Kingdom of Wyvern

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Koninkrijk Wyvern (nl)
Kingdom of Wyvern (eng)
Regnum Vivernus (lat)


Vivernus Est Imperare Orbi Universo
Conquest of Paradise
South Holland, Netherlands
Capital city Vivernus
Largest city Oranja
Official language(s) Dutch, English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Wyvern
Demonym Wyvernian, Wyverner
Government Federal Monarchy
- Head of State King Quentin I
- Head of Government Bradley of Dullahan
- General-Admiral Bowie
Legislature Statenraad
- Type - Unicameral
Established 27 October 2009
Area claimed 8000m²
Population 27
Currency Kans (de facto Euro)
Time zone (UTC +1)
National drink Tea
National animal Jack Russel Terrier
Patron saint Saint Quentin

Official Website

Wyvern, officially known as the Kingdom of Wyvern and formerly known as the Kingdom of Snakia and the GSC Territory, is a micronation located in the Netherlands, of which it is a macronational enclave, and by which it is landlocked. It is comprised of multiple, some exclave, states in relatively close proximity to each other. The Kingdom is a member of the Holy Roman Empire.


When the Kingdom of Wyvern was founded, the current government had already been in charge of multiple micronational entities. The members of the government did not know about micronationalism at the time, and assumed that their sector was the only sector of 'nationhood' that existed. They considered their projects, politics and military unique in the world. The micronations that they had were very developed even for modern micronational standards around 2006-2007, having a working economy, multiple businesses, relatively advanced weaponry and an internal 'network' called the SKNET.

In October 2009, King Quentin I started reading articles about micronations. Apart from his past experience, he had gained some experience in the art of geofiction, which to this day is still considered separate from micronationalism by the Wyvernian government. After reading the article on Wikipedia and looking at some news articles about well-known micronations, he started talking to Bradley and decided to create a micronation. They thought for about an hour about the former flag, the motto, national anthem and, most importantly, the name of their new micronation. Using a fantasy name generator, Quentin came up with Wyvernwick. After some deliberation, Bradley suggested the name 'Wyvern' and Quentin I of Wyvern agreed to be its king. A few days later, Wyvern was officially declared independent from the Netherlands.

Wyvern was accepted in the intermicronational community reasonably well, especially by Dutch speaking nations, although it was very obvious that it was new to foreign affairs, leading to some questions by politicians in Flandrensis regarding the annual 'fireworks war' with the Netherlands. It quickly developed some competence in politics and presentation and joined the Organisation of Active Micronations. Soon after joining the OAM, it had its first political conflict, with then-Foreign Affairs minister Bradley of Dullahan entering into a heavy argument with Mark Dresner, leading to some OAM members calling for the removal of Wyvern from the OAM. However, when Bradley was replaced by King Quentin I of Wyvern, these opinions lost their main motivation. The government of the Kingdom of Wyvern started two websites, one in Dutch and one in English. The Dutch version was quickly declared unneccessary and closed, while the English version was used until the summer of 2010. In December 2009, the King decided to include more and more states, until the Kingdom of Wyvern had become over twenty times as big as it was when it was founded. The population more than doubled.

The King was embarrassed by the UUS War Attempt. Because of the alliances that then-minister of Foreign Affairs Bradley of Dullahan had accepted soon after Wyvern joined the community, the government decided to join the war, although it was apparent that no-one wanted to join it. Wyvern was left by its allies, most notably the Republic of Secundomia, soon after joining the war, leading to an emotional appeal by the King in a government meeting to refuse new alliances, an appeal supported by other politicians, months later. The decision for this was taken in May 2010, with existing alliances being reformed to friendships in August.

From the moment of the war on, the Kingdom of Wyvern has put its time, money and effort into development into an innovative micronation, with a large role for information technology and many symbolical government agencies and measures and also increasing its technology for weapons and building up its military ranks and military structure.


