Monarchy of Erlande

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King of Erlande
Royal coat of arms of Erland.png
Arms of His Majesty The King of Erlande
Denis I

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent The Nikonorov, Prince Roman
First monarch Denis I
Formation 30 April 2015

King of Erlande and King of The United Kingdom Erlande (Rus. Король Эрленда или Король Соединенного Королевства Эрленд ) - the title of monarch, head of state in Erlanda. The full title of the monarch is: "His Royal Highness by the grace of God, constitutional king of Erlande and titular Roman Emperor, Caesar, Augustus and the Great Prince of the Royal blood" (рус. «Его Королевское Величество Божьей милостью Конституционный король Эрленда и титульный Император Запада, Цезарь, Август и Великий князь королевской крови»)


Erlande Federal constitutional monarchy and hereditary. The head of state is the king, the title is inherited. The king is the symbol of the state and Supreme commander of the army. The king under the Constitution inviolable person, the king has the right nagraedit subjects of noble titles and appoint Ministers and members of the Senate. Under the Constitution the king has permanent residence, with April 2, 2015 the king accepted the Constitution, according to which the former monarch, who abdicated, and died receives the title of Duke of Erlanda. And before the birth of the heir of the current king, the former king is heir to the throne. The heir to the throne can be any member of the dynasty, except illegitimate children (bastards), each a descendant of the monarch is given the title of Prince. According to the Acts of the Regency authorities under the age of 18 monarch, or physically or mentally disabled shall be made Regent. The incapacity must prove at least three of the following persons: the spouse of the Sovereign, the Prime Minister, the head of the Senate, the heir to the throne and the Keeper of the scrolls. To complete the Regency, the Declaration also required three of those same individuals.

Symbols of the monarchy

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The Royal Standard of Erlande: the monarch's official flag. 

Symbols of the monarchy in Erelande is the flag and emblem, and personal Royal standard of the king differs from the flag. Personal ensign is a blue cloth, crowned in white owl. Tape the monarch at the coronation or meetings blue and white, worn on ceremonial and everyday costume of the monarch. The higher the order of the Golden star, it is given to all monarchs automatically.