United Univist States war attempt

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United Univist States war attempt
or "Univist Universal War"
Conflict: "Univist Universal War"
Date: April 26, 2010 – May 4, 2010 (de facto)
Outcome: Collapse of the United Univist States which confesses to be a puppet State.

United Univist States

"All micro- and real-world nations" [citation needed]

Royal reformed States of America

President McNeil Field Marshall Wilary


~ 6.8 billion


The United Univist States war attempt, also known informally as the Univist Universal War, was organized by the Government of the United Univist States on April 26, 2010.

On the 26th, an official statement from the UUS, claiming to have declared war an "all micro and realworld nations" was announced in the MicroWiki news template. Interpreted as an attack on the entire "non-Univist" world, it was initially ignored, having been classified as a joke.

On April 29, however, President McNeil of the UUS (formerly Emperor Baltazar II) released an official statement explaining the reasons behind the declaration. In the document, published on MicroCommons, McNeil declared that the war's main intention was to "expand our [UUS] borders and influence on the micronational world". However, the President made it clear that the Univist States' is not to "destroy all micronations and become 'supreme rulers of the world", but rather "to damage many nations".

Following the words of McNeil, the first micronationalists that released a response were Alexander Reinhardt and Petya d'Égtavie,[1][2] who both heavily criticized the reasons of the conflict attempt and asked all other micronationalists to ignore the Univist States. The declarations were, however, followed by the entry in the war of the Aegis Alliance. People's President Aaron A. Meek has also released his own statement, which can be viewed here.

On May 4, 2010, as a possible consequence of the great criticism of the war, the Univist States have posted a message on the MicroWiki Newsfeed, claiming to be a "puppet state of another [unknown] micronation". This led to the inevitable end of the war attempt.


The United Univist States, also known with the acronym UUS, are a territorial micronation located in North America and Antarctica. Initially known as the United Republican Univist Empire, it was ruled by Emperors Baltazar II and Malik III until April 9, 2010 when its form of government and name were changed to the current ones. Baltazar and Malik changed their titles and names to President McNeil and Vice President Maliq.

The UUS timeline of conflict starts with its entrance on March 8, 2010, in the Austenasian Civil War on the side of the legitimate Austenasian Government led by Emperor Esmond III. The Univist States' involvement was relatively low, and the Government did not participate in the diplomatic talks held between the Government and South Kilttown. As a result, it withrew from the war three days after joining it, on March 11, urging all foreign belligerents to do the same. The decison was welcomed positively by the intermicronational community.

Unrelated criticism

Other than the Univist States itself, other parties were criticized for various reasons.

Undiplomatic responses

All intermicronational responses that the UUS received both on MicroCommons and MicroWiki criticized heavily the decision of the UUS and moreover, the words expressed by President McNeil. Minister for External Affairs, Gordon Freeman of A1, on the other hand, criticized also how other leaders expressed their disappointment over the war declaration, particularly Reinhardt and d'Egtavie.[3]

Influence of the war in the Antarctic micronational community

As the UUS is a claimant of a big section of Antarctic territory, their declaration of war was received as a threat to the stability of the Antarctic micronations. The only member of the AMU that accepted the declaration of war was Sterling, who withdrew however from the war after consulting the Antarctic Micronational Union.

After a discussion with the members of the AMU, Secretary-General Niels I of Flandrensis published an official statement about the UUS [4] condemning the declaration of war. The Union decided to condemn the war attempt and decided unanimously to refuse to recognize any Antarctic claims of the Univist States.


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