Wyvern is a constitutional monarchy, with King Quentin I serving as the country's head of state, bearing the title King of Wyvern and King and Lord Protector of Sae. The King resides in the Royal Residence, more specifically in the Government Headquarters on the highest floor of the Royal Residence. The Statenraad has three members and is elected through elections in the country, each sphere of influence has one seat in the Statenraad. The main states (Dullahan, Behemoth, Wyvern (state)) and the states they hold influence over elect their representative. When elections are over the Statenraad advices the King who should be the next Prime-Minister. the King selects the Prime-Minister who in turn selects the ministers of his cabinet, although this is called 'government' in Wyvern. The Prime Minister is the head of government and is responsible for everything that happens in Wyvern, including the King's actions. There are five political parties in the Kingdom of Wyvern: 

Prime-Minister Bradley of Dullahan

  • The centre-left Social Democratic Monarchist Party (Wyvern). This is the party that most members of the Royal Family have voted for. It is headed by King Quentin I and is a coalition member. 
  • The centrist Behemoth Party. This is a central party that has played an important part in negotiations between other parties. It is headed by Ossie of Behemoth and is a coalition member.
  • The Wyvernian Liberal Party, a centre-right Liberal party. Its primary focus lays on foreign affairs, the government website, social liberties, order and defence. The WLP and the WSMP are very close rivals. It is headed by His Grace Duke Bradley of Dullahan and it leads the current coalition government.
  • The non-serious Pie Party. This is a political party founded by D. of Behemoth in the early summer of 2010. It has one seat in the Senate and it is currently the only opposition party represented in the Senate.
  • The Partij van de Arbeid. This is a centre-left party founded by T. of Marine, governor of Marine State. It was founded during the Dutch elections in 2010 and it managed to gain a Senate seat for some time. However, it lost the seat during the next election. The party and its founder are currently inactive, but have stated that they disagree with the WLP.

States are governed mostly by their respective governors. These governors are appointed by the King or the Senate and have near absolute local power in the states they are in charge of maintaining. Because the Senate has never overturned a decision by a governor, states that are not run by members of the government are only loosely part of the Kingdom of Wyvern. Although Bradley of Dullahan has proposed that the Kingdom of Wyvern became a commonwealth, King Quentin I succesfully held a counter-campaign. 

The judicial branch of the Wyvern Government is relatively developed compared to that of other micronations. There is one judge in the Kingdom of Wyvern. He is in charge of judging actions according to the constitution and according to Dutch law. There have been some court cases, but none have been serious enough to be transferred to Dutch authorities. In extreme cases, the judge can sentence a criminal to a small amount of time in a building in Fort Wyvern designated as a prison. When Wyvern was still the Kingdom of Snakia, insurgents were locked up there for a few minutes when they had tried to create a civil war.

Defence and Armed Forces

The Kingdom of Wyvern has a standing army of three to four people and a dog, depending on the time of year and their personal lives. It also has a suspended conscription, meaning that every man has to
defend his home if someone attacks it. Compared to recognized nations, it does not spend a lot of money on its armed forces. Relatively, when the total budget is viewed, a large part of the annual budget is spent on the armed forces.

The Wyvern Army, which is the general name for the armed forces, is ceremonially headed by General-Admiral Bowie of Wyvern, the royal dog, because of his victories over other dogs that attacked him. However, on a day-to-day basis, the army is divided into three separate entities that are generally controlled by the Senate or the governor of a relevant state. The Wyvern Infantry (WIN) is in charge of actually defending the Kingdom of Wyvern from intruders, violent civilians or foreign forces, which has often been the case. The Wyvern Navy (WN) and the Wyvern Air Force (WAF) are mostly ceremonial, although projects to give them some sort of military capability have been undertaken.

The Wyvern Army has some restrictions as to its weaponry and use of force. Dutch law, for example, prohibits airsoft or any deadly-looking weaponry. Because of this prohibition, the Wyvern Army is restricted to home-made crossbows, fireworks (the heavier kind generally being only used on December 31) and vehicles. Currently, the Wyvern Infantry has a shopping cart which is in the process of being modified to make it a tank and some home-made crossbows that usually fire non-deadly nails. The Wyvern Navy currently does not have any ships, although there have been ideas to buy a radio-controlled battleship. The Wyvern Air force currently flies a radio-controlled aircraft, the WAF-01, and has a space program directed by the Royal Wyvern Space Agency (RWSA). It has a rocket that bears the name WSS-01 Karr, named after the shopping cart that played an important role in Wyvernian history.


The Kingdom of Wyvern comprises eight states. Some of these states have an actual purpose, while some other states only house citizens. For a while, states were divided into smaller regions, but these were abolished as they were declared to be bureaucratic and unneccessary. States are under absolute control of the spere of influence they belong to (Dullahan, Wyvern, Behemoth), the governors of the mainstates have near absolute control, but some governors have said that they were open to democracy in their states should other citizens feel the need to vote or be elected.

