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artificial ethnos


Other names

Kele Mau





Writing system

Latin alphabet






 Estuaria — 1


Vladislavia (†)
Verd'land (†)
Tenurra, Estuaria (minority status)

Verd'landians (/vɛrdʲlandians/; Verd'landian: Vẽrdɩlandɩat; Czech: Zelenozemci) are an artificial ethnic group. It had been imported from own personal fictional universe by Vladislav Chokin and at this moment he is the only representer of this ethnicity partially belonging to its canonical Estuarian subgroup.

Northern Verd'landians

Northern Verd'landians (Nordiɩ Vẽrdɩlandɩat) or Meadowers (Nivɩarat) is by canon the basic and most common subethnos, and the actual demonym "Verd'landian" commonly means the representers of exactly this group. Verd'landian is originally called by some following names: Vẽrdɩlandɩar,Vẽrdɩlandiɩar and Vẽrdɩlandiɩ. The last one is also the adjective. All names are signing the original national territory - the Verd'land (Vẽrdɩlandiɩa), even though it doesn't exist in reality.

Lifestyle and mindset

The normal Verd'landian life is mostly concerned around rural areas and small towns. The common occupation of regular Verd'landian is farming of wheat, basic fruits, vegetables and beet sugar. Rural lifestyle has developed a strong introvert way of behaviour in this ethnos. They usually despise living in densely populated areas. Verd'landians are usually apolitical and optimist. They commonly do not think about events happening outside of their village or town.


Verd'landians have their own language, which structure was imported from many of European languages.

Estuarian Verd'landians

Estuarian Verd'landians (Ẽstuariɩ Vẽrdɩlandɩat), Estuarians (Ẽstuarɩat) or Southern Verd'landians (Sudiɩ Vẽrdɩlandɩat) is second subgroup of the ethnos, primary residence of which by canon of fictional universe is located at southwestern part of Verd'land near the estuary of Rummala river. That gave the group its actual name. Estuarians have minor differences from Northern Verd'landians mostly defined by different mindset.

Lifestyle and mindset

Estuarians are more urbanized and as well society-oriented. They have much more defined and noticeable feeling of the importance of uniting into like-minded communities, are convinced patriots. Also living in less rural conditions, Estuarians prefer to learn intellectual skills and are good in becoming either creative artists, poets, writers, musicians, or scientists of various kinds. The difference of Estuarian mindset from Verd'landian one is primarily noticeable by emotional expressivity, maximalist way of thinking and less optimistic look at life and events. Estuarians are also much more inclined to sexual deviations.


Estuarians speak their own dialect of Verd'landian language which mostly contains much more borrowings from Roman language families, Albanian and Turkish. It also has according though mostly minor differences in grammar structures.


Original religion of Verd'landians is Verdism (or Kliregul).