Republic of Danvania

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Republic of Danvania
Motto: We Will Never Fall
Anthem: Little Wing by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
CapitalDanvania City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDe jure Theocratic Republic
De facto Theocratic Presidential Dictatorship
• Foundation
December 31, 2008

Danvania, officially the Republic of Danvania, is a nation in Dallas, Texas. Its capital and largest city is Danvania City. The Capital city serves as the center of all foreign and internal activities, being also the only city in the Republic.

Danvania is de jure a democratic republic ruled by the President of the Republic of Danvania. The country's government styles itself as a strong democratic micronation. Officially a free benevolent dictatorship, Danvania is considered by many in the outside micronational world to be a totalitarian tyrannic banana republic, where the President controls both judicial and legislative power, and where Congress has got a very low power. Since its founding, Danvania has openly condemned homosexuality, liberalism, Madonna, Iran, atheism, the Washington Redskins and all religions other than Roman Catholicism.

Danvania was expelled from the Organisation of Active Micronations, on 24 January 2010, for inactivity.



In December 2008, he read a comic strip that gave him the idea to create a micronation. He then seceded his room from the United States, creating The Republic of Danvania. A couple of days later, He wrote the Constitution, which made a powerful government headed by a strong democratically elected president.

Mackesdonian Wars

Mackey then copied him and seceded his own room and called it Mackesdonia. At first the two micro nations were allies.

After many small skirmishes, a cease fire was called, and the two began peace talks. But Mackey would not even think about compromise, and battle began again. Mackey eventually surrendered, and the terms this time were that he cede all territory to the United States, making Mackesdonia inactive.

Darvanian Rebellion

Meanwhile, there was another war on the western front.

This lasted a couple of weeks, then he invaded Darvania. he took the kitchen, then leaned back on a chair, the chair then came down on D’Arcy’s foot, which made him trip. D’Arcy sustained a chest injury, and surrendered all of Darvania to Danvania, as it is today.

Great Idiot War

The Great Idiot War, as it is called in Danvania, is the Trans-Atlantic War between the Technological Federation of Erephisia, The Kingdom (now Erephisian region) of Smegola, The Democratic Republic of Longarnia and Danvania. Billy Neil of Erephisia has since apologized, but after the declaration there has been no response from the other two. President commented that this "war" was just a publicity stunt to get recognition in MicroWiki. The true cause of the war was a rouge Erephisian citizens attempt to gain power within Erephisia.


The Republic of Danvania is a nominally Theocratic Republic in which government powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches are unified into The Presidency. He is elected to 50 years terms by popular vote of all the citizens. The President also handles all diplomacy with other nations, as well as being the Commander of the Danvanian Army. The President usually tries to get input from citizens before he passes a law, so that he iss not an oppressive figure, but really a representative of the people.

State governments are also headed by governors elected by the people in each respective state. The terms time and limit for governor are decided by each individual state. he President, however, may veto any law made by the governors if they violate the Constitution. This is one example of his judicial power.

Catholic Church Canon Law is also law of Danvania, and all government officials are obliged to follow it.



The official and dominant religion of Danvania is Roman Catholicism, although some citizens are not Catholic, as the law is not very well enforced.


Danvanians enjoy American football and basketball. Watching the Dallas Cowboys on Sundays is one of their favorite pastimes. Soccer is heavily discouraged by the Government.


Danvania has a free market capitalist economy, with a ban on any government intervention of any kind in it.

The unemployment rate is 67%, due to the number of people under 17, which is 50%.

All citizens in Danvania go to the US to work, as there are not any places to work in Danvania.


The military is made up only of the Danvanian Army. It is a strong, light force. The President reserves the right to draft anyone to the military.

Foreign Policy

Danvania does not recognize fascist nations and nations that claim so much land that it is impossible for them to actually have control. Also, Danvania has developed many enemies lately that have influenced MicroWiki administrators to add the Non-Serious Article banner at the top. They don't approve of Danvania's constitution, so they believe incorrectly that Danvania is not serious.


  • Literacy Rate:100%
  • Religions: 42% Catholic, 29% Christian-Other, 29% Unknown
  • Races: 86% white, 14% Latino
  • Average Age is 33 years old
  • Unemployment Rate: 42%

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