Wyvern, Behemoth and Dullahan

Wyvern in the winter
is both politically and financially the most important state of the Kingdom of Wyvern. It consists of the Royal Residence, both of its gardens and its surroundings, especially 'Het Pleintje', a small and historically important square where military exercises, experiments and talks with Dutch citizens are sometimes held. Wyvern is home to the government headquarters, comprising the computer that runs the server for the virtual state of New Xtabay, the Royal Central Bank of Wyvern and the living spaces of the Royal Family. Pictured to the right is Midden-Wyvern (or Fort Wyvern), one of the royal gardens in the State of Wyvern. Currently, the governor is King Quentin I, but he is to be replaced by Princess H. of Wyvern, his mother, in early 2011. Wyvern's sphere of influence: Wyvern, Marine-State, Sae

Behemoth is mostly a residential state, but it is also known for its technological superiority to many other states in terms of information technology and knowledge. It is home to Ossie of Behemoth, current Minister of Information, Media, Virtual Presence and Propaganda and governor of New Xtabay, and his brother D. of Behemoth, a former-member of the abolished Senate. Behemoth's sphere of influence: Behemoth, Xtabay.

Dullahan has an important political and economical role in the Kingdom of Wyvern. It is home to Duke Bradley of Dullahan, who is well-known in the micronational community for having arguments with other micronationalists about capitalism. It was also the official headquarter for his Intermicronational Conservative Alliance. Furthermore, it houses the Bank of Dullahan, the only working private bank in the Kingdom of Wyvern. This bank lends money to citizens of Dullahan and keeps the state finances for Dullahan under control. Currently, the governor is Bradley of Dullahan. Dullahan's sphere of influence: Dullahan, Dortstanja, Rottum

Xtabay and Marine State 


These states are the main physical tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Wyvern. Xtabay and Marine State are the only areas of relatively significant nature in the Kingdom of Wyvern. They are visited mostly by children and teenagers, who use the water in Marine State for boats and ice skating and the field in Xtabay for sports and relaxation. 

Xtabay is a training ground for the Wyvern Army. It is often used to test weaponry, especially for the Wyvern Air Force. For example, the WAF-01, some bottle rockets and water rockets were tested there. Otherwise, it has played a marginal role in Wyvernian history, because it was only added to the Kingdom of Wyvern after it was named that in 2009. Before that, it fell outside the Kingdom of Snakia and the GSC Territory.

Marine State has played a significant role in the development of Wyvern, especially when it was still the Kingdom of Snakia. It was a preferred battleground that the Snakian Army brought its enemies to before fighting them, as it was a large open space where their enemies couldn't hide and strike. Also, the first ship, a Playmobil pirate ship of the Snakian Navy, was lost in Marine State. It capsized, could not be reached for a day and was subsequently stolen. It remains unknown who has stolen the ship.

Rottum, Dortstanja and Sae

Rottum is the smallest state and least populated state. Its located in Rotterdam and its main provinces are Ruttom and Blue-Rottum. It has not much significance to the Kingdom, though its a cultural place and the place of orign of the House of Dullahan. 

Dortstanja is located in Dordrecht and is the most political divided state, its the only state where the House of Dullahan has the least influence over (within its own sphere of influence) the. Recently Duke Bradley of Dullahan, Count of Dorstanja named Lord A. of Dullahan regent of Dortsanja due to the declining presence of His Grace in Dorstanja. 

The Protectorate of Sae is a semi-autonomous region under the influence and regency of the King of Wyvern and Wyvern (state), its a basic anarchy and its mostly left alone.

Palace on Wyvern's Minecraft server


Although Wyvern is a secular state, recent research uncovered that a large percentage of Wyvern has a belief or is religious. Wyvernians are generaly not activly religious as they dont participate in the curches, neither visit them or doesnt believe in going to churches.

Religions in Wyvern:
Atheist: 39%
Protestant: 22%
Spiritual: 13%
Catholic: 4%
Humanist: 4%
Buddhist: 4%
Unknown: 13%

Foreign relations

Main article: Foreign affairs of Wyvern

Foreign relations are maintained by the Department of Foreign Affairs. Wyvern maintains a unique foreign relations policy. The department welcomes most requests for diplomatic relations, but has some issues that need to be taken care of. Other micronations that seek foreign relations with the Kingdom of Wyvern cannot claim any territory claimed by the Kingdom of Wyvern, need to prove at least to some degree that they actually exist and have to contact the Kingdom of Wyvern through an appropriate channel.

