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(The Path of Five Foxes)

Ruín na Kuȴg Sionneí
Karunt de Kinti Rãvei
Veg av Fem Rävet

Keleic symbol of Raevism
Estuarian symbol of Raevism

Area Tenurria
Related ethnic groups Keleans: Estuarians and Krönslandians
Type Polytheistic philosophy
Key tenets Partial creationism, spiritualism, shamanism
Deities Vardur
Kiannar and Kiana
Martur and Maíra
Scripture Skhaga
Holy animal Fox
Language Keleic
Founder F. Akiút (de-facto)
Foundation approx. January 2017

Raevism is a representative cult of Tenurria. Its name is a derivative from Keleic, Estuarian and Krönslandian "Raev", which means "Fox", and refers to the main sacred animal of this confession and the main 5 deities. Raevism is being solely constructed by its founder, Vladislav Chokin, who created it primarily to serve as his own fictional universe's internal religion. Unlike the latter, the manifest and chronicles of Tenurrian version of Raevism doesn't mention any fictional lands and is generally more adjusted to the real life. It is also, though its predominant position and priority within Tenurrian state building and being an almost exceptional part of national self-identity of Keleans, is not intended to be the only recognized religion of the micronation.

Raevism in its nature is a neopagan cult restoring a religion of hypothetical pre-historic European nation with some elements of Native American cults. Both decentralized (tribal) and cathedral (more or less secular) sets of ceremonies are possible to be used = this is according to the Raevism of fictional Keletír, where various areas and various tribes/communities of the territory were subjected to different customs of the cult.

Among the features of this religion are: factual admission of all gods and spirits existence, negation of their exceptional power and the absence of spiritual explanations of universe creation. Sometimes it can be considered as religious philosophy (as, for example, Buddhism).

The Pantheon

Raevism is a confession admitting the chance of existence of various deities. It explains them as the egregor of human thoughts and collective belief. Yet it predominantly puts the "human" religions as naturally opposed towards the Raevist values. In example, the depiction of god of the world's main Abrahamic monotheistic religions is a deity which is straightforwardly fights with the Raevist ones (just like with the other gods of Earth's common "pantheon") for power over the Earth and humanity.


Vardur (Krönslandian: Värdur; Estuarian: Vãrdul) is considered the main god of Raevism. The creator of the "conscious", intelligent life and, after the various defeats, the defender and champion of piligrims seeking a peace of life, freedom of body and soul, and independence from all the destructive powers, or deities and humans alike endangering them.

Kiannar and Kiana

Martur and Maira


Customs and traditions