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Royal reformed Department of the People

Royal reformed Flag
Created 2009
Branches None
Main Job Provide The Needs of Rsainians And Regualte RrSA Culture
Dukes of the Royal reformed Department of the People
Current Duke Duke Wilary
Past Dukes Duke Wilis
Rsainian Language
Speakers 1
Regulator Royal reformed Department of the People

Rsainian is an extinct language. It was invented by His Excellency King Wilary the First of the Royal Reformed States of America. It was an official language of the RRSA and was overseen by the Royal Reformed Department of the People. It was a language that had been based off of English. Rsainian replaced English letters with the letters in the Rsainian alphabet.


All letters were obtained by spelling out the names of the letters by their sounds. "C", for example, sounds like "s" and "e", as in "see". "E" is the only letter that contained just itself, "e" sounds like "ee". Consecutive English letters also had their own letters. It was gained by taking "dubul", which sounded like "double", and adding the English letter. So two t's ("tt") was: dubult. There was no double "k", it was replaced by double "c". The following were the English letters' replacements in Rsainian:

Single English Letter Replacements

Replacements for English letters on their own.

A becomes AE

B becomes BE

C becomes SE

D becomes DE

E becomes - (Only letter that the written letter is not the same as its sound, "e")

F becomes EF

G becomes JE

H becomes AECH

I becomes IE

J becomes JAE

K becomes CAE

L becomes EL

M becomes EM

N becomes EN

O becomes OW

P becomes PE

Q becomes COW

R becomes OR

S becomes ES

T becomes TE

U becomes YOW

V becomes VE

W becomes DUBULYOW (Longest letter with 8 English letters)

X becomes EX

Y becomes WIE

Z becomes ZE

Double English Letter Replacements

Replacements for English letters that were consecutively repeated.

AA becomes DUBULA

BB becomes DUBULB

CC becomes DUBULC

DD becomes DUBULD

EE becomes DUBULE

FF becomes DUBULF

GG becomes DUBULG

HH becomes DUBULH

II becomes DUBULI

JJ becomes DUBULJ

KK becomes DUBULC ("DUBULK" does not exist)

LL becomes DUBULL

MM becomes DUBULM

NN becomes DUBULN

OO becomes DUBULO

PP becomes DUBULP

QQ becomes DUBULQ

RR becomes DUBULR

SS becomes DUBULS

TT becomes DUBULT

UU becomes DUBULU

VV becomes DUBULV

WW becomes DUBULW

XX becomes DUBULX

YY becomes DUBULY

ZZ becomes DUBULZ


All words were taken from English, then each English letter was replaced by the corresponding Rsainian letter. That is how the words were created. Most words were two or more times longer than the origional word in English, so it took longer to write.


There were some differences between the spelling of Rsainian words and the spelling of English words.

  • All normal (non-proper) words were fully lowercase
  • Proper words were fully uppercase
  • "Q" was not followed by "u". When rewritten, English words that had "qu" are replaced by the Rsainian Q, "cow"


Here are some examples of the Rsainian version of English words. The following show the translation of words and sentences:

English Translates To Rsainian

translates to

Good Bye

translates to

jedubulode bewie-
How are you

translates to

aechowdubulyow aeor- wieowyow

translates to

Royal reformed States of America

translates to


The Royal reformed States of America (RrSA) is a territorial micronation in California founded on May 1st, 2009 by His Excellency King Wilary the First. It is a federalist constitutional monarchy currently with two states and a Royal reformed Government District.

translates to

teaech- OROWWIEAEEL or-efoworem-de ESTEAETE-ES owef AEEM-ORIESEAE (ORorESAE) iees ae te-ororieteoworieaeel emieseorowenaeteieowen ieen SEAEELIEEFOWORENIEAE efowyowende-de owen EMAEWIE 1este, 2009 bewie AECHIEES -EXSE-DUBULL-ENSEWIE KAEIEENJE DUBULYOWIEELAEORWIE teaech- EFIEORESTE. iete iees ae ef-de-oraeelieeste seowenesteieteyowteieowenaeel emowenaeorseaechwie seyowdubulr-enteelwie dubulyowieteaech tedubulyowow esteaete-es aeende ae OROWWIEAEEL or-efoworem-de JEOWVE-ORENEM-ENTE DEIEESTEORIESETE.
Royal reformed States of America