Denis I of Erlande

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Denis I
Denis I, Aurelius Tiberius Claudius Caesar
Coat of arms of Erlanda2.png
1st King of The United Kingdom Erlande
Reign 30 April 2015 - present
Predecessor Monarchy established
Heir presumptive None
Full name
Denis Alekseevich Kukunin
House House of Harte-Claudia
Mother Natalia, the Queen mother
Born 18 October 1999 (1999-10-18) (age 23)
Religion Christianity

Denis I (full name: Denis I, Aurelius Tiberius) is Founder and first king of Erlande from 30 April 2015. A descendant on the maternal side French and Scandinavian nobility. A descendant in the male line of the Roman generals. The founder of the dynasty Harte-Claudia


His Royal Highness, the titular Empereur d’Occident, King of Erlande and Westphalia Denis I was born on 18 October 1999 in St. Petersburg, in Russia, in the family of descendants of the noble family. From early childhood proyavlyal interest in science, interest in archeology and paleontology. In 2007 he began studying at a school in St. Petersburg. He began his career micronational policy when you first uslishal about Sealand and Seborga, later about Plantensis. After in 2011, he questioned the decision to establish a state-hobby. In the beginning it was intended as a hobby, but after Denis asked the idea is really to gain independence. In 2015, he created the Kingdom of Erlande, in personal Union with Brandenburg (established in 2009, later prysoedynena to Erlande on the rights of autonomy),. After he began to create all atribute of state (flag, anthem, coat of arms, motto, economy and brand) and symbols of monarchical power (of the order of, the sceptre, the ensign, etc.). In April 2015 the king Denis I started to create a project for the office of Henderson island from the UK and the proclamation of independence of the state, as well as a programme for accession Antractica to Irlandii.

At the moment Denis 18, and according to the Constitution the king is under 18 years cannot govern themselves, the role of the choir Director takes the his mother the Queen Regent and his father the Prince Regent. Although the bulk of the power is carried out by the monarch.

Is a fan of art, history, models of sailing ships. Denis himself is a big fan of science, history and geography. Denis outspoken opponent of Smoking, he wrote: "Smoking is death in its purest form, not only from the press or bullets, but slow and contagious". So was issued the law on prohibition of Smoking on the territory of Irlandii.

At present live in the Royal residence in St. Petersburg, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Irlandii in the Russian Federation.


His Royal Highness by the grace of God, constitutional king of Harlandii and Westphalia, the titular Empereur d’Occident, Caesar, Augustus, The Baltic Prince, Duke of Blueland and Waterland, and the Great Prince of the Royal blood


Denis I of Erlande
Born: 18 October 1999
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Erlande
30 April 2015 – present
Succeeded by