Foreign relations of the Royal reformed States of America

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Royal reformed Department of Foreign Relations

Royal reformed Flag
Motto "Make Friends Not War"
Created 2010
Branches None
Main Job Regulate Foreign Relations With Other Nations
Dukes of the Royal reformed Department of Foreign Relations
Current Duke Duke Wilary
Past Dukes None
Foreign Relations
Allied Nations 7
Recognized Nations 39
Suspended Nations 0
Non-Recognized Nations 2
Nations at War With 0

All foreign relations are supervised by Duke Wilary of the Royal reformed Department of Foreign Relations and the Royal reformed Department of Foreign Relations. There are two levels of positive foreign relations with the Royal reformed States of America, "reconized" and "allied nations". There are three levels of neutral or negitive relations, "suspended", "non-reconized" and "at war with".

Requirements for Relations

The basic regulations for become a recognized nation with the RrSA is to be a serious nation, a nation of equality and a safe nation. Nations must have an agreed treaty with the RrSA or be in an official alliance with the RrSA to become allies. The official and full list of requirements for becoming a recognized or allied nations is stated in the Royal reformed King Wilary the First Decree Number Three. It is requested by the RrDFR and DWRrDFR that requests for relations be written out in the discussion section. Members of organizations that the RrSA is a member of automatically become recognized nations.

Organizations the RrSA is a Member of

Organisation of Active Micronations

Aegis Alliance

Intermicronational Blue Cross and Blue Crescent Movement

Micronational Olympic Committee

Positive Relations

All nations with positive foreign relations with the RrSA.

Allied Nations

All nations that have a treaty with the RrSA or are in an alliance with the RrSA.

Zonian Confederacy

NottaLotta Acres

Empire of Xank

Kingdom of Sterling

Kingdom of Wyvern

Deltan Imperium

Colony of Iego

Recognised Nations

All nations recognized by the RrSA.

Colony of Iego

Deltan Imperium

Sovereign Military Order of Salazar

File:Ficnem!1.gif Republic of Neutrexia

Chiriqui Government in Exile

Republic of Danesland

Kingdom of Barrington

Republic of Nemkhavia

Soviet Republic of North America

Micronational Kingdom of Wellington

Kingdom of Wyvern

Kingdom of Lutherania

Grand Duchy of Olland

Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy

Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia

Federation of Kanto

Federation of Prometheus

Kingdom of Sterling

Barony of Sandus

Imperial Monarchy of Qootärlænt

Midget Nation-in-Exile

Democratic People's Republic of Erusia

Republic of Jibbon

Empire of Xank

Republic of Sandra

Kingdom of Rajputistan

Sovereign Republic of the Three Colonies

Reisenterrian Empire

Kingdom of Uantir

Kingdom of Savoy

Royal Commonwealth of Novaltia


Federal Democratic Republic of Alleriana

Republic of Danvania

Republic of Egtavia

Kingdom of Victoria

Federated Republics of A1

Zonian Confederacy

NottaLotta Acres

Neutral or Negative Relations

All nations with neutral or negative foreign relations with the RrSA.

Suspended Nations

All nations that have their reconization or alliance with the RrSA suspended.

  • None

Non-Recognized Nations

All nations not recognized by the RrSA.

Federal State of A1

Empire of New Europe

Nations At War With

All nations that are in a state of war against the RrSA.

  • None

Foreign Opinions

These are the RrSA's special characterization of certain people, groups or nations.


These are all people, groups and nations considered to be radical in their ideas by the RrSA.

Intermicronational Conservative Alliance


These are all nations considered to be superpowers by the RrSA for either their influence or importance.

Federated Republics of A1

Republic of Egtavia

Royal reformed States of America