United Kingdom of Erlande

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(Engl.) United Kingdom of Erlande
(Rus.) Соединенное Королевство Эрленд
(Ned.) Verenigd Koninkrijk Erlande
Coat of arms
Motto: «Dios, Union y Libertad»
Anthem: National Anthem of The Kingdom of Erlande
Official languagesRussian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French
Demonym(s)Erlandman, Erlandian (nationality), Erlandic (adjective)
GovernmentDualistic Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Denis I
• Prime Minister
Nicholas Solokhin
• President of the States General
Daniel Minoransky
EstablishmentApril 30, 2015
• Census
Time zoneUTC+3

Erlande, officiallyUnited Kingdom of Erlande (rus. Соединенное Королевство Эрленд) Sometimes used as Erlend, the abbreviation UKE (pronounced as Erlend) - unrecognized island nation in the Pacific ocean, founded on 30 April 2015.

Erlande is a social project simulating a state governed according to the provisions of the Convention "On the rights and duties of States", signed in Montevideo 26.12.1933 year. We can be classified as a micronation (a small nation that wants to develop themselves and their erlish culture).

It was founded as the extraterritorial state having territory in different parts of the world. The entire territory of the Kingdom is 2570.6 km², we are not separatists and not declare war, we are tvorchiskim and peaceful state. The country has a Constitution adopted on may 2, according to the Constitution, Erlande Federal constitutional monarchy Head of state king head of government is the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister). Role parlment perform General States, selected from a population. The country's currency is the Krona.


Flag of the Kingdom Erlande at the residence of the Royal family

In March 2012 Russian student-student Denis Kukunin first learned about virtual States. Read the article about Micronesia on Wikipedia and was even on the websites of such States as Flandrensis, Sealand, Westarctica, Ceborga. Later created their own state hobby Westphalia, and himself took the title of Emperor. But he began to think about the new state and in early March 2015 founded the Kingdom of Erlande. Denis himself monarchist beliefs, in this state, the monarchy, the feudal system.

The state religion is Christianity, any. In early 2015 king Denis I announced about the intention of minting coins and stamps, the stamps will be released from July 2015. The certificates of titles of nobility possible. King Denis I took the decision to establish state awards, Order of the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe.

Since September 2015, the country started large-scale reforms. The first reform was the change of the country's large state emblem. Also, new elections were held in the States-General, it adopted a new constitution, which became the constitution combines the historic and modern powers.

November 7, 2015 held the attempted coup, which uchastovali Communist party and a more Left-wing Liberals. The requirement was left at the beginning of the overthrow of the monarch, and then just Pravitelstva. The attempt was unsuccessful, the power they held out for 8 hours. In January 2016 new elections were held in the States General. We signed new diplomatic relations, the country has come stability. The new speaker of the States General from 30 January 2016 was Dmitry Karpov, in connection with the departure of Daniel resigned


Claims in Antarctica

early Kingdom declared territorial claims on Eastern Antarctica, but after it was announced the claim to the Ross island and all adjacent Islands (about 2500 km²). Ross island is almost fully covered with snow and ice. On it are some of the highest peaks of Antarctica — mount Erebus (3794 m) and Terror (3230 m). Erebus is actually the southernmost active volcano on Earth. The island contains two operating year-round Antarctic stations: McMurdo station (USA) and Scott base (New Zealand). Depending on the season, the island is present from 200 to 1000 people. Resident population not, but many researchers live in such conditions over one year.

Other claims

the Government initially claimed the three Islands in the Pacific ocean, these Islands are uninhabited, they are both at great distances from populated Islands.

The island of Nihoa, in the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands

Nihoa is located about 300 km South-East of Necker island and 450 km Northwest of Honolulu, the state capital of Hawaii. The landmass is only 0.7 km². the Island is surrounded by coral reef with an area of 570 km². The Northern and Western coast is rocky and steep. The highest point of the island, Manager-Rush (eng. Tanager Peak) reaches 273 m. Like the other Islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, Nihoa is of volcanic origin.The island is inhabited by many sea birds, including endemic species.

