Micronation Savior Alliance

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Micronation Savior Alliance
Logo of Micronation Savior Alliance
Membership3 permanent members
6 regular members
2 observer members
• Alliance Chair
Kingdom of Maldernia
• Alliance Assistant Chair
• Japan Headquarters Clerk
Kotohito, Emperor of Wakoku
Establishment31 July 2021

The Micronation Savior Alliance is an alliance organization organized by Japan's three major micronations.



Conditions for membership

1. A country that pursues peace, not a warlike nation (maintaining national defense is not denied)

2. It's been a while since the country was founded.

3. Diplomatic relations between three or more countries.

4. Being a nation that agrees with the principles of the Savior Alliance.

5. Countries that meet the conditions of micronation

6. Countries approved by major countries

principal micronations

Arcadia Empire

Wakoku Federation

GC UnitedStates

Regular member

Democratic Christian Republic of Melite

Kingdom of Stratton

Kingdom of Maldernia

Grand Order of DR

Republic of Arkadelphia


Commonwealth of the Kingdom of Begley

Principality of Elria

Leader of the alliance

Pope Francis

Emperor Naruhito

All Patriarchs of the Orthodox Church

Nation code

Arcadia Empire(HAE)(AE)

Wakoku Federation(WFC)(WC)

GC UnitedStates(GCU)(GA)

Democratic Christian Republic of Melite(CTM)(TM)

Kingdom of Stratton(SOK)(KS)

Kingdom of Maldernia(MLK)(ML)

Grand Order of DR(GDR)(DR)

Republic of Arkadelphia(ALK)(AL)

Commonwealth of the Kingdom of Begley(CBL)(CB)