Principality of Elria

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Principality of Elria


National royal family Crest family
Principality government Constitutional monarchy
Grand Lord Philil Crest
Capital city Midgarism (Yobitsugi)
population 3~5
territory sun 1,392,700 km2

Mainland 700m2

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2013-2015 Albert Crest launches the Allies of the Midgar Monarchs, a full-body organization of the Principality of Elria.

Discussed with Yamatai country

Country of owake

in the 2017 "Sun Territorial Dispute".

2018 Albert Crest is the founding of the Principality of Elria and the throne of the Grand Duke.

Prince Albert abdicates in 2019. Princess Philly Crest becomes the throne of the Principality of Elria. Established diplomatic relations with Wakoku Federation.

Consider starting Twitter in 2020 through the mediation of the Wakoku Federation. It was

Crest Family has been promoting a peaceful policy that has been striving to solve diplomatic problems with other countries for about eight years since its founding.

In 2021, Albert Crest entered Twitter and began peaceful diplomacy with other countries.

2022 is a culturally large year, with Philyl Crest becoming the throne of the Principality. He contributed to the establishment of JCSTO.

At the end of February of the same year, the war began in conflict with the three major powers of the,

the Arcadia Empire, and the GC United States. Defeated and destroyed in early March.

Principality politics and monarchy by the Crest family

The rule of the Crest family is a constitutional monarchy with the people.

The current Grand Duke is Philil Crest.


The territory of the Principality of Elria is located in Minami-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, and the private land of the Crest family and the sun are set as the national land.

I own a company that produces exceptional solar power in Japan's Micronation, and I am thinking about the separation and independence of private land in earnest.