Royal reformed States of America

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Royal reformed States of America
Coat of arms
Motto: Never, Never, Never Give Up
Anthem: King Wilary's March
CapitalGeorgetown Royal reformed Government District
Largest citySan Jose
Official languagesRussian, English, Rsainian
Recognised regional languagesFrench, Spanish
GovernmentFederalist Constitutional monarchy
EstablishmentMay 1st, 2009
• Census
CurrencyRoyal reformed Dollar (RrD)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's reformed States Republic

The Royal reformed States of America (RrSA) was a territorial micronation in California founded on 1 May 2009 by His Excellency King Wilary the First. It is a federalist constitutional monarchy currently with two states and a Royal reformed Government District.


In March and April 2009, HE King Wilary I was becoming increasingly unhappy at the United States. The nation was in, in his opinion, a useless and costly war, and the economy was not doing well. Services were being cut and people were being laid off. He was annoyed at the rate at which the US Congress could pass laws to help the nation, and how unhelpful the laws were when passed. Sometime in April 2009, King Wilary came across Sealand in a Wikipedia article. He then went and researched out the idea of micronations and eventualy decided to start his own.


The Royal reformed States of America is a federalist constitutional monarchy. It contains lower level government entities called "Royal reformed States" and a ruler who the power to pass any decree that he or she wishes that is not in violation of the Rights of People. Any government official may be removed by a seventeen-twentieths majority vote of the people.

Executive Branch

The executive branch contains the departments and the head of state, a king or queen. Each king or queen may pass any Royal reformed Decree at any time for any reason. The only excpetion is that no decree may violate the Rights of People, a RrSA bill of rights. The current king is His Excellency King Wilary the First.

Judicial Branch

The judicial branch contains the four Royal reformed Courts of the RrSA. They are each headed by a high judge, who is the main person that runs the court, and rules on cases with six lower judges. The high judge is referred to as "High Judge (last name) of the Royal reformed Court of (court)", the lower judges are referred to as "Judge (last name) of the Royal reformed Court of (court)". Judges are appointed for life by the king or queen.

State Governments

Each Royal reformed State is responsible for the smaller issues that come up in the RrSA. A state is headed by a govenor who is ruler of the state and may pass any State reformed Decree that he or she wishes, that does not violate the Rights of People. A state may create departments to help oversee the responsabilities of the State reformed Governmant. The king or queen may pass a Royal reformed Decree to overrule a state decree. A govenor is to be referred to as "Govenor (last name) of the Royal reformed State of (state)". A govenor is elected by the people. The winner is the person with the majority of votes.


The Royal reformed States of America currently has two branches of the Royal reformed Military, the Royal reformed Land Force and the Royal reformed Guard. All non-officers are enlisted and may not be drafted. Officers must be appointed by their superiors, except for Field Marshalls and Dukes of the Guard who are appointed by the king or queen. The current force is four members, one enlisted and three officers.

Royal reformed Land Force

The Royal reformed Land Force involves all land based military opperations for the RrSA. The RrLF has three branches, the Royal reformed Land Force Infantry, Royal reformed Land Force Armor and the Royal reformed Land Force Artillery. The current force has four members, each is in all three branches of the RrLF, there is one enlisted and three officers. The RrLF is mainly a defensive force that is not very sutable for offensive missions.

Royal reformed Guard

The Royal reformed Guard is the armed escort and protector of all government officials. The main job is to see that officials are always escorted from place to place, and that there are guards stationed in places to protect officials. The current force is three members, one enlisted and two officers. The official uniform is purple.


The currency of the Royal reformed States of America is the Royal reformed Dollar (RrD). The sub-unit is the Royal reformed Cent (RrC), and 100 RrC equals 1 RrD. There are currently bills printed but all coinage is United States, Canadian or Euro coins.


The RrD is standardized to equal one gram of silver per RrD. All values of metals and currencies are based on this standard. The RrD is backed by silver, nickel, copper and zinc. The standarization is kept with non-silver metals by another standardization that: 1 gram silver equals about 27 grams nickel, about 81 grams copper and about 243 grams zinc. All coins are required to cointain their value in the metal that they are minted. All bills must be backed by the amount in metal printed on them. No more than 90% of the stored bullion may be used to back bills at any time. Bills may be traded in to a Royal reformed Bullion Depository or Royal reformed Bank for their respective value in metal.

