Ayledian civilization. During the old era, time flowed according to the ratio 1 year according to the Christian calendar equaled approximately 100 years according to the calendar of the old era. Another version of the division of eras into old and new is a big or "Great" flood due to which the sea level rose to an unthinkable height compared to the past millennia, as a result of which most of the peoples who then lived on the shores due to free access to the sea trade were killed by the tsunami. Few nations managed to escape, those who survived the "Great" flood had to go in search of a new place to live, this period is usually called "New Life". However, the opinions of the elders, and later historians, differ on this topic, mainly the theory of the split of the eras as a result of the flood is popular with ascetics and elders who did not accept the modern interpretation of history despite significant evidence.

During the new era, the development of Kamenrus as a Republic began, first as a capitalist, and then as a socialist (which remains to this day). There were many formats of the state, from model to digital, some of them have survived to this day. As time passed, Kamenrus and the Dragmaice universe turned from a simple hobby into a significant part or even the meaning of the life of Alexander Euclid. For the Dragmaice universe, its own cultural features are created, such as the coffin style of architecture, model production technologies are being improved, urban planning on a mini-scale, Kamenrus philosophy. Over the years, the situation in the real world has become tense, because Alexander Euclid does not attribute the Kamenrus universe to the modern trends of the real world, which are alien to Kamenrus.

A full version of the Kamenrus history is presented on the Dragmaice wiki (Only in Russian!).

Coming to Microworld

On June 18, 2022, the Government of the Republic of Kamenrus expressed a desire to enter the russian micronational world. On the same day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kamenrus sent a question on this topic to one of the heads of the micronational community, the user Mister President. On June 22, exact answers were given to the Kamenrus questions on this case, and on the same day the first page on the russian Micronation wiki was created.

The state in different months experienced either expectation or grandiose changes. In an attempt to find twins among the left and not so micronations and virtual states, Kamenrus begins to recognize some of them. The first micronation officially recognized by Kamenrus was Diveria, however, after filing an appeal to the government of Diveria, as of mid-July 2022, there was no response. The second attempt to make friends with the micronational community was the recognition of Bazarstan, but there was no response from Bazarstan, although the international legal status of Bazarstan includes Kamenrus as a partner, and circular P868, adopted by the Supreme Council on July 16, confirmed this.

On the evening of July 18, negotiations were held with the President of the People's Republic of Bazarstan Babamyrat Serdarov, which resulted in the final recognition of the People's Republic of Bazarstan as a sovereign state, thus marking the month of its stay on Micropedia. On July 17, 2022, the Republic of Kamenrus recognized the Republic of the South, and already on August 2, a reciprocal recognition took place, an appropriate agreement was signed and an embassy of the Republic of the South in Kamenrus was created.

On August 26, cooperation was established with the Central Avinesian State (Avinesia). After that, the foreign policy of Kamenrus in the micronational world calmed down for a while. December 10 was signed with the Holy Esgeldian Tsardom "Certificate of good friendship." That also marked the beginning of cooperation between the fantasy worlds of Dragmaice and Lajdure.