The Erlandе claims Mona island, has an area of about 57 km2 (22 sq mi) and lies 66 km (41 mi) west of the main island of Puerto Rico, 61 km (38 mi) east of the Dominican Republic, and 49 km (30 mi) southwest of Desecheo Island, another island in the Mona Passage. Mona (Spanish: Isla de la Mona) is the third-largest island of the Puerto Rican archipelago, after the main island of Puerto Rico and Vieques. It is the largest of three islands located in the Mona Passage, a strait between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the others being Monito Island and Desecheo Island.

Mona Island is believed to have been originally settled by Arawak Indians who arrived from Quisqueya (Hispaniola: present day Haiti and the Dominican Republic). An archeological excavation during the 1980s discovered many Pre-Columbian objects on the island that helped support historians' theories of the island's first inhabitants. Stone tools found in a rock shelter have been dated to around 3000 BC.[1] Much later the island was settled by the Taínos and remained so until the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century.

Map of Mona island

The size of Ducie island, including the lagoon, is 4 km². The total land area of 0.7 km2. Length from North-East to South-West — 2 km, width 1.6 km In the composition of the Atoll consists of 4 tiny island: Acadia, Pandora, and the Westward Edwards.

The Atoll is home to several species of birds. On the Atoll to nest more than 90% of Petrel Murphy, about 1% of red-Phaeton and 1% excellent terns.


Erlande unitary constitutional monarchy with sovereignty. The head of state king of Erlande (full title of "His Royal Highness by the grace of God, constitutional king of Erlande and titular Emperor Of The West, Caesar, Augustus and the Great Prince of the Royal blood"), only the king may dissolve the Senate, to veto or to appoint all the Ministers, the king bears the titles of princes and Dukes in the Antarctic Autonomous States-provinces.

King is the head of state with broad powers, it helps the government the head of government, Prime Minister, is head of government. Appointed by the monarch or Senate. The Parliament of Erlande serves as the Senate chosen from the population. The election allowed people of any gender from 18 to 79 years. The king is the immediate head of state. The decrees of the king are considered by the Senate. The Prime Minister is elected by national elections once a month, for a period of one month. He has the right to appoint other Ministers. In the present state Ministers:

  • The Minister of economy
  • The Minister of defence
  • The Minister of foreign Affairs
  • The Minister of internal Affairs.
  • The Prime Minister may not be one and the same person more than twice.

List of Prime Ministers of the Kingdom of Erlande

Prime Minister Portrait Name Party Term of Office Constituency Monarch Mandates
1st Prime Minister of Erlande Bogdan Melteshinov Federalist Party 30 April 2015 - 18 September 2015 Denis I Appointed 30 April, the day of foundation of the state. He was prime minister during the triumvirate (April 30 - May 2)
2nd Prime Minister of Erlande Igor Mosalev The party "Start" 18 September 2015 - 15 october 2015 Henderson Denis I He was elected to Parliament after the convocation of the States General
3nd Prime Minister of Erlande Nicholas Solokhin Federalist Party 15 october 2015–Present Henderson Denis I He was elected to Parliament after the convocation of the States General

The States General

List of speakers of the States General of the Kingdom of Erlande

The President of the States General Portrait Name Party Term of Office Constituency Monarch Mandates
1st The President of the States General duke Damir Akhtyamov Federalist Party 30 April 2015 - 17 September 2015 Henderson Denis I Appointed by decree of the monarch.
2nd The President of the States General Georgy Vovk The party of "Christian democracy" 17 September 2015 - 15 october 2015 Henderson Denis I He was elected to Parliament after the convocation of the States General
3nd The President of the States General Prince Daniel Minoransky Federalist Party 15 october 2015–present Henderson Denis I He was elected to Parliament after the convocation of the States General

The States General consists of the First chamber (also known as the Senate) and the Second chamber (House of representatives). selected from the population. The election allowed people of either sex, from 16 to 79 years. The king is immediate head of the state. The decrees of the king are considered by the Senate.

