Democratic Republic of Fairfax

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Democratic Republic of Fairfax
Drof final.png
Official National Flag
Official National Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Fairness Maketh Man
Anthem: Birdsong - Nicholas Hooper
Democratic Republic of Fairfax claims in Green
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentHouse of Upper Legislature
• Head of State
Thomas Hingston - Elected
EstablishmentMarch 10th, 2016 (As Republic)
• - All population have full voting rights. census
8 (7 via internet)
CurrencyGB Sterling
Time zoneUTC+00:00

The Micronation of The Democratic Republic of Fairfax in the East of London (UK) declared its Sovereignty and the rejection of British authority by plebiscite on 10 March 2016 with Thomas Hingston as the elected Head of State. Hingston was also the founder of the state and built the Constitution. The State also claimed land in the centre of the United Kingdom.


The Constitution was drafted on March 11, 2016 by Thomas Hingston as acting Head of State and consisted of Five Key Principles that all subjects must abide by to in the present time and in all of the years to come.

- Anti-Monarchist (Republican) State with elections held for Government every 5 Years. Other governmental functions to be created and elected upon once the state grows in size.

- Equality for all Races and for all Genders.

- Friendliness with the United Kingdom but ultimately seeking outright sovereignty by any means feasible.

- Any Citizen of the World has the right to apply for Citizenship.

- Pacifist Nation.

It should also be noted that The Democratic Republic of Fairfax has formally recognised all other Micronation States within the Great British Borders as well as many others outside of this domain.


The Democratic Republic of Fairfax currently has only one form of Governance in the House of Upper Legislature. Due to the low population size, there is only one seat available to occupy. The elected member to the House of Upper Legislature automatically becomes the Head of State. Despite the low population sizes, the elections are free, fair and secret and all citizens are allowed to stand for election.

Currently, the Head of State is Thomas Hingston, the founder of the DRF. Hingston is head of the Vibrant Left Party who occupy the House of Upper Legislatures only seat.

The State Flag

State Flag

The State Flag was formed on the 10th March 2016. The meaning of the flag can be broken down into three relevant sections:

- The Red/White/Green Fesses signifies the old British Republican movement until 1935 when the flag was formally disbanded.

- The Scales in the centre represent equality and fairness to all.

Former Coat of Arms of the DRF, disbanded on 28 July 2016

- The Circles not only function as a border for the name of the nation - but also represent the inclusivity of the Micronation in world culture.

The Coat Of Arms

The Coat of Arms is the Former County Dublin Coat of Arms which depicts a Corvus (Crow) on a beige background. This was chosen to represent the National Animal of the DRF. This was introduced on the 28 July 2016, replacing the former official banner; which was disbanded simultaneously.


The population of the DRF was initially just one citizen for about three months. This was to allow for the constitution to be written and state legislature to be roughly laid down.

With time, the population has gradually increased mostly due to the internet. The DRF accepts online citizens and is the first-of-a-kind nation to create a facebook group for all members to communicate by.

All referendums are to be held online via a poll but all General Elections are to be held secretly via post/private messages to an election officer.

Foreign Policy

Mutual Recognition and Friendship Treaties

Micronation Flag Date of Treaty
Popular Union of Occitania Flaggyflag.png 19 July 2016
Republic of Padrhom Phardom.jpg 27 July 2016
Kingdom of Coria CoriaFlag.png 12 December 2016


The DRF joined the European Micronations Union on 23 July 2016, agreeing to all of the policies of the programme. Crucially, the DRF also was the founder of the Human Rights guarantee (Human Rights Bill).


The DRF hosted the Virtual Football World Cup 2016 which began on the 20 July 2016. The Football team were placed into Group A as the host nation. The team managed to get out of the Group stages and knock out Sorrenia in the Quarter-Finals, but lost to Padrhom in the semi-finals of the competition. This was still hailed as a great result for the young team, having never played a virtual game before the tournament had started.

The Democratic Republic of Fairfax also entered the 2016 Virtual Basket World Cup which began in August 2016 and the newly-created team placed in Group F. Unfortunately the team were knocked out in the Group stages.