Congress of the United States of Akkerman

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Congress of the
United States of Akkerman

Конгресс Соединённых Штатов Аккермана
HousesUpper: Council of Land
Lower: National Assembly
Term limits
3 months
Anatoliy Chokin
since 2nd January 2018
Vice President
Vladislav Chokin
since 2nd January 2018
Seats100 voting members:
• 10 councillors
• 90 representatives
Council's political groups
  Nonpartisans (2)
  Vacant seats (8)
Assembly's political groups
  Vacant seats (90)

Congress of the United States of Akkerman (Russian: Конгресс Соединённых Штатов Аккермана) consisting of Council of Land (Russian: Совет Края; Romanian: Sfatul Ţării) as upper house and National Assembly (Russian: Национальная Ассамблея) as the lower one — is a bicameral legislature of the United States of Akkerman.

Every citizen of the USA can be elected into Assembly. Each state can send 10 representers into the lower house. Process of election into the higher house stays to be unknown. Despite New Whiteyard City is a federal district having right to send its representatives as full-valuable state, it can't do this because these 10 representatives are considered as the Council of Land itself.


Council of Land

Council consists of 10 councillors who actually are the persons with highest post in USA. They are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Minister of International Affairs
  • Minister of Finances
  • Minister of Defense and Civil Protection
  • Minister of Conveyance Ways[1]
  • Minister of Culture and Leisure
  • Minister of Science and Education

As the lower house, Council is able to issue laws, and they can begin its function without verification of Assembly.

National Assembly

Assembly consists of 90 representatives of states. It can't issue laws without approval of Council.


  1. Reference to "Ministry of the Conveyance Ways", a Soviet structure which was regulating all kinds of transportation systems. In the English sources is being usually mentioned as "Ministry of Railways".