Guardians of Nation

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Guardians of Nation
Lãumarɩat dẽ Maut

War flag
Established 1st October 2016
(as the Self-Defense of Vladislavia)
Service branches Navy
Border Guard
Malgart of Verd'land G. Hãkiut
Head Risag vacant office
General information
Military age 14–75 years
Conscription absent
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Guardians of Nation (Verd'landian: Lãumarɩat dẽ Maut) – is the Verd'landian state military organisation which performs a role of national guard.


Guard is ruled by Risag, which is also a Minister of Defense in Sfatul. Malgart is not originally responsible for organisation, but he has all rights to rule the Guard together or instead of Risag.

Self-Defense contains shortened system of ranks due to partial equality of soldiers and absence of necessity in discipline or complicated obeying systems.


Rank Description Analogue
(if has)
Risag leads all organisation General of army
Gvarditor leads one armiɩa Major general
Vargator leads one asarul Lieutenant
Gerletor leads one ẽskadra Corporal
Daratul battle entity Private


Name Description Commander Analogue
(if has)
Armiɩa unlimited amount of soldiers in certain area (f.e. land) Gvarditor Field army
Asarul 4 ẽskadras Vargator Platoon
Ẽskadra 5 persons Gerletor Fireteam