Primorskiy Empire

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Primorsky Empire
Flag of
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Nikolai Alexander IV
• Chair
Minister Ivankov
• Census

The primorsky empire is one of the Japanese micronations and exists in Osaka.


June 2021 Romanov democratic empire collapses.

July The Primorskii Empire is founded by the Russian Democratic Federation and the Romanov government.

September 13: Overseas territory is ceded from Aleuchia.


Empire Government
Ministerial meeting
Open Chat Parliament (Primorsky)
Generalissimo = Emperor
Chairman of the Government Council

Empire territory

・Mainland of the Empire in Osaka Prefecture

・Aleutia's overseas territory

Whip Island etc.

・Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, and the four northern islands.

・Russia Primorsky Krai

Empire culture

In Osaka, the mainland of the empire, Emperor Nikolai is under strict rule and is working to protect wild cats. We also hold the first open chat Imperial Diet in Japan's Micronation.

National Army

The Imperial Army is run by four military personnel, including the emperor. The basic equipment is an air gun and survival game equipment. The Army is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Military Affairs.