Foreign relations

All foreign relations are supervised by Duke Wilary of the Royal reformed Department of Foreign Relations and the Royal reformed Department of Foreign Relations. There are two levels of foreign relations with the RrSA, reconized and allied nations. The basic regulations for become a reconized nation with the RrSA is to be a serious nation, a nation of equality and a safe nation. Nations must have an agreed treaty with the RrSA or be in an official alliance with the RrSA to become allies. The official and full list of requirements for becoming a reconized or allied nations is stated in the Royal reformed King Wilary the First Decree Number Three. Members of organizations that the RrSA is a member of automaticaly become reconized nations.


All Royal reformed Holidays celebrate or remember a certain date for special reasons. Some may be directly related to the RrSA, some may be important to micronationalists, or some may be considered important for other unrelated reasons. All government officials have these days off unless there is exceptional circumstances. There are currently seven RrH's:

Holiday Date Reason for Holiday
HIM Emperor Norton I Day January 8 Remembers the self proclaimed emperor of "These United States"
FDR Day April 12 Remembers the leader of the USA during World War Two
Freedom Day May 1 Celebrates the independence of the RrSA
Old Independence Day July 4 Celebrates the origional independence of the thirteen colonies from Great Britain
World War Two Days September 1–2 Remembers the start of World War Two, celebrates the end of WWII and remembers those who died in the war that "We mustn't forget"
HE King Wilary I Day December 4 Celeberates the birth of HE King Wilary I of the RrSA
New Year Days December 31-January 1 Celebrates a new calendar year


The RrSA attempts to make every symbol of the nation have as much meaning as possible. Symbols, especialy flags, are usualy not overly fancy or very complex.


Common colors on RrSA symbols are blue, red, black, white and purple. Red, white and blue were carried over from the colors of the United States. Each color has a different meaning:

  • Black: symbolizes resilience and strength.
  • Red: symolizes power and fight
  • White: stands for peace and prosperity
  • Blue: is for justice and order
  • Purple: symbolizes the monarchy, the king, and the government of the RrSA


There are also smaller symbols used on larger and more complex symbols. These usually represent an item, people or places. Some of these symbols were also types used by the USA. Each has a purpose:

  • The thirteen stars: represent the origional thirteen colonies of the United States and their fight to become free and independent, it also represents strength while united
  • The crown: is the crown of the king, represents the king and the RrSA monarchy


Rsainian is a language currently in development. It was invented by His Excellency King Wilary the First of the Royal reformed States of America. It is an official language of the RrSA and is overseen by the Royal reformed Department of the People. It is a language that is based off of English. Rsainian replaces English letters with the letters in the Rsainian alphabet.


All letters were obtained by spelling out the names of the letters by their sounds. "C", for example, sounds like "s" and "e", as in "see". "E" is the only letter that contains just itself, "e" sounds like "ee". Consecutive English letters also have their own letters. It is gained by taking "dubul", which sounds like "double", and adding the English letter. So two t's ("tt") is: dubult. There is no double "k", it is replaced by double "c".


All words are taken from English, then each English letter is replaced by the corresponding Rsainian letter. That is how the words are created. Most words are two or more times longer than the origional word in English, so it takes longer to write.


Main article: Royal reformed Order of Honor

The Royal reformed Order of Honor is the system of awards given out by the Royal reformed States of America. The awards given out by the order are given to all animals, including humans, for acts of honor. These may include being injured in combat to risking one's life to save another. They may also be given out to foreigners along with Rsainians.

Types of Awards

There are five different awards in the order:


Capital Claim

The Georgetown Royal reformed Government District is the capital of the RrSA.

Antarctic Claim

The Royal reformed Territory of Antarctica is the RrSA's claim on Antarctica. It is the RrSA's first territory. It is a territory by definition as stated in the Royal reformed King Wilary the First Decree Number Ten. It has not been visited yet and, more likely then not, never will be.

Death Valley Claim

The Royal reformed State of Inyo is one of two states of the Royal reformed States of America. It is located in Death Valley, North America. It has one of the major groups of sand dunes as it's main attraction. There is no permanent population and is visited almost annualy by Govenor Wilary. It is 425 kilometers (264 miles) away from the Georgetown Royal reformed Government District.


Government Email:

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Royal reformed States of America