North Carolina Sector

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North Carolina Sector
General information
LocatedNorth Carolina
Sector founded2022
Sector founded byThe Tsardom of Begon
Notable people in areaChristoph Billung
James II Christian
Bryce Smith
Christian Newton
Aidan Pierce
Logan Medlin

The North Carolina Sector is a Sector of the Micronational Community in the US, specifcally in the State of North Carolina. The most notable and active micronation within the sector is The Tsardom of Begon.

Active Nations

Active Nations within the North Carolina Sector
Nation Name Flag Coat of Arms Head of State Head of Government Date of Establishment
The Tsardom of Begon
Christoph Billung


Maximilian von Meister

Lord High Chancellor

October 30, 2020
The Kingdom of Serramwen
N/A Bryce Smith



Prime Minister

January 7, 2020
The Republic of Bushistan
Aidan Pierce


N/A December 19, 2020
Grand Duchy of Letzembourg

Constituent of the Empire of Karnia Ruthenia

Christian Newton

Grand Duke

N/A December 20, 2015
The Kingdom of Vestebrük
N/A Joshua von Vestebrük


Anferny (Surname Unknown)

Prime Minister

December 4, 2019
Ecclesiite Nation
N/A Andrew Cole Nary


N/A February 7, 2021
Nations who hold territory in North Carolina but are not considered members of the North Carolina Sector
Nation Name Name of Territory National Flag National Coat of Arms Head of State Head of Government Establishment
State of Faltree Faltrian-Dirigo
Jebediah Powell
Asher Young
Interior Minister
9 March 2020
The Empire of Elysium Commonwealth of Hilton
Robert Smith

Grand Emperor

Elliot Doe


1 September 2015
Oligarch state of Curnon The Oldies
N/A Asa Ward

Main leader

Willoe Cizdiezd, German Rugama, Daniel Gomez

Co Leader

31 December 2022

Foreign Affairs

The relation between the nations with in the North Carolina sector seem to be non-existent, with the exception of "The Carolina Agreement" which was signed as a Treaty of Mutual Recognition and Economic Partnership by the Republic of Bushistan, The Ecclesiite State, and the Tsardom of Begon. Many of the nations have talked either informally or formally, but the sector remains unorganized.

Informal diplomacy has been sought out by Christoph Billung by the foundation of the NC Micronationalist Council, which only convenes via the internet application "Discord". The Council rarely makes diplomatic decisions, and is for the connection of micronationalists in North Carolina.