House of Upper Legislature

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House of Upper Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Head of State
Political groups
     Vibrant Left Party (1)
Last election
March 11, 2016
Meeting place
Livin, Firewatch

The House of Upper Legislature is currently the only form of Democratic Government in the Democratic Republic of Fairfax.


Due to the size of the nation and it's infancy; currently there is only room for one seat in Parliament, which has been won by the Vibrant Left Party. It was also decided that currently a Unicameral style of Government was all that was necessary.

The elections are via a secret ballot with Plurality-at-Large chosen as the most effective voting system. Once there are over three seats to be contested then the voting pattern will change to Proportional Representation.

It has been agreed that the Leader of the Party with the highest proportion of seats in the House will become the Head of State.

Election March 2016


The Election was purely practical in laying out the future precedent for elections to come. It was guaranteed that as there was only one candidate and one constituent (the candidate) that this would be the outcome. The elected Head of State would therefore like there to be another election as soon as feasibly possible, once the population grows in size; or other citizens of the world decide to apply for citizenship.


There was practically no build-up to this election as it would be uncontested. There were no leadership debates, hustings or campaigns.


Electorate Total Votes Cast Turnout
1 1 100%

Alliance Party Name No. of Votes Leader Seats Before Election Seats After Election Seats Change
Majority 'Vibrant Left Party 1 Thomas Hingston N/A 1 +1

As a result, Thomas Hingston became the Elected Head of State for a maximum of 5 years.


The Government has a mostly ceremonial role at this stage in it's life; however, Hingston voted down 'Brexit' arguing that it would have negative effects upon the DRF. The Head of State intends to secure economic rights within the EU after Britain leaves the EU and continue the government's work with the European Micronations Union.