Republic of Arkadelphia

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Republic of Arkadelphia
Poblacht na Arkadelphia (Irish)
República de Arkadelphia (Spanish)
Flag of Arkadelphia
Coat of arms of Arkadelphia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Be Just and Fear Not"
Anthem: "Battle Cry of Freedom"
and Population
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish, Irish
Ethnic groups
State Secular, Any
GovernmentParliamentary representative democracy
Joseph Hackley
Advisory Committee
General Parliament
Establishment29 July 2020
0.000231 km2 (8.9×10−5 sq mi)
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$1,040 USD per year
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($) (USD)
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
Date formatmm/dd/yy
Driving sideright
Calling code+501

The Republic of Arkadelphia, more commonly known as Arkadelphia, is a micronation in the state of Arkansas. It is made up of it's founding land and six enclaves, three are around the state of Arkansas, while the other four are located in Indiana Having a population of 14, it was founded on July 29, 2020. The Republic of Arkadelphia has seven cities; Edwin, Fort Sharp, Justinopolis, Lundujo, Everfield, Blessings, ZK, and with Edwin as the capital. The republic has two territories with one of them being an overseas territory, Móinéar Fianna, located on the west coast of Ireland and Atkinson in NorthWest Indiana.

As of June 2022, the Republic of Arkadelphia has diplomatic relations with 15 micronations, with the foreign policy currently being constructed to build connections with other micronations to offer further cooperation between each other.


Arkadelphia is a combination of "Ark," meaning Arkansas or "sanctuary," and "Adelphia" coming from the Greek language meaning "brother" or "place," meaning either place of sanctuary or place in Arkansas.



The start of Arkadelphia was on 29 July 2020. With its founding, two enclaves were created on 30 July 2020.

Multinational Association of the Americas

Arkadelphia officially joined the Multinational Association of the Americas, or MAA, on 13 December 2020 as a new member. It became a member in full capacity on 18 February 2021. Prime Minister hackley served as the 8th General secretary for the MAA from 18 July 2021 to October 11 of the same year and is now serving as the 9th attorney for the organization as of august 11th 2022.

Politics and Government

The government of Arkadelphia is a representative democracy. The departments of the government works as the advisors of the Prime Minister and oversee the agencies and administrations under their jurisdiction. As of writing, departments are as follows:

  • Federal Armed Forces Department
  • Federal Transportation Department
  • Federal Medical and Health Department
  • Federal Records Department

The Parliament is made up of elected officials from each province, with the leader of the party with the most officials elected as the Prime Minister. The Parliament is split into two separate bodies, the General Parliament and the Advisory Committee. The General Parliament votes on and proposes new bills, with the Advisory Committee being the secretaries of the federal departments. They are advisors for the prime minister regarding important issues.

Political parties

There are currently three parties within the republic currently being the Arkadelphian centrist party lead by Joseph Hackley, the Arkadelphian green party lead by Emma Hackley and the Arkadelphian ZK party lead by "Zombiekilla". Besides these three parties there was also a conservative party in Parliament known as the chan party which lost party status on April 3 of 2022.

Prime Ministers

Currently there has only been one prime minister, Joseph Hackley, who started his administration with the founding of the nation.

Name Party Image Term of office
Joseph Hackley ACP 29 July 2020~

Law and Order

Currently, the judicial system is overseen by the Advisory Council. Their job regarding the judicial system is to outline how laws are interpreted and enforced. The police force is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Armed Forces Department and will be until further notice. Those who break the law are to be given a trial, no matter what the crime is, and are tried by a jury and court justice. They are to give the ruling of the person regarding the crime they committed. The ruling can be thrown out, however, if new information were to come to light.

Foreign Relations

Arkadelphia has opened foreign relations with 19 other micronations being as follows:

Name Date
Turanian Republic of Hasanistan 21 November 2020
Vodleteatinland (defunct) 22 November 2020 – 15 January 2021
Queendom of Nyx 5 December 2020
Southern Confederation of Angosvria 3 January 2021
 Republic of Istria 12 May 2021
 Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun 17 June 2021 – 3 August 2022
United Kingdom of Great Realeza 25 June 2021
 Principality of Grondines-Anjou 26 June 2021
Kingdom of Aurelion 29 June 2021
Kingdom of Maldernia 2 July 2021
Kingdom of Talovenia 14 July 2021
Maslatonist Nation 23 July 2021
Republic of Woultenland 27 July 2021
Karlobag Constitutional Monarchy 8 August 2021 – 16 September 2021
Principality of Vurmond 6 February 2022 – 23 March 2022
The Comunibals 13 April 2022
 Republic of Friuli 21 April 2022
Republic of Akadron 22 May 2022
Bauwer State 9 August 2022 - 16 September 2022


The three branches of the military are the Arkadelphia Army, Air Force, and Navy. They are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Armed Forces Department and all servicemen in these three branches have to answer to this department. The department has to answer to the prime minister. Although only the department can declare war, it can be thrown out if the parliament votes to throw out the declaration. There is no official weaponry for the military as of writing and there has been one conflict which has had the defense forces activated known as the "Arkadelphian-Comunibal war".

Geography and Climate

The weather varies from different months of the year, but can be described as hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters with the average temperature being a high of (71.8)°F and a low of:(53.3)°F.

The climate in Arkadelphia is usually classified as humid subtropical climate. Terrain in the country is hilly with our highest point being 446.2 feet high. Our location is in central Arkansas on the east side of the Arkansas River.


As of this writing, Arkadelphia has no current exports or industries while imports are basic necessities such as food and water. There is no official currency for Arkadelphia, and although there have been some discussions and designs brought up, it has been seen as too costly to pursue thus far. We do give international aid to the United States, or as they call it, "taxes". As of now they have been the only country to receive aid from Arkadelphia.

Culture and Media

The customs of Arkadelphia are similar to those living in the United States and other English speaking nations. The education of our citizens is received from the United States, with no education system set up at this time, it will be this way until further notice. Languages spoken in Arkadelphia include English, Spanish, and Irish, with only one speaker of Irish and Spanish. Arts taken up in Arkadelphia include drawing, photography, painting, and writing. Regarding the press and television we give press privileges to the official twitter account that releases updates and info regarding Arkadelphia as well as an archive that holds media and documents regarding the nation while television is entirely American as of writing. There is no official religion, and people are free to practice whatever religion they please. The holidays practiced in Arkadelphia include Easter(Apr 17), Independence Day(Jul 29), Ozark day(Aug 3), Halloween(Oct 31), Thanksgiving(Nov 25), and Christmas(Dec 25).



Currently, Arkadelphia has a population of 14.

Year Population Percentage Cities
2020 9 Steady Edwin, Crimson, Fort Sharp
2021 29 +222.22% Edwin, Crimson, Fort Sharp, Justinopolis, Lundujo, Everfield, Blessings, Onii
2022 14 -51.72% Edwin, Fort Sharp, Justinopolis, Lundujo, Everfield, Blessings, ZK

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