War of Senses

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The War of Senses
Vara Merlitor
Война Смыслов
Date20 July 2017 — 8th February 2019
Status ended
  • New Whiteyard
Supported by:
New Yugoslavia
Commanders and leaders
Vladislav Chokin Dmitriy Malets
Daniil Krasnitskiy
Evgeniy Kitikov

What is the "War of Senses"?
This is when I try to convince Russians that they do wrong things,
while stoned Russians try to convince everybody, including themselves, that I and every person supporting my opinion is just a liberal gay.
Golden quotes, facepalms, butthurts, delights of hierarchy and dictatorship are included.
Sounds so stupid, but only involved one knows how global and dramatic the "War of Senses" really is.

— Vladislav Chokin

The War of Senses (Verd'landian: Vara Merlitor; Russian: Война Смыслов) - is the conflict between Vladislav Chokin and Russian-speaking micronational community. It had factually started on the 21st April 2017, but recognized by Vladislavia three months later - on the 20th July of the same year.

Vladislavia had recognized its opponents as terrorists and their micronations as terroristic organisations accordingly. On the other side, no one opponent had recognized Vladislavia and conflict.

Since liquidation of Vladislavia, the main membership in conflict has New Whiteyard, the capital of USA.


Original Verd'landian name appeared because this conflict was started as professional disputes about purposes of micronationalism.


Russian micronationalism has born in 2012, when 12 y.o. Georgiy Volkov created his micronation called Republic of Peschanaya Glinka (by the name of the settlement where it used to locate). Besides this he created a FANDOM-based wiki for the same micronations.

This wiki has existed for some time with liberal administration which hasn't controlled it at all, and in this time site was filled mostly with "trash". In 2016 year representers of Skuliya and Eiland became the admins on MicroWiki, and seemingly from this time it became a so-called "totalitarian" wiki with unlimited power of admins (officially set up on 26 December 2017). Since this time a lot of Russian and Rusophonic micronations weren't allowed to have the articles on MicroWiki, as because of real valuelessness, as because of private disapproves of admins. By statements of Chokin, Russian micronationalism became a special hierarchic community, and persons who doesn't wish to fully participate in it and obey to "elite", are usually being kicked out, sometimes with usage of double standards. One of the examples - the North Barchant and its editor's dispute with administrators.

Besides this, the persons and their micronations who are on the highest positions of hiearchy, are usually nationalists and conservationists. This fact created a situation when liberals and other leftists are being discriminated and blamed for phantom "homosexuality". Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia is liberal state, and its leader follows beliefs opposite to Russian micronational "elite".



Spring and Summer

Vladislav has created two articles on MicroWiki, about his nation and himself accordingly. Both were fulfilled with a lot of unnecessary information (for example — mention of Chokin's interest to furry-fandom) which was to be corrected or replaced later. Then it was strongly exaggerated and has been used for discrimination of Vladislav in Russian micronational movement. Two days later, on 21 April his account was blocked. For 15 minutes the article's content was replaced by insulting message, but then this edit has been cancelled and article was protected. A reason for this action stays to be unknown.

On the 26th May, Chokin registered his additional account and has wrote a manifest in which he blamed administration for "dictatorship", unacceptable for wikiprojects. Also he mentioned his general opinion about biggest parts of local micronations which were commonly virtual and "senseless". Administrator of wiki (then — recognized as Daniil Krasnitskiy, the leader of Loneyard) had answered making a special article "How to not react on article's deletion" (together with "How to not to make the articles" — the only ruleset of wiki, which rules were respected and learned by Vladislav). In the new article, Daniil has answered on part of the arguments with next approximate result:

  • If article is deleted, there were the reasons.
  • Mistakes and unnessesary content in new articles weren't the actual reasons of ban.
  • Real reason of ban is your high self-esteem and disrespect to Russian "senseless" micronations.
  • If Russian micronations are "senseless", why an under-nation of some schoolboy with fictional world filled by f***ot-furries must be better?
    — Daniil Krasnitskiy

Since that time, the dispute has got its name, the "War of senses", despite it partually lost its actuality due to changed micronational opinion of Chokin.

In the same day, two persons found Russian Verd'wikia (doesn't exist now), created for unification of all data about fictional Verd'land. Two articles were vandalized and filled with pornographic and homophobic texts. Deanonimisation was very easy, and it has showed: vandals were Daniil Hrisanov (knyaz of Valendia and president of Daugavpivia) and Dmitriy Malets accordingly. If the first one was forgotten, the second one still stays to be one of the key figures of "War". Chokin has complained about this event and got some more insulting messages from administration.

