Ozark Sector

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Ozark Sector
General information
LocatedOzark Higlands, Ouachita Mountains.
Sector founded2022
Sector founded byEthosia
Notable people in areaGabriel Sebastian
Alexandros I Irikladis
Joseph Hackley

The Ozark Sector is a term used to categorize micronations that are mostly located inside the American Interior Highlands. The term has been in use since at least 2020, but nothing official was created until 2022. The Ozark Sector is connected to the Appalachians to the east and the Bayou Sector to the south.


Micronations which possess territory in the Greater Ozarkia area are eligible to be a part of the Ozark Sector.


On 21 February 2021, after the effects of Black January and Black February, the Republic of Ethosia along with the Meanwealth of Gasconade, and Cimbrun established the Ozark Sector. After the beginning of the Ozark Crisis the leader of Cimbrun dissolved his country, but went back on that after domestic instability occurred in Ethosia and Gasconade. Both Ethosia and Gasconade dissolved during this time too, but Ethosia recovered and the Second Republic of Ethosia was declared in early April. Ethosia would later regroup, however Sebastian would remain and allegedly attack several micronations, leading to support in the Ozark Crisis being shifted to the Cimbrunese and the Isolationist Accords being signed by Sebastian in April of 2022. Meanwhile, Arkadelphia and the Comunibals had a declaration of war, bringing the sector into further turmoil. The Crisis would last two months and nine days, ending on the 20th of May with the signature of the Treaty of Mikrá Elláda, after which Cimbrun would vow to protect the sector from those who would cause it harm and relations being restored, at first between Cimbrun and Ethosia and then between Cimbrun and the Bauwerscteit.

Forbond Unity of Ozarks

On the third of August, 2022 the government of the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun reached out to their rival neighbor, the Bauwer State, for statehood. The Bauwer government approved the annexation and approved the Second Treaty of Mikra Ellada. The Bauwer government has only ever recognized the power in the Ozarks between select nations of certain variety; as such they now claim to have united the capital regions of the Ozark Sector.


Name Ozark Origins Member State Location
League of Independent Nations No Bauwerscteit Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri
Multinational Association of the Americas No Republic of Arkadelphia Arkansas, Indiana, Ireland

Current Sector Nations

Name Capital Government Year Founded Location
Bauwerscteit Arkania Semi-presidential Parliamentary Republic 2022 Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri
Republic of Arkadelphia Edwin Representative Democracy 2020 Arkansas, Indiana, Ireland
Union of ZK ZK Socialism 2022 Arkansas
The first wave Comunibals Crimson Communist Monarchy 2022 Arkansas
Republic of Akadron Uwu Representative Democracy 2022 Arkansas
Federation of Secundomian Socialist Republics FSSR Single-Party Socialist Republic 2009 Kansas, Missouri (including Lake of the Ozarks region)

Former Sector Nations

Name Capital Government Year Founded Year Dissolved Location
Meanwealth of Gasconade Spurhoff Authoritarian Democracy 2020 2022 Missouri
Second Republic of Ethosia Arkania Semi-presidential Republic 2020 2022 Arkansas, Missouri (maximum extent)

Sector timeline

Republic of AkadronThe first wave ComunibalsRepublic of ArkadelphiaBauwer StateSecundomian Federation

Nations connected to the Sector

Name Capital Government Year Founded Location Notes
Multnomah People's Commune Multnomah (city-state) Anarcho-communist city-state with participatory direct democracy 2021 Oregon Former vassal of Cimbrun.