United Univist States

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United Univist States
Motto: Justice, Diplomacy, Hope
CapitalPhoenix City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnivist Republic
• Current leader
President McNeil, Vice-President Maliq
• Foundation
Feb. 27, 2010

The United Univist States was originally founded on February 27, 2010, as the Univist Democratic Phoenix Empire by Emperor Baltazar II and Emperor Maliq III (now President McNeil and VP Maliq)


The United Univist States was originally started as the Univist Republican Phoenix Empire, and was founded by two young men who were tired of the lies and complications in the U.S government system. The UUS wrote its Declaration of Indpendence on February 27, 2010.

Both young men were equally fit to lead the nation, so the URPE became a dual emperorship including Baltazar II (McNeil) and Maliq III. The URPE built their nation around the mythical fire-bird, the "Phoenix", who came out of ashes and rubble. The URPE thought it fitting to use the Phoenix because the UUA is a nation rising out of the United States' corruption and destruction.

On March 4, the Univist Democratic Phoenix Empire was changed to the Univist Republican Phoenix Empire by a unanimous vote in the Senate. On April 9, 2010 the URPE changed its Name once again to the 'United Univist States'


The Phoenix Empire is led by President McNeil and Vice President Maliq, the President holds veto power and the President and VP act as the supreme Commanders during time of war. UUS's government leadership also includes:

  • Protectorate of the State – charged with the legal protection of all URPE territories
  • Secretary of Defense – charged with matters concerning national security. Acts as the 2nd in command during time of war, only the Pres. and VP are above him/her.
  • Grand Senator – in direct contact with the President and VP so that the GS may bring matters to the senate. The GS's vote counts as two votes.
  • Treasurer – charged with keeping track of URPE currency
  • 6 Man Senate – votes on laws that the President and VP try to pass.===Leaders===
  • President McNeil
  • Vice President Maliq
  • Protectorate of the State-Alexander Price
  • Secretary of Defense-James I
  • Treasurer-Beto Ramirez
  • Grand Senator-Pilo Right


  • The URPE was involved with the Austenasian Civil War and supported the legitimate government, lead by Emperor Esmond III.
  • Through the Austenasian Civil War, a dispute had risen between Eniarku and the URPE, who swore to protect Emperor Esmond III with all of its power on March 8, 2010 at 8:03. The dispute began because Eniarku stated that it would bring its military into the Austenasian Civil War in support of the rebel Auestenasians. The URPE and Eniarku settled the dispute 47 minutes after it began, because Eniarku resigned from being part of the Austenasian Civil War.


  • The UUS has applied for membership with the AMU and OMA, and status is pending.


Huy Tu in Purple
  • New Ireland-Top left corner of the region of Texas.
  • Goldland-Top right corner of the region of Texas
  • New Texas-Bottom left corner of the region of Texas
  • Phoenix-bottom right quarter of the region of Texas
  • Huy Tu-Antarctic land.
  • Univistland-where the District of Columbia is for the USA. Univistland is the capital of the UUS.

Declaration of Indepence

On the day of February 27th of 2010, the Nation of the UUA has declared complete and total independence from the United States of America. Under the leadership of the Dual-Emperorship, the Phoenix Empire will walk into a glorious existence.
The Royal Empire of the Blue Lotus accepts our claim of sovereignty.
By the strength of the people of the Phoenix we will emerge victorious and the Phoenix Empire will take its rightful place at the table of nations.
  • signed by Emperors Baltazar II and Maliq III

NOTE: This Declaration referances the UUS as the URPE, and the 'URPE' should be looked at as the UUS. A new declaration was not drafted as the Declaration is looked at as a part of history.


The UUS is officialy a Univist Republic. Our beliefs are as follows:

  • All men are created equal.
  • All governments have something to be learned from (hence the "Univist" in "United 'Univist' States").
  • The government shall be run entirely by official elected leaders.
  • War is a necessary part of life, and may be needed in the advancement of nations.
  • Alliances will be made to all who request an alliance.
  • Weak nations shall be aided.

Allies & Enemies of the State


Enemies of the State


Currently the only branch of the Phoenix Empire is the Army. The Army's leadership is as follows:

  • General of the Army-Anthony Norville
  • Lieutenant 1st Class
  • Lieutenant 2nd Class
  • Captain
  • Private 1st Class
  • Private 2nd Class

The Army is responible for the protection of government officials and the defense of UUS territory. The Army is also ready to fight any war, virtual or real-world.


Email PhoenixEmpireGov@gmail.com with any questions. (A new government email will be made soon for the renamed nation)