New Whiteyard

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New Whiteyard
Federal district
Flag of New Whiteyard
Official seal of New Whiteyard
Country United States of Akkerman
Founded2nd January 2018
 • BodyGorispolkom
 • ChairpersonValentina Chokina
 • Total0.000274 km2 (0.000106 sq mi)
 • Water0.000004 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Urban
0.0001 km2 (0 sq mi)
15 m (49 ft)
 • Total5
 • Density

New Whiteyard (Russian: Нью-Уайтярд), frequently called in Russian manner as Belodvorsk (Russian: Белодворск) — is a capital of the United States of Akkerman and at this moment is the only autonomous subject which is not a state.


The city got a "Whiteyard" name as the house and front wall are painted in yellowish-white color. A "New" suffix appeared due to 2 reasons: a first one was to "Americanize" the name, and a second one reflects that the house was rebuilt.


Exact date of house establishing stays to be unknown.

In period between 2008 and 2010 years the building was in stage of global reconstruction and rebuilding. A white color pargeting, mentioned in the name of city, has appeared five years later.

The building and its area were reformed into city and capital of the USA in 2 January 2018.


New Whiteyard is formally ruled by the City Executive Committee (Russian: Городской Исполнительный Комитет), which name is traditionally shortened to "Gorispolkom" (Russian: Горисполком). Its ruler is Valentina Chokina.

Capital is an official meeting place of the Land's Council, a higher chamber of micronational Parliament. However this is more formal than factual place, as it's not completely adapted to such functions.


New Whiteyard hasn't own legal system and obeys to the micronational Constitution formally and to Ukrainian legal system factually.

Foreign relations

As a federal entity, the capital has the opportunity to have diplomatic relations.

District used to be involved into the anti-terrorist war with Belorussian Skuliya and Eiland, and Ukrainian Loneyard.


Capital district is fully unarmed and formally being totally peaceful entity.


City is located at the territory of private house with area equal to 274 m² accordingly to Ukrainian state cadastral map.

Administrative geography

There were the plans to divide New Whiteyard at the inner divisions, but as its territory is too small, this was too uncomfortable. So the planned entities were converted into the regular city parts:

  • Squares: National Fireplace Square; National Flag Square; Sarajevo Square.
  • Streets: Botanic Lane; Underfence Street; Republican Avenue; Tomato Street.
  • Objects: National Pound; National Flagpole; National Fireplace; Northern observation tower.


The territory of city is being cultivated and well-gardened due to endeavors of city leader. The different types of plants are grown in New Whiteyard, and the most exotic one from them is fig tree. Eatable agricultures are also present: there are tomatoes, cucumbers, sorrel and cherries.


At least 4 domestic animals are permanently living in New Whiteyard. They are two cats and two dogs.

City is bordered in southeast by abandoned ruined house which is populated by snakes. Some of them can penetrate into capital, but until this moment there wasn't any case of their attack on inhabitants.


A real list of registered people by legal Ukrainian documents is kept in secret.


All inhabitants of New Whiteyard speak in Russian. The last one is an only official language of the federal district.