Alliances are always refused following the UUS War Attempt around May 2010, in which the Kingdom of Wyvern was apparently forced to enter a pointless war, only to be left by its allies when it finally entered the war. The Kingdom of Wyvern deems it unneccessary and dangerous to enter any new alliances and has reformed its old alliances to official friendships in August 2010, following another piece of legislation. For a short period of time in late 2010 and early 2011, Wyvern took a break from the OAM to prevent certain conflicts from escalating and to use the time needed to maintain its OAM affairs. It has since rejoined the OAM.

There is no political message that the Kingdom of Wyvern wants to carry out in the community. Despite accusations of being a 'conservative' micronation, the Kingdom of Wyvern has maintained that its government operates using different macronational ideologies that meet on micronational level because they themselves are responsible for what happens. The Kingdom of Wyvern does not have any official interest in or encouragement towards any organisation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs believes that 'aggressive neutrality' - being neutral but critical of most conflicts - is the best way to get through conflicts unharmed.

The Kingdom of Wyvern automatically recognises all micronations unless stated otherwise or due to overlapping claims, although it prefers official recognition and micronational friendship. These are the nations Wyvern has foreign relations with and the nature of the foreign relations.

Former Allies

Friendly Nations

Formally Recognised

Geography and Climate

Wyvern is located in the Netherlands. More specifically, just south of Rotterdam. The climate is relatively mild and there is a lot of rain. Because it is located in a crowded part of the Netherlands, there are no large areas of nature, elevation or water. It has a high degree of developed land and there are no significant physical agricultural areas.

The Kingdom of Wyvern is arguably one of the geographically lowest micronations in the world, possibly being below sea level, only protected from the sea by the Dutch system of dykes. Some people have also argued that soil in the Kingdom of Wyvern is bad. In the past, rusted metal objects such as keys and nails have been found in Fort Wyvern.

The climate in the Kingdom of Wyvern is very mild. According to the Köppen climate classification, Wyvern has a oceanic climate. Rain is very common in the Kingdom of Wyvern and average temperatures throughout the year do not differ as much as the average temperatures in inland areas. Snow is not very common throughout the year; a few days of proper snow is considered special. However, natural disasters or even serious problems regarding the weather are very rare as Dutch authorities have a proper way of managing water levels and infrastructure to protect the Kingdom of Wyvern from any real danger.


The Kingdom of Wyvern has almost no natural resources, and its main form of income consists of its highly developed service industry, which contributes to the Dutch economy. Most of the jobs that are


actually located in Wyvern are with the government. Most internal economic activities are also service-oriented, although the Projects Department uses citizens to carry out small improvement projects. All economic activities are centered around the State of Wyvern and the State of Dullahan. Behemoth's contributions to the Kingdom of Wyvern usually take place in the State of Wyvern.

Official economic developments take place using the Royal Central Bank of Wyvern (RCBW), founded in 2010, which is the central financial institute. This institute, the president of which is H. of Wyvern, is in charge of government finances and has taken over responsibilities from the Finance Department, which was abolished earlier. It keeps track of companies in the Kingdom of Wyvern and gives foreign aid to the Netherlands, thus indirectly to many developing nations. There is a voluntary tax that is only called for when the voluntary payers agree that something needs to be bought.

The official currency in the Kingdom of Wyvern is the Wyvern Kans (WK), the successor to the Snakian Kans and the Wyvern Dollar. It is a symbolic currency that was designed in late 2010, but based on the design of the earlier Wyvern Dollar. It is never used and no Wyvern Kansen have been issued because they are generally not used.

There is some virtual tourism in the Kingdom of Wyvern. If tourists want to visit the state of New Xtabay, they have to buy Minecraft, which is a succesful indie game designed by a Scandinavian game developer. Once a tourist has bought Minecraft, the tourist is free to contact the Kingdom of Wyvern and visit its Minecraft server. In New Xtabay, many monuments can be seen and there is some infrastructure that tourists can use to get from one part of the state to another.


