Coat of arms of Kamenrus

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Coat of arms of Kamenrus
Great coat of arms of Kamenrus
Adopted29 March 2022
Motto«Unity, Justice, Freedom!»

«Unueco, Justeco, Libereco!»

«Единство, Справедливось, Свобода!» (Russian)
UseState buildings. institutions,
official seals, documents, regalia.

The Сoat of arms of Kamenrus (Esperanto: Blazono de Kamenrus; Russian: Герб Каменруси) is one of the symbols of the Republic of Kamenrus, along with the anthem and flag.


Small coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Republic of Kamenrus depicts wooded mountains over which the sun rises. The coat of arms is framed by a wreath of wheat ears. In the upper part of the coat of arms there is a Hammer with a Torch in a gear entwined with small spikelets on the sides. Double-headed Pefor in the center, a symbol of the succession of the Detoksian state formations. In the lower part of the coat of arms, large ears of corn are entwined with a ribbon in the form of the Kamenrus flag, on which is written: "UNITY, JUSTICE, FREEDOM" in the Esperanto language.

Great coat of arms

The large coat of arms of the Republic of Kamenrus depicts the symbol of the Kamenrus army during the Kamchutian War (in Dragmaice) in the center. Six Kamenrus flags, three on each side, a Hammer with a Torch in a gear, entwined with small spikelets under seven stars, symbolizing the provinces of Kamenrus. Between them and the shield is the motto of the Republic of Kamenrus written on a dark red ribbon.


The coat of arms appeared in the Republic of Kamenrus back in the days of Ayled. Then a symbol from the banner - a snowflake - was applied to the shields. Throughout the existence of the Ayleid kingdom, the coat of arms has not changed.

In the Detoksian Kingdom, the coat of arms appeared as a state seal, in the form of Pefor, and the inscription "Detoksian Kingdom" in the Old Kamchut language in a circle. Shields in those days were simply painted burgundy or yellow. With the development of the kingdom, a full-fledged emblem nevertheless appeared. It was an English-shaped shield (which was also on the Ayledic coat of arms), painted in burgundy, in which Pefor was inscribed, and above it was a crown. The coat of arms did not change before the victory in the First Kamchutian War. After the successful outcome of large-scale military campaigns, the Detoks kingdom changed its symbolism to a more aggressive one. Pefor lowered his wings on the new coat of arms, and the imperial crown appeared above him.

During the republic, it was decided by the government to use the black silhouette of a cat on their symbols. The coat of arms in many places was allowed to use the royal one up to the Kiev-Kamenrusian Federation. The Federation took the coat of arms from Russia, modifying it a little, adding the coat of arms of the capital to Pefor's chest. Along with the version based on the Russian coat of arms, the version based on the Montenegrin coat of arms was also used. The latter option was used more often.

With the advent of socialism in Kamenrus, the coat of arms was changed according to socialist standards. The hammer and compasses superimposed on each other represented the central figure of the emblem, placed on a red field. A golden wreath of wheat bordered this red field, and was entwined with ribbons of two colors (red and green). The coat of arms of the capital was placed at the top. After the denationalization of the flag and coat of arms of the times of the Kiev-Kamenrusian Federation, the coat of arms of the KFPR changed its shade of red to a darker one, the coat of arms of the capital also changed according to well-known events. Such a coat of arms was preserved until the "Kamenrus revival". In the fall of 2020, a new draft emblem of the KSFSR was presented, but was never approved.

In November 2020, the fashion for the two-headed Pefor returned. Then the emblem of the armed forces was made, which is used to this day. The first full-fledged emblem of the “Revived” Kamenrus was ready on January 12, 2021. Pefor was decorated with symbols, which in those days were associated with the criteria for which it was necessary to make a coat of arms. A sun wheel towered above Pefor, which was later replaced by a Hammer with a Torch in a gear entwined with small spikelets on the sides. The restyled version of the coat of arms was presented on March 1. Based on it, a large coat of arms was also created.

This emblem was used as the main state emblem in the period from March 1 to September 22, 2021. On September 22, a small coat of arms was added to it in the Spanish shield. The small coat of arms itself was a reconstruction of the image of the sleeve patch of the Kamenrus army during the Kamchutian War. This state of affairs persisted until February 2022, when an urgent task was given to develop a coat of arms that meets all the requirements of that time, namely the presence on the coat of arms of all elements associated with the official periods of Kamenrus history starting from the Detoks kingdom. A lot of options were presented then, they even went so far as to return the coat of arms of the KFPR by slightly modifying it. But a vote was taken based on the Spring 2020 draft with cosmetic changes. approved the current coat of arms on March 29, 2022, and a month earlier approved the final version of the large coat of arms.

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