Virtual State of Drakonberg

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Virtual State of Drakonberg


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Pacis et Prosperigatis
Largest cityEldstad
Official languagesRussian
GovernmentParliamentary Republic (de facto )[1]
• Chairman of the Family Council
LegislatureFamily Council
EstablishmentMay 11, 2014
• Census
CurrencyNulin (DBN)
Time zone(UTC +04)

Drakonberg, officially the Virtual State of Drakonberg (Russian: Виртуальное Государство Драконберг), is a family cultural social formation.[3]

The word Drakonberg comes from the Russian word Дракон - “Dragon” and Swedish word Berg which means “Mountain”. The state was named "Drakonberg" because the founders of the state are descended from the Drakonberg family.[4]


The history of Drakonberg is rooted deep into the centuries. According to legend, the ancestors of modern Drakonberg citizens are descended from the ancient aristocratic family, and there are some documentary evidences of this.

History of Virtual State of Drakonberg begins on May 11, 2014 when at the nationwide meeting was decided to establish a Virtual State (micronation). The Day of Foundation celebrated as a holiday in Drakonberg.

The introduction of the national domain zone on June 3, 2014 was the first significant event in the history of the state. This date celebrated as the Day of Domain.

The Constitution of Drakonberg was adopted on June 7, 2014.

The first government decree, was issued on September 7, 2014.

The first treaty of mutual recognition was signed with Princedom of Aysellant on October 1, 2014.[5]


Drakonberg has its own form of government that is most similar to a parliamentary republic.[6] The supreme organ of power in Drakonberg is the Family Council. The head of state is the Chairman of the Family Council. The government of Drakonberg also includes members of the commissions for specific issues.


  • Commission for the Development of Internet
  • Commission for Culture
  • Commission for Science
  • Commission for Economy
  • Commission for Foreign Policy
  • Commission for Internal Policy

Foreign Policy

Drakonberg is ready to maintain friendly and mutually beneficial relations with all serious micronations whose policies do not contradict the ideology of Drakonberg. Currently, Drakonberg has diplomatic relations with following countries:[7]

Full diplomatic relations

Former relations

  • Republic of Eslanda, since the 2nd of October 2014. The Treaty on Mutual Recognition denounced on January 19, 2016.[9]


Virtual State of Drakonberg is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. The territory of Drakonberg comprised of "Main Territory" and the "Dependent Territories". Main Territory is divided into 8 provinces.[10] More information about the territory of Drakonberg you can find on the scientific website.

National symbols

State symbols of the Virtual State of Drakonberg: National Flag, Coat of Arms and the National Anthem. Anthem of Drakonberg is created by citizens of the state and currently is not finalized.


The national flag of Drakonberg is a bright blue rectangle, with an aspect ratio in the proportion of the golden section, with a stylized dragon head gold color in the center.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Drakonberg is an early gothic style shield, with a bronzed frame, and the branches of coniferous tree around the shield. At the top of the shield there is a flying dragon, while white contours of the mountains are shown at the bottom. The shield is blue, the flying dragon is bronzed. The motto of Drakonberg, "Peace and Prosperity", is written on the red ribbon under the shield.

Domain Zone

Drakonberg has its own domain zone - It isn’t a top-level domain, but according to the Drakonberg Constitution, all Drakonberg websites are located in this domain zone. Domain registration in zone is available for everybody on the special website.


The economy of Drakonberg consists of two parts. The first part is the real domestic economy; the second part is a virtual external economy. Full information about Drakonberg economy is published on the special page of the official site.


Scientific activity was the main occupation of the ancestors of modern citizens of Drakonberg. Computer sciences, chemistry, psychology, philosophy are the most developed sciences in Drakonberg.[11] Full information about science in Drakonberg is published on the official site of The Commission for Science of Drakonberg.


Despite the fact that Drakonberg was established in the XXI century, it has a long tradition and rich history. Many of ancient legends now are presented on the site about epos of Drakonberg. Currently, the Commission for Culture of Drakonberg is developing the site of the Museum of Drakonberg, where will be presented the ethnographic and historical materials, as well as the archive of digital photos.[12]