Royal the States General are elected from the population, izmerimye can be from any party. The vote is universal, secret and direct. Every citizen can vote when they reach 18, and has the right to withdraw from the elections. Every citizen has personal rights and obligations, all the population are equal before the law, regardless of title and status. Every citizen of the Kingdom has the right and ability to obtain noble titles, move to the higher strata of society. Taxes in the Kingdom no, career growth razreshen, not allowed to have people as slaves, slavery prohibited person has the freedom.


The Crown Of Elande

The country's currency is the Koruna, the rate of one Krone to Russian ruble 18.09. Krona is available from 10 to 5000 CZK. On the obverse of the banknote depicts a well-known personality (in all cases the monarch or wanderer). At 50 Rand banknote depicts the king of the Hawaiian Islands, Kamehameha, on the banknote 100 ERK depicted the Russian Emperor Peter the Great, on the banknote 200 ERK depicts Raoul Amundsen. Reverse all different banknotes depicting battle scenes.

National symbols

Main article:Flag of Erlande The flag represents the blue fabric in the center of a red and white Scandinavian cross.

The coat of arms of Erlande — one of the main national symbols of the country. The coat of arms of the Kingdom is a shield with the silver Falcon. The shield: the Warrior and the black lion, the emblem is placed in a blue cloak. The shield stands on a rocky island at the foot of which are two horns of plenty, the island itself is in the ocean, which are floating two ships. Also on the island is Palma and the Bay of vinac.



The country is becoming more common Russian language, Russian language is the state official, but English is also the state like the Netherlands


Religion of Erlande

Article 37. The Constitution States Everyone is guaranteed freedom of religion and conscience. The Christian Church is the state Church and will enjoy as such the full support of the state. Other religious cults guaranteed confession of relevant beliefs and performing religious services with observance of public order and the requirements of morality The Erish Constitution recognizes Christianity as the leading religion in the country, while guaranteeing freedom of religion for all citizens. According to a sociological study, 64% of citizens belong to the Christian faith (55,6% - Orthodox, 8% Catholic, 4% Protestant). 3.4% of citizens are Sunni Muslims, 6.9 percent said that is believers, but did not say what Church you belong to, 10.3 per cent are atheists and 13.8% are agnostics.


According to the Constitution, education is a right available to any citizen of the Kingdom, there are two kinds of education. Paid education, for children, senior citizens, nobles, aristocrats or people posts 8th grade(1-8, grade noble and medium; 8-10, the middle class and teachers; 8-14, the lower classes and working). Free education, it could be any citizen and even the aristocracy. May 14, 2015 I. the Prime Minister of Erlande of Malcesine.B passed the law about education!!! Education Erlande is compulsory for children from 6 to 15 years (grades 1-10).

The educational system also includes 2 steps for early childhood: pre-school (eng. Pre-school and preparatory stage (eng. Preparatory School). Primary education is provided during the first 6 years of study, that is, for children aged 6 to 11 years. The first two years of study are in elementary school city Henderson (eng.Henderson Primary School), third and fourth in the primary school of the city of Henderson (eng. Xenderson Primary School), and fifth in Erlandson College (eng.Erland College). At the end of elementary school giving up the exams to obtain the certificate of primary education (eng.Erland Primary Certificate). The next stage — secondary school (7-10 classes is mandatory and grades 11-12 non-compulsory education). After a give up 10th class exams to obtain the Certificate of secondary education (eng. Erland Junior Certificate). In the case of continued learning at the end of grade 12 admission exam to obtain a Certificate of secondary education full (eng. Erland Shcool Certificate).


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Design coins: Design coins 1 Krone.
Design coins: Design coins 1 Krone. 
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The design of banknotes 100 Krona.
The design of banknotes 100 Krona. 
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The design of banknotes 200 Krona.
The design of banknotes 200 Krona. 
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The design of banknotes 50 Krona.
The design of banknotes 50 Krona. 
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Mark Erland.
Mark Erland.