Final part of the first stage of conflict has place on 20 August Vladislav Chokin has signed "Act №3 of War Declaration" by which Vladislavia began an anti-terrortistic war with all Rusophonic micronations (recognized as terrorist organisations) detected or suspected in hatred to Verd'landian microstate. Their leaders were banned to enter the country. By this document, the enemies of Vladislavia were:

  • Princedom of Valendia
  • Velansian Federation
  • Republic of Dikray
  • Loneyardian Kingdom
  • DFR of Konakia
  • Kingdom of Skuliya
  • Princedom of Eiland


5 September came into history as day when Vladislavian materials together with account of its leader were founded by Russian microcommunity in "VKontakte" social network. This urged a lot of local members to begin collective mockery of both Vladislav and his micronation. In the same dates Dmitriy Malets has appeared in second time of conflict, and since that time he is still an inseparable part of it.

Hi, swinger-fa***ot!

— Dmitriy Malets

Mass mocking attack was highly unexpected. Because of this, Chokin tried to nervously defend his dignity trying to understand the real reasons of discrimination. At that time it was totally useless, and uncontrolled flow of negative comments urged him to close Vladislavian page. Mockery has stopped, and Vladislav had a lot of time to sum up and completely understand the matter of situation. The last one said that "high self-esteem" is not a real reason. Result of all opponent arguments showed: the most part of Rusophonic micronational community follows far-right and conservative ideology filled with typical stereotypes about opposite side, which says that liberal and cosmopolitan person (as Vladislav) is a definite homosexualist. Interest in furry-fandom, presence of anthropomorphic animals following deviant ideology in fictional Verd'land, partial allegiance to this ideology, hatred to active homophobes as part of hostile far-right movement have "confirmed" Vladislav's zoophilia and homosexuality in local microworld.

Answers about the same ideology in family partually postponed part of hate to Chokin's closest relatives.

What a sense if i would text you, or micronationalists, conservationists would text — doesn't matter, because if liberal-homosexual (so called "tolerant") upbringing is laid in head from the childhood with ideas about "greatness of Chokin", this is not fixable and i can think only about how strongly this world is wasted — if even parents (in last times — guarantors of puritanism and conservationism) turned into liberal fags.

— Alexey Inshakov



There was a long period when any side has made an attack. Chokin decided to open a so-called "humorous micronational journal", the page in social network which content is traditionally created to mock every nation or person which author of journal feels a contempt to. On 15 December he opened a page called "DEGRANATIONS" with target to criticize the most unfavorable objects. In this time, his radical opinion about micronationalism has softened, and he wasn't hostile to all local micronations like half of year ago. Deadlock of Vladislavia together with its bureaucracy allowed to change a list of opponents in "War". There were removed such nations:

  • Republic of Dikray — was never opposed to Vladislavia factually or ideologically.
  • DFR of Konakia — was opposed, but never participated in conflict.
  • Princedom of Valendia — was liquidated by founder.
  • Velansian Federation — was partially opposed, but never participated in conflict.

Taking this in account, the last months of its existence, Vladislavia was in war with Eiland, Loneyard and Skuliya only.

"DEGRANATIONS" began to function some time later. As there weren't enough content from Loneyardian and Skuliyan side, Chokin has concentrated on Eiland and journal of its founder — notorious Dmitriy Malets.

"Humor of Micronations" was one of the most popular micronational journals in VK. Despite its popularity, a content of it is seemingly based on fakes about homosexuality of every person except of Malets himself. Unfortunately, those fakes are often being taken very seriously by readers whose political beliefs are the same with Dmitriy. "DEGRANATIONS" began a "mediawar" with "HoM". As Chokin and Malets have added each other to blacklist, this page became an only place for debates, however, with no result.

Soon, a conflict was replenished with new Chokin's ally: Vyacheslav Suvorov, the king of Tiberia. He follows close political and micronational beliefs, and as they are liberal, he was highly mocked too. Hatred of community to Vyacheslav is so strong that some micronationalists created a fake group with "real" acts of Tiberian king, where the first and only one was about "Allowing of gay marriages". This piece of "news" was momentally shared by all journals whose members surely taked this seriously (or pretended to take) and increased their hate to Tiberia and its leadership. Suvorov created his own journal naming it "Oh, they are funny micronations" to face attacks safely with possibility of their busting. Two groups have formed an informal oppositional mediabloc, and both are always being discriminated as "crowd of f****ts".

On 9 February, Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia was temporary merged with the United States of Akkerman. A complete status of successor of the Republic in "War" has claimed a capital of USA — New Whiteyard City.

"DEGRANATIONS" were given soon to V. Suvorov — Chokin deleted his VK's account in sign of protest against of site stuff's actions of adverts increasement and free audiofiles listening limitations.


After liquidation of Vladislavia, the successing micronation Verd'land refused to take part in the "War". Its place took the New Whiteyard, a capital district of the United States of Akkerman.

The conflict which hasn't been confirmed by any document of both sides, was officially closed at 8 February 2019. The "right" side of the "War" has factually ended its existence as long as Eiland is abandoned while Skuliya and Loneyard were given to Daniil Krasnitsky.