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Vẽrdɩlandiɩa / Vẽrdiɩ Landɩat
Anthem: Arumiɩ Rem
"The Golden Star"
Official languagesVerd'landian
Governmentelective constitutional monarchy ("malgartship")
• Malgart
G. Hãkiut
Time zoneGMT+1 (without DST)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia

Verd'land (Verd'landian: Vẽrdɩlandiɩa; Czech: Zelenozemsko) was a micronational entity created for importing of culture, language and attributes of the fictional Verd'landian nation. It was created as a succeeding nation of Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia declared in 2016. Both of micronational entities failed to reach the goals given by their creator. Verd'land has been finally suspended in 2020.

The remains of virtual Verd'landian culture (or more precisely one of its regional cultures) are preserved in Estuarian Empire, however it is not prioritized there.


Official name of the country was "Verd'land" (Greenland) with no additional prefixes. However in Verd'landian language it was only used in limited way while the "Vẽrdiɩ Landɩat" (The Green Lands) is also accepted as official one and supposed to be used much more. Czech and Slovak name of the micronation was "Zelenozemsko", which was a direct translation. For some languages the list of recommended exonyms was being provided.

Macronational exonyms
Language Verd'landian Verd'landians Verd'land
w:Albania Albanian Gjelbëtar Gjelbëtaret Gjelbëria
w:China Chinese 绿国人 绿国人 绿国
w:Czech Republic Czech Zelenozemec Zelenozemci Zelenozemsko
w:Greece Greek Πράσινος Πράσινοςοί Πράσινοσία
w:Hungary Hungarian Zöldyar Zöldyarok Zöldyarország
w:Japan Japanese 緑人 緑人 緑国
w:Kazakhstan Kazakh Жасыл Жасылтар Жасылстан
w:Vietnam Vietnamese Xanh Xanh Xanh Đất
Micronational exonyms
Language Verd'landian Verd'landians Verd'land
Ta'agra Hejta'oriit Hejta'oriita Hejta'oro


Previously Verd'land has been a fictional land created by Vladislav Chokin in 2011 year (and its actual name appeared in 2015). He planned to save and develop it for writing of own utopian adventure literature. Years later his desire and abilities of writing were slowly deteriorating, and since 2011 any book was finished. Nevertheless, Vladislav had a big urge of developing and preserving the fictional country's culture in real life, especially after 2014 when he self-determinated himself as Verd'landian to ethnically disconnect himself from his native country due to political reasons.


In the 1st October he established a micronation having his own name, Vladislavia, which was unsuccesful. Virtual status was unsatisfactory even for its own micronational rating system. Actual place to establish Republic was unknown. Principles of Verd'landian mononationalism followed in migrational policy were a problem for potential citizens. Finally, this country was highly disgraced in so called War of Senses, a private conflict between Chokin and members of Russian micronational community.

In the beginning of 2018 death of micronation became evident. On 9 February Vladislav had issued the last document which merged Vladislavia with his another newly created micronation, United States of Akkerman. All period of existence it was virtual, population hasn't exceeded number 1.


Later, Vladislav had visited Czech Republic at first time, and this trip returned his almost dead wish to live in this country. He discovered easy way to emigrate, and started to consider relocation as accomplished fact. Simultaneously he began to project new Verd'landian micronation which will not repeat old mistakes. As long as fictional Verd'land probably won't be known and actively developed in future, he adopted original name to micronation (it was morally banned before). The first official name of new state was "Czech-Verd'landian Federal Republic" (Verd'landian: Čehovẽrdɩlandiɩ Glofimarutiɩ Respublika; Czech: Česko-Zelenozemská Federativní Republika). But due to different and almost indescribable government form it was officially cut to shortened name, Verd'land.

Together with name, political structure of country has changed. CVFR used to be federal republic with two leaders who separately lead Verd'landian and Czech parts of united federation. But Chokin found this order dangerous for unity and illogical in nature (especially taking in account Czech ethnic entity in officially existing Czech state), so he removed federal divisions of 2nd level making local analogues of cities the main federal entities (as it factually was in Vladislavia).


The most recent reformation was made due to the total abandonment and factual death of virtual Verd'land and its language. By the new state ideology, Verd'land cancelled its ethnic base and set the idea of partial restoration of medieval culture within its borders and zones of responsibility. However the general stagnation of entity has made all the further reforms impractical and Vladislav made a final decision to completely close the project of Verd'landian micronation and instead develop the new one that would have minimum of connections with Verd'land and its political and social system. This way the project of Estuaria was created.

Administrative divisions

The classic definition of cities and towns were absent – the main entity of country was "selitur", a commune which could be declared on any kind of privately controlled area.

Government and politics

Verd'landian political system was undeveloped and quite original and due to this exact definition of government form was complicated and can be described as de-jure elective monarchy with so called Malgart taking a role of leader and Sfatul with main 5 national ministers being a legislative power.

Armed forces

Country's safety was served by a National Guard which also had some branches like Naval Fleet and Border Guard. This structure (except of the border branch) still exists in Estuaria with a few reformations.

Foreign relations

As undeclared microstate, Verd'land hadn't relations with another micronations, cultural organisations or countries.


National currency of Verd'land was Euro.



Verd'landian and Czech languages were official in the microstate. Verd'landian government also used to promote learning of English as international language.


As Vladislavia, Verd'land set the cult of Verdism as state religion. Accordingly to religious statistics of Czech Republic, the national Verd'landian cult stayed together with Atheism, Agnosticism and Catholicism.

Holidays and memorable days

Date Name (EN) Name (VL) Description
1 January New Year Neviɩ Anul
1 March Greeting of Spring Dorisuar Lirgilor The main holiday of Verd'landians
8 May Victory Day Zivgarɩ Viktorẽlor
28 October Day of the Czechoslovak Independence Zivgarɩ dẽ Čehoslovačiɩ Nɩodẽpinduar
31 December New Year Neviɩ Anul

Verd'landian culture

Representation of Verd'landian culture was one of the main purposes of this micronation.

Verd'landian culture is predominantly based on two sociotypes of its fictional namesake: Northern Verd'landian and Estuarian. The first one described as debonair and care-free farmer, the second one is creative person, however with complicated, lustful, sometimes agressive temper. Verd'landians and Estuarians have some differences in culture and two language dialects. Both types are shown as national animals of Verd'land – fox and fennec accordingly.

Verd'landian culture suffered a stagnation and factual death, while the leftovers of Estuarian one are still being partially preserved and developed in Estuaria.

State had plans to establish a national folk band.