GC UnitedStates

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GC Universe United States of America
  GC universe United Statesof America.jpgGCUSA symbol.jpg
Government  Jennifer Administration
President  Frank Jennifer
Capital Area  Los Santos
Population  60
Politics  Parliamentary republic
Remarks column  Japan's client state
Territory  GCuniverse America and Osaka
Offical Twitter GCU officialtwitter

The GC United States is a micronation nation that exists in Osaka Prefecture.

This country is a member of Japan Micronation Federation and is a member of the major countries of Micronation Savior Alliance.

GC United States Government

GC United States Government

·President Frank Jennifer

・ Department of Defence

・United States Army

Armed Forces

U.S. Army

U.S. Navy

U.S. Air Force

United States Coast Guard

U.S. Marine Corps

Chang Yi Police Imperial Military Police Corps

・ Ministry of Finance

・ Ministry of Foreign Affairs

・ Ministry of Interior

・ LSPD (Los Santos Police)

・ San Andreas Coast Guard

· US Congress


House of Representatives


HD Universe All over America (Game Space Community)

Osaka Prefecture Mozu-Furuichi Kofungun


2016- 2017 Delusional Civil War

Around 2017 Declaration of founding

2018 Air Force Rebellion

2020 Rebellion by Dilek


Population about 60


More details will be published in Tian Eboris Empire, but the empire is currently under GCUS rule.

It also has the Minecraft community "United States of Buerupakia" as a colony and protectorate.