Vladislav Chokin

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Vladislav Chokin
Владислав Чокин
Garsilig Ralistagalucɩ
1st Vice President of the
United States of Akkerman
Assumed office:
2nd January 2018
President Anatoliy Chokin
Predecessor office established
1st Malgart of the
Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia
In office:
1st October 2016 — 9th February 2018
Predecessor office established
Successor office liquidated
Personal information
Born 25th February 2001
Odessa, Ukraine
Citizenship Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
Flag ladonia.png Ladonia
Flag of the United States of Akkerman.svg USA
Nationality Verd'landian[1]
Political party USA: SDPA
Religion Verdism
Personal symbols Pentagram and feather
Native language Russian
Military service
Allegiance 250px-White flag icon svg.png abdicated
  1. Self-defined

Vladislav Maximovich Chokin (Russian: Владислав Максимович Чокин) or Garsilig Ralistagalucɩ is the founder and first leader of two micronations: Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia and United States of Akkerman.

Vladislav is a distant student of Kharkovian private gymnasium. He considers himself an "amateur vexillologist", "latent writer-utopist" and "involuntary conlangist".


Chokin was born on 25th February 2001 in Odessa, Ukraine.

From early age he has had the problems with socialization and dealing with peers. He wasn't visiting the kindergardens regularly as it was too stressful for him. From 1st to 5th classes of school, Vladislav used to hold the lowest position in class hierarchy, and suffered from mockery and bullying. After changing of school due to family relocation, he was studying from 5th to 7th classes, and got not the worst, but quite low level of authority - together with half of class. Small group of chav-looking students kept the power of class, discriminating the most of its members and occupying the best positions (like cloakrooms) for own purposes. Chokin was trying to unite a part of class and change the power - he also had big plans to create an independent youth organisation for intellectually developed students. That plans were quickly failed due to catastrophic lack of supporters.

After 7th class ending, he left the school and with help of his mother began the home studying in gymnasium sighted in Khar'kow city. He tried to continue and develop the projects of youth organisations, but no one was successful. At Summer of 2016 he made the last project - militaristic game based on similar Soviet type of competition. It was failed too.

In September of 2016 he got the basic knowledge of micronationalism. Having his own universe with formed nation, he was thinking about its representation in real world. His final decision – which was positive – formed in the last week of month. And on the 1st October 2016 he finally created the "Independent State of Verd'land", and this event began the history of Vladislavia.

Trying to promote his country in society of Russian micronationalists, he created an article at their wiki. Local admins (who are known for their skepticism to all micronations except of their own ones) hadn't accepted it for big amount of "virtual elements" (at that moment not all subjects of fictional universe were wiped off) and "high self-esteem" of Vladislav. He was banned, and article was deleted. Chokin provoked the debates which were quickly transformed into full-valuable wide ideological conflict.

In June of 2017 Chokin has took part in family trip to Alanya, Turkey. This was his first travel abroad.

In the beginning of 2018 year, a new comical micronation called "United States of Akkerman" was created and Chokin became its Vice President, while highest post was given to his grandfather. Then he merged Vladislavia with USA, and left his post in the first micronation


Political compass of Vladislav

Vladislav Chokin has owned his perceived beliefs in 11 years when he rejected a religion.

Politics and religion

In 2014 he was standing at pro-Russian side of conflict in Ukraine, and even openly propagandized separatist entity of "Novorossiya" in class. One time he wrote the note with insult of Ukrainian president under his portrait, and his action have provoked a big panic in school. By statements of Chokin's classmates, school's director interviewed students to find the guilty. Fortunately for Vladislav, he was absent in that day.

However, Chokin had radically changed his beliefs between 2015 and 2016 years. He noticed that separatist entities are factually failed and that Russian pessimistic predictions about future of Ukraine are coming true in Russia itself. There was no economical default, ban of native Russian language and power of outspoken nazis. So, this fact returned him back to Ukrainian europeanistic side. Ukrainian patriotism has finally went away after creation of Vladislavia. Chokin declared himself a Verd'landian and rejected his origins: as direct Ukrainian, as additional German and Romanian. Vladislav had also rejected his atheism, and he describes own beliefs as complicated. However, as Verdism - a service religion created by him - was similar with his outlook, he accepted it.

On a political compass Chokin takes the middle left side. He is an opponent of nationalism, fascism and monarchism. Vladislav is strong individualist and cosmopolitan - he highly despises as forced collectivization, as the state having this principle.

Relation to sexual minorities

Chokin strongly opposes a transgenderness. But due to his tolerance to gays and lesbians and solidarity with bisexuals, Russian micronationalists are seriously believe in his own homosexuality and presence of zoophilia (because of furry-fandom). Vladislav rejects that opinion, however doesn't deny that he is not completely "left" at the Kincey scale. Despite the absence of links with LGBT, Chokin strongly hates the active homophobes - he considers them as "inadequate, cruel and dastardly people".

Relation to mass immigration

Vladislav states that relocation in other country can be done by individuals only, and that individuals must have really tangible reasons to become a part of other society. He thinks that modern tendency of mass immigration from Africa and East is very serious and dangerous issue which must be immediately solved. Chokin stands against of multiculturalism between European and Islamic cultures as he considers it as not working idea.


  • Despite Vladislav was born in Odessa, he states that his factual native town is Akkerman where his grandparents live.
  • The Bessarabia region is that land which Vladislav still feels patriotism to.
  • Chokin heavily endures the air travels.