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Capital city and federal city
Flag of Chekhovsk
Coat of arms of Chekhovsk
«Chekhovsk - Kamenrusi true value»

«Ĉeĥovsk — Kamenrusi vera valoro» (Esperanto)

«Чеховск — Каменруси истинная ценность» (Russian)
Location of Chekhovsk
Country Kamenrus
RaionChekhovsk Raion
City rights2014
 • Miconational Headquarters Square0,0,091 ha (225 acres)
 • Total4 (Permanent population of the micronational headquarters)
Licence plateВС / 01

Chekhovsk (Esperanto: Ĉeĥovsk; Russian: Че́ховск) is the capital of Kamenrus, the administrative center of the Chekhovsk raion and the province of Chekhovia. The original city is located on the Ikut River (in Dragmaice on Azuria), is the industrial, economic and cultural center of the Republic of Kamenrus. The city is home to most of the state bodies for the management of the Republic of Kamenrus, the personnel of the OSP, the PSK and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kamenrus, as well as enterprises involved in the provision and maintenance of infrastructure for workers and residents.


The original name Kep-suzet was given to today's Kamenrus capital immediately after it was given the status of a settlement. According to the Kamenrussian chronicles, the first name was taken from the fictitious city-state of Cape Suzette from the animated series "Miracles on bends" and was written as it was heard by the Kamenrus ear in those days.

The second official name - Station Square was also taken from a fictional city, but already from the universe of Sonic games (original Station Square). The new name in connection with subsequent events did not take root.

During the years of socialist transformations of 2016-2018, the capital of the Kiev-Kamenrusian Federation was called Moscow in honor of the Moscowinsk Fortress in Dragmaice. However, other conjectures later began to appear about the reasons for the renaming, related to objects and events from the real world. After the formation of the federal people's republic, the capital was named Novomoskovsk, in order to emphasize the process of city renewal after the turmoil of early 2018.

In parallel with the denationalization of the old flag and coat of arms of the Kiev-Kamenrusian Federation, in January 2020, a law was also submitted to the KFPR parliament to rename Novomoskovsk to Chekhovsk in order to give the name of the capital its independence. The city received a new name in honor of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov on the 160th birthday of the writer.

In 2021, the full unofficial name of the city was adopted - "Chekhovsk on Ikut".


Symbolism of the city

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Chekhovsk is a dark green shield of the French form, with a golden fortress inscribed in it, which symbolizes the past of the city, a hammer with two picks and the date of the alleged foundation BC according to the Detoxian calendar at the bottom. The coat of arms has a small, medium (not currently used) and large versions. In the large version above the shield there are golden brickwork and a dark green ribbon with the name, the color of which is similar to the color of the brickwork, on the sides there are two shield holders. The left shield holder is a golden lion, symbolizing the Trichstadt title "City of the Lion" received in 2019. The right shield holder is Pefor in the Ayleid royal crown.


The standard of the city is a square panel depicting the city coat of arms, framed by a platband consisting of dark green and dark crimson isosceles triangles, this canvas is decorated around the edges with a border in the form of a white-yellow-white ribbon, which is also present on the standards of the Leader and Supreme Ideologist of Kamenrus.