Borders of Verd'land

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National border of the
Verd'land and Czech Republic
Flag of Verd'land.svg
Flag of the Czech Republic.png
Czech Republic
Control Verd'land: partial
Czech Republic: no
Controlling organisation Border Guard
Visa-free regime partial

Borders of Verd'land are supposed to be with Czech Republic only.

Predecessor of Verd'land, Vladislavia, used to have a strict border policy, which required a proper demarcation and visa applying for everybody who wishes to cross a border. Nowadays, laws are softened and factually quite unclear. Entities of the Czech-Verd'landian state don't need to mark their border and can let at their territory everybody they need. However, as Verd'land is considered as the EU member, it has a demand to citizens of non-EU countries to apply for a national visa with paying of consular fee (equal to 5€ or 130 Kč).

Demarcation signs


Flag of the Border Guard

Borders are serviced by Border Guard of Verd'land, which is a branch of National Guard.



Visas are issued by Ministry of International Affairs.

Some categories of persons can omit the visa getting. Usually there are:

  • Citizens
  • Diplomats of the recognized countries
  • Members of the international organisations (like UN and Red Cross)