Aegis Alliance

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Aegis Alliance

Military alliance


Zonian Confederacy

Meeting Place Aegis Forums

Zonian Forums

Maximum Man Power >58

Established March 21, 2010

The Aegis Alliance was a military alliance that was founded on 21 March 2010 by the Zonian Confederacy and OAM. Its goals wereto create an alliance where each member state will defend the others' interests. It was a member's option to aid another member in an attack, but a member was compelled to help in defense; helping another member might have helped promote that state's rank in the Alliance. The alliance fell inactive in the summer of 2010. A failed attempt to make it active happened in the spring of 2011.[1]


The Alliance was run by the Assembly and the Head State.

Head State

The Head State was the founder or a successor chosen by the Head State. They processed new applicants, administrated the website and kept discussions polite and constructive. They had more decision making power than a single member of the Assembly.


The Assembly was made up of all the members of the alliance. They voted on Issues and aided each other in war. A normal member of the assembly could do the following:

  • Vote on Issues
  • Propose Issues
  • Aid in war
  • Start a vote on war
  • Run for Secretary State

If a member wished to start a war or political attack on another organization or nation, they would propose it in the War and Events section of the forum. The Assembly would debate it and then either accept the war proposal and declare war on the subject in question or decline it.

Secretary State

The Secretary State was the second in command of the Alliance. They acted as a substitute when the Head State cannot be in a place. They also held more power in the assembly. If the Head State allowed it, the Secretary State could try change the policies of the Alliance. The Secretary State was elected every second month.

Member States