Skhodnya Kingdom

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The Kingdom of Skhodnya
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "King, Law, Liberty!"
Anthem: National anthem of Skhodnya
Largest cityKhimki
Official languagesRussian, Meryan and Avstragian
GovernmentParliamentary monarchy
• King
Alexander Gostunovich
LegislatureNot established yet
EstablishmentJune 26, 2021
• Census
304 152
Time zoneUTC+3 Moscow Time

The Kingdom of Skhodnya (Russian: Королевство Сходня) is a micronation in Eastern Europe. Initially, it was created as a buffer state between the Tsardom of Suoria and the Principality of Avstragia, however, after the reduction of the territories of Suoria and the abolition of the border with it, the kingdom took a course towards rapprochement with Avstragia, which unofficially includes to this day. The capital is the city of Khimki. The official languages are Russian, Meryan, and Avstragian. The micronation was founded in 2021 as a single state of suorians and avstragians.

Origin of the name

The name of the country was given by one of its largest rivers and the city of the same name - Skhodnya. In documents, on maps and in the literature, the names Sukhodnya, Voskhodnya, Vkhodnya, Vkhodnya are also marked. The name has a double interpretation. According to one version, the river got its name because ships "descended" from the portage (or "ascended" to the drag) that connected the Moskva River with the Klyazma River in the area of the current Podrezkovo platform. According to another version, the hydronym comes from the eponymous term "gangway" — a place where a ship can land on the shore or a person can go down to the water: presumably, there was a pier near the mouth of the Gangway, where people descended to further pull the ship to the drag.


The territory of the country is a small part of the vast Smolensk-Moscow upland, the eastern spur of which is called the Klinsko-Dmitrov ridge. On the territory of the country, more than 40 hectares are occupied by natural and artificial reservoirs, of which there are 28. Watershed marshes are preserved in the country, there are also extensive open spaces — fields and meadows.

Geographical location

The area of the Skhodnya is 143.29 km2, which is slightly larger than Christmas Island and slightly smaller than the British Virgin Islands. The extreme northern point is the village of Nosovo, the extreme eastern point is the Korovinskaya interchange of the MKAD, the extreme southern point is the Kurkinskaya overpass, and the extreme western point is Firsanovka village.

Geology and relief

The terrain of the country is hilly. Heights from 180 to 205 meters above sea level prevail. The highest point in height reaches 210 meters. It is located in the western part of the country on the territory of the city of Novogorsk. The lowest point is located in the valley of the Skhodnya River, where the height difference is only from 140 to 160 m above sea level.

Internal waters

The kingdom is rich in rivers and lakes. Having no access to the sea, the country has access to the Khimki reservoir, which is strategically important for these places. It is also the largest body of water in the country, despite the fact that it de jure belongs to Australasia. The largest natural river is the Skhodnya River. However, in the eastern part of the country there is a Canal named after Moscow, which is a man-made waterway.

The Biggest lakes in SK
Name Square Height Depth
Vereskinsky pond 23ha 150m ~2m
East Burtsevo pond 10ha 175m 3m
west Burtsevo pond 8ha 175m 2-3m
Cherkizovsky pond 5ha 180m ???