Socialist Union

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The United Republics of the Socialist Union or Socialist Union for short, is an authoritarian communist state, it was elected on 1 September 2022 to become a federal union of ten republics. In practice, both its government and its economy are highly centralized as it is a one-party state governed by the Communist Party of the Socialist Union, with the republic of Moscovi serving as its capital as well as that of its largest and most populous republic: Socialisia. It was founded in 2021 by Chancellor John, a friend of Aidan Pierce from Bushistan. Eventually, in late 2021, the nation became Communist, though by September 2022, it had reformed to Socialism. It had been a long rival for Bushistan, as the two nations would often have small issues in the background, each population not aware of the opposing nation's existence until late August 2022, when the Union would invade Bushistan. They were attacked by LENS, which would then force the exit of 4 troop from the Presidential Mansion of Bushistan.


Founded in 2021, the Democratic People's Republic of Carolina was an inherent one-party authoritarian communist state where the markets and government were all controlled by one party. Eventually, in 2022, there was a reform where the Union decided to use Socialism rather than Communism. During the social reforms, the decision was made to attempt to take over Bushistan, which would - in the ideas of the government in the Union - be able to topple all capitalist micronations in North Carolina and the sector of the same name.