Norse Kingdom of Vestrland

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The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland
Vestrland Flag.jpg
Coat of arms
Motto: "Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam"
Anthem: N/A
File:Western coast of the North Atlantic
CapitalAnders, Elgrland
Largest cityWest Parkland, Elgrland
Official languagesEnglish & Old Norse
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional monarchy
• Prime Minister
• Monarch
LegislatureNational Parliament
Establishment20 August 2011
• Census
CurrencyVestrlandet Króna
Time zone(UTC -7, -5)

The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland is a coastal nation founded on 20 August 2011. The Kingdom is a union of five Héruð and one Nýlenda.


The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland was founded on the 20 August 2011 from five Héruð, three of which were discovered by the explorer Leif Eriksson Ca. 1000CE. The Five Héruð (Provinces) are: Vinland, Markland, Helluland, Elgrland and Suðrland. Besides these five Héruð there is one Nýlenda (Colony) named 'Bir Tawil'. The King, Thórir, signed the constitution of the Kingdom of Vestrland on 21 December 2011 at 6 P.M. MST. It came into effect on 1 January 2012 at 12 A.M. The constitution establishes a Semi-Constitutional monarchy.


Vestrland is a modern Norse kingdom whose name means "Westward Land" in Old Norse.

Government & politics

The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland is a Semi-Constitutional monarchy. The Constitution established a National Parliament . The King currently rules by decree due to no election being held as of yet. The mechanics of government remain in place for a future date.

State Flag of the Norse Kingdom of Vestrland

Naval Ensign.jpg

His Majesty's Ministers

There is only one minister at this time.

The Honourable Bryndís Víkingrdóttir, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Law & order

There is no policing force provided for within the Constitution. There are however three levels of courts and there are Court-appointed Marshals (the Supreme Court), Sheriffs (National), and Constables (Independent/Lower Courts). The Independent Courts which judge on civil matters. National Courts are the courts the judge on penal law, and general criminal law within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom. The Supreme Court decides by extraordinary review in cases of inconsistent application of the law by different National courts and issues involving the Constitution. In particular, the Supreme Court has jurisdiction over: Disputes between Kingdom entities concerning their respective rights and duties under the Constitution, Challenges of a National or Regional entity, a Court in the course of its determination, or a third of the Members of National Parliament against the constitutionality of a law, Claims of individuals regarding violations of their constitutional rights, Popular complaints about the violation of fundamental rights, and all other cases assigned to its jurisdiction by law. Appeals to a National Court ruling are heard by a second National Court of a differing jurisdiction. Further appeals go to the Supreme Court, who has the final say.

Foreign relations

The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland recognizes the right of self-determination of Aboriginals (Skrœlings). Therefore all Aboriginal nations are independent of its laws and jurisdictions. The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland also recognizes the independence of the Kingdom of Vikesland.

List of Recognition


La Sérénissime Despotat de l'Acadie

Republic of the Esterlands

Kingdom of the Faryar (Non-treaty)


Kingdom of Vikesland


Vestrland is currently demilitarized

Geography & climate

Vestrland experiences extremely cold and harsh winters and hot summers. There are few mild days during the year, and the few mild days are during Spring and autumn.


The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland is divided into Héruð (Provinces), one Nýlenda (Colony) and Borgs


The Héruð are: Vinland, Elgrland, Markland, Helluland and Suðrland.


Suðrland: Grœnborg, Arlington

Markland: Leifsborg and Peninsula

Vinland: Hrimfax and Skinfax

Helluland: Akpatok, Pamiok

Elgrland: Anders, Aspen Ridge, Clearview, Davenport, Devonshire, Glendale, Highland Green, Inglewood, Johnstone, Kentwood, Lancaster, Michener, Oriole, Timberlands, Vanier, West Parklands, Fairview, Riverside, Normandeau, Pines, Sunnybrook, Waskasoo and Eastview.


The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland's sole Nýlenda is a territory known as Bir Tawil (بيرطويل) to the locals. The Norse Kingdom of Vestrland has already requested a transfer of Administrative responsibilities from The Arab Republic of Egypt to our government offices in Anders, Elgrland. The King has personally requested the transfer and has entered dialogue with the Egyptian Ambassador to Canada, the Current Administrator of Bir Tawil.


The Kingdom economy is libertarian in nature. The government to be supported by future low-revenue endeavours. There is no taxing of nobles or citizens.


There are two official languages of the Kingdom: English and Norse (Icelandic & Old Norse). French is also a recognized regional language in Elgrland.