Baltic Principality

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Principality of Baltia,Княжество Балтия
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Official language(s)Russian (Russian)
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameBaltia
GovernmentElective Monarchy
- H.S.H.Prince of BaltiaT.D.Y. Roman Petrov
LegislatureSupreme magistracy
- Type - Unicameral
Area claimed>5 km²
Population6 (2013)
CurrencyBaltic Krone
Time zone(UTC -8)
This nation is a member of AATS

Official website

'Baltic Principality ( Principality of Baltiya) Baltic principality, - a small self-declared State, that claims the Earth Scott(Scott Island) of the Antarctic Continent.

Baltic Principality, was founded in 2007 when the small community together Landia, Bogen, Land of Gary ,Inrifliyandiya, Lesonen and Normangiya Baltic principality trace their history to the Slavic peoples of Baltic preëxisting to the sunken area to XI century [1] Baltic, a small principality of the Russian-speaking country. Initially, an absolute monarchy. Currently Principality Baltic Republican monarchy based on the principles of popular democracy and self-government Baltic Prince Dr. Ilya Pakhomov is elected by citizens, but his abdicated in 2013. Baltic - recognized Individual NGO`s and International Organizations in the Third World and the African Continent

Baltic principality, it is not only the oldest of the existing russian miсronation. It is also a micronation with very complex and complicated history. Individual members of her community were ephemeral virtual learning Such as Landia ,Kingdom which belonged to the Baltic in 2007 Other initially applied to the independent development such as the Duchy of Bogena (form part of the republic Ahellia ) merged in the Baltic in 2010. And described in the Russian mass media, the Russian press. [2]


The Principality of Baltic, was formed in its present form as a result of the two crises. Crisis of 2010. When absolute monarchy into a limited pressure Supreme Magistracy (Parliament)and Grand Magistry of the Baltic States (Speaker of Parliament Dr. Pakhomov ) And the Crisis of 2011, when the constitutional monarchy of the Baltic peacefully has been transformed into an elective monarchy.Based on the principles of direct popular democracy The Principality Baltics, there are two political parties, the Democratic Party and Social Democratic Party. Baltic Monarchist Party - was not abolished, but de-facto, all work will cease in 2011. All major political issues are resolved in the Baltic in 2011, the Althingi –( General Congress of the citizens of the Baltic Principality). The strength of citizens ranging from 10 to 25.

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