Japanese sector

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Japanese sector
General information
Nations in areaSee List of micronations in the Japanese sector
Organisations in area • Japan Micronation Federation
 • Kadas Treaty Organization
 • Micronation Savior Alliance

Japan's micronations were mainly active in the Japan Micronation Federation.

However, there are conflicts with fictitious countries from 2017 to 2021, and few countries have contact with other countries.

List of micronations in the Japanese sector

Below is a list of Japanese micronations. (Excluding the micronations that make up the Wakoku Federation)

Micronation founded year Region in Japan Capital Government Recognition of neighboring countries
Kingdom of Sweet Tea 2019 ? Kingdom of sweet tea monarchy
Empire of Mizuho 2008 Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto Constitutional monarchy
Arcadia Empire 2013 Aichi Martena Absolute Monarchy One of the three major powers of micronation in Japan
Wakoku Federation 1994(The first emperor Empress Toyo was founded.) Aichi and Almost all areas of Japan, overseas territories, etc. Shichiyo Personal Union and Absolute Monarchy One of the three major powers of micronation in Japan
Kingdom of Ousu 2005 Aichi Prefecture Ousu Constitutional Monarchy It is said that it will be annexed to Wakoku Federation by the end of March 2022.
GC UnitedStates 2014 Osaka Prefecture Los Santos Federal Republic One of the three major powers of micronation in Japan
 Principality of Elria 2019 Aichi Prefecture Constitutional monarchy As a result of an armed clash with the three major powers, it was destroyed after the defeat.
 Union of Billow Soviet Socialist Republics 2021 Mie Pluto constitutional monarchy
Gion 2016 Tokyo Harajuku Constitutional Monarchy
Hinata 2018 Tokyo Chûô Federal Republic
Luigi People's Federation 2013 Socialist Federal Republic
Primorskiy Empire 2020 Osaka Prefecture Vladivostok Constitutional Monarchy
Republic of Bekonia 2020 Kanagawa Prefecture Republic
Holy Sifanix Empire 2019 Kyōto Prefecture Constitutional Monarchy
Shonan Democratic People's Republic 2016 Kanagawa Prefecture Socialism

Toyoashihara Samurai Group

2013 Tokyo And Sikoku  Disbanded in 2021.
Tanba no Kuni 2016 Kyōto Prefecture Socialism
Halma Telereal United Empire 2021 Kyoto Kunderhelheim Absolute monarchy
Nichiei February 2, 2017 Osaka prefecture Democracy