The Kingdom of Wyvern currently has 23 citizens. Details of citizens are never released to the intermicronational community, but it has been noted that three to five of the Kingdom's citizens are politically active. All citizens held Dutch nationality before they took a double nationality in the Kingdom of Wyvern. The Kingdom of Wyvern's population has increased dramatically when multiple physical territories where citizens lived abroad were added to Wyvern's territorial claims. Most citizens of the Kingdom of Wyvern are ethnic Dutch, with other European ethnic groups being common in Wyvernian ancestry.

The Kingdom of Wyvern has a homogenous religious life, with most citizens reportedly being either atheist or protestant, though some exceptions exist. These exceptions are spiritualism and humanism. Religions are generally tolerated and adhered, but not practiced intensively. Religion, although separation of church and state is not mentioned in the Constitution, does not currently have any place in politics, with all politicians being atheists or humanists.



The culture of the Kingdom of Wyvern is mostly based on Dutch culture. It values effort, but not to a degree of slaving away for someone else. Wyvern's government and people are
relatively tolerant towards different opinions, although different opinions are often subject of humour. The culture in the Kingdom of Wyvern differs significantly from Dutch culture

because of the central position of prestige projects and the military. Wyvern's culture has been outspokenly militant in the past, with most of the government budget being spent on military projects and the army having a vivid history or conflicts, coups and even civil wars.

The Kingdom of Wyvern's citizens almost exclusively speak Dutch in everyday life, a West Germanic language. It is closely related to other West Germanic languages and also to North Germanic languages. Although they speak Dutch almost exclusively to each other, knowledge of English is very advanced and French and German are also spoken by many citizens.


Wyvern is in the slow process of developing its official cuisine. When it was still the Kingdom of Snakia, Ossie of Behemoth and King Quentin I tried to create a national dish made out of chocolate and peanut butter. This idea failed horribly, with the foul smell of molten chocolate bars and baked peanut putter haunting the kitchen, which was later replaced, for weeks. Since then, the development of an official cuisine has been brought to an almost complete stop, only to start again in late 2010. The politicians that are in charge of developing this dish, however, are not proper cooks and are not looking forward to the situations to come.


Seeing it from a global perspective, the Kingdom of Wyvern's citizens do not differ significantly from people who only hold Dutch nationality. Traditional Dutch dishes, such as stamppot, are sometimes served, although there are many foreign dishes that are served more often. Fast food is eaten relatively often in the Kingdom of Wyvern, as it is a developed nation.

National Symbols

The Kingdom of Wyvern has a special role for its national symbols. They serve to unite the Kingdom of Wyvern and to stress its difference from the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Special care has been given to designing and using them. For example, a small flagpole carrying the national flag has been put up, with the flag being added when the weather improves.

The national flag has gone through some changes since the Kingdom of Wyvern was founded in October 2009. When it was first designed, late at night by two citizens who were talking over the internet, it was merely a transitional design. It was the first time a flag was designed for a micronation governed by these citizens, although an official logo had existed earlier. It contained a purple wolf on a black background with purple horizontal bars on top and at the bottom. Some time after, a second flag was designed, carrying the new coat of arms on a purple-white-black horizontal-barred flag. This design did not look good enough according to the Senate, so it was changed to the current version, with the coat of arms removed.

The national coat of arms has been subject of some debates. It used to be the current royal coat of arms, but it has later been changed to a new 'national' design. The King has opposed this on some occasions, but there was no other notable opposition, so the national coat of arms remains the official coat of arms in the Kingdom of Wyvern.



The Kingdom of Wyvern relies on media to bring messages to the outside world. Media plays an important role in Wyvernian politics. In late 2009, a YouTube account was created, where the Kingdom of Wyvern could upload its videos and television programmes. The Kingdom of Wyvern also releases a monthly newspaper, the Royal Wyvern Gazette, which brings detailed news about the micronation. In late 2010, the Kingdom of Wyvern switched from a Wix website to a paid website, with a special page for the Wyvern Television (WTV) channel.


Transport services in Wyvern are limited. There are some physical roads in the Kingdom of Wyvern for example; the roads in Midden-Wyvern, Noord-Wyvern. The physical streets of Wyvern were created in the 1960s and 1970s, and are generally paved. Officially, there is no physical railway yet, although it has been rumoured by some citizens that there is one in Rottum.  Because there are no islands or maritime destinations in Wyvern, there are no commercial ships. The Wyvern Navy has used Marine State for testing its prototype rafts, but these have all failed to some degree.

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