Flag of Erlande

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Flag of the United Kingdom of Erlande
Name National Flag
Use Civil and Royal flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted , 31 April 2015
Design Blue cloth in the centre of the Scandinavian red and white cross. In the top left corner of the Royal crown (civil flag and Navy flag is used without the crown)

The Flag of Erlande (Russian: Флаг Эрленда) is the official symbol of the United Kingdom of Erlande on along with the coat of arms and anthem. was approved since the founding of the country 31 April 2015 (independence day April 30).


the Flag is made in the Scandinavian style, blue cloth in the center of a red and white Scandinavian cross in the top left corner is the Royal crown. Officially, the flag was to take 31 April 2015, but has undergone some changes (in particular the proportions of the flag).


Old flag of Erlande (31 April 2015)

The flag was adopted after the independence day of the United Kingdom, 31 April 2015. Officially, the flag was finally adopted on may 2, when was approved by the Constitution of the United Kingdom Erland, had previously been used informally. The flag has undergone changes in the proportions and colors, and added a Crown to the top left corner of the flag.

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