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Jumism / Verdism
Jumadaythna / Verdizm

Emblem of Jumism.svg
Estuarian symbol of Jumism
Emblem of Verdism.svg
Verd'landian symbol of Verdism

Area  Estuaria
Related ethnic groups Verd'landians
Type Polytheistic philosophy
Key tenets Partial creationism, spiritualism, shamanism
Main deity The Moon Fox / Lunn'juma (Verd'landian: Verdul)
Scripture Kha'jaypurna (Verd'landian: Shaga)
Holy animal Fox
Language Estuarian Ta'agra and Verd'landian
Founder G. Hãkiut (de-facto)
Foundation approx. January 2017

Jumism (Ta'agra: Jumadaythna, "The Fox Faith") formerly known as Verdism (Verd'landian: Verdizm) — is a representative religion of Estuaria which also used to be the official religion of Verd'land and stays to be the native cult of Verd'landian minority of Estuarian Empire.

Among the features of this religion are: admission of all gods and spirits existence, negation of their exceptional power and the absence of spiritual explanations of universe creation. Sometimes it can be considered as religious philosophy (as, for